INNERGEEKDOM FATAL FOUR-WAY PREVIEW: Keetin Marchi vs. Chance Ellison vs. Brandon Hanna vs. Chandru Dhandapan – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview to the huge Innergeekdom Four-Way on the Road to Collision!

In retaliation for Samm putting her in a singles matchup against Chance, Teams and Innergeekdom Commissioner Emma Fyffe set up this special match that sees two new players competing, one returning Innergeekdom favorite, and a Singles and Teams player making his Innergeekdom debut to one-up Samm as payback. A week before “The Midsummer Showcase,” Chance finds himself in a new division as a pawn for Emma but he is determined to make the most of this situation.

It’s the Innergeekdom Fatal Four-Way match between Keetin “Magic” Marchi, “The Cobra” Chance Ellison, Brandon “Hitman” Hanna, and Chandru “Zeitgeist” Dhandapani!

First, let’s talk about the two new competitors who will be making their Schmoedown debut in the Innergeekdom Division.

Chandru Dhandapani is an avid fan of the Schmoedown who can often been found in the studio on the days the matches are played. He has clearly shown considerable personality and potential in the eyes of Commissioner Emma Fyffe to be given his chance to compete under the bright lights. He explained himself that he’s a big geek on movies covered in the Innergeekdom Division, even knowing the names of Tony Stark’s robots (to the chagrin of Mike Kalinowski).

The other new competitor, Brandon Hanna, is best known as Ben Bateman’s “assistant” for some time and a prominent member of the Action Army. After spending a lot of the time behind the scenes, Brandon has an opportunity, courtesy of Emma, to show off his trivia might in this match. We don’t know how well versed he is with these categories, but his excitement clear. For these two to do well, they need to take it slowly and their cool, because even if they’ve got the knowledge they’re going up against two veterans, and they can’t afford to make any rookie mistakes.

For Chance Ellison this is an unexpected situation. He’s stuck in the middle of a growing conflict between two commissioners. After defeating Emma Fyffe in Samm’s special matchup, she selected Chance to be in this special four-way match. He finds himself a pawn in their dispute. One cannot help but recognize the similarities to Chance’s faction being used in Chairman Kristian Harloff’s plans to dethrone Thadd Williams from his role as Commissioner.

How Chance, his manager Ken Napzok, and faction leader Mike Kalinowski feels about this situation; we do not know. There are two things that are clearly known about Chance’s appearance in this Innergeekdom four-way: first, he will be assisted by his manager Napzok and Innergeekdom contender Kalinowski to help him understand the ways of this division and rise above the competition, and the second, he already has some experience in Innergeekdom, back in the fan league days, as the then-champion of the Jack of All Trivia Innergeekdom division. That’s experience Chance can utilize for his first ever Schmoedown Innergeekdom match. If he can leverage the experience he has from the fan leagues, and if he’s been staying current on Innergeekdom categories since he joined the Schmoedown officially, he shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Finally, we have a competitor making her comeback after a memorable Innergeekdom campaign last season. Keetin Marchi has a personality that made her a favorite to many Schmoedown fans, with considerable knowledge of the movies in this division, which makes her a growing contender. In her debut last season, Keetin did well on her own despite her ultimate KO loss to Jared Haibon, then she proceeded to the Innergeekdom Tournament where she defeated Rosie Knight in the 1st Round, but faltered against top contender Adam Hlavac by KO in the 2nd Round.

This week, she returns with a newfound ambition to make it to the top of the Innergeekdom and possibly compete for the title at (most likely) the Schmoedown Spectacular. For Keetin to succeed in this matchup, she’ll need to boost her knowledge on categories that are not related to Disney. As we have seen, the best contenders are those who are very skilled in almost every category of this division. While Keetin also has impressive knowledge in Harry Potter movies, she needs to improve in categories about DC films, Middle Earth films, and Star Trek. This will be her biggest opportunity to return in a grand fashion. What better place than in this fatal four-way matchup, given to her by Commissioner Emma Fyffe?

With this match Emma has setup a big promotional push for this division, with exciting new competitors and returning favorites. But we still have every reason to be suspicious. Is this match a bit of showboating, an attempt to one-up her Co-Commisisoner Samm? Emma wants the competitor who defeated her to play in an Innergeekdom match, possibly for some payback but more likely just to one-up Samm.

This will be the next step in a dispute that could grow into a full-blown battle for dominance between the Schmoedown commissioners, a possibility that even Chairman Harloff has noticed. It will be interesting to see how these four competitors will do, but the matchup will probably come down to either Chance and Keetin. Chance may be the favorite with the fans, but don’t count out the player with official Innergeekdom experience.

One thing’s for sure, this will be exciting to see, as two new competitors enter the Schmoedown in this match, which takes place just one week before “The Midsummer Showcase!”



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