Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview to Friday’s singles match on the Road to Collision!

This is a very special one. In fact, it may be the most special match in league history for longtime fans and competitors in the fan leagues. What we are about to witness could very well be the future of this league. A future many hoped for, where fans can prove their movie trivia superiority on the main stage after working hard in the minors. A time where competitive fans, from all walks of life, big or small, can show that they too can put on amazing matches.

These two competitors are the products of the fan leagues, ready to face-off in the majors. The reward for this match: a spot in the #1 Singles Contender Match at Schmoedown Collision.

It is “Primetime” Paul Oyama versus “The Cobra” Chance Ellison.

This all started when the top prospect of this year’s rookies, Paul Oyama, made his debut in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Soon after his win, he called out Chance Ellison to finally face him.

For those who are not in the loop in the minor trivia leagues, here’s the situation at hand: both Paul Oyama and Chance Ellison were in the fan leagues competing and stacking wins left and right. Many who followed for over a year thought that it was inevitable that these two aces of the fan leagues would face-off in a matchup that would blow everyone away.

It never happened.

Chance got the call to play in the main league, The Movie Trivia Schmoedown, during the Anarchy Tournament. Eventually, months after Oyama called him out, Chance Ellison finally responded back after his win over Emma Fyffe, saying that both he and his manager Ken Napzok agreed that it is time to face Oyama. With the approval from Singles Commissioner Samm Levine, this Friday will be a match that will go down in history.

With two victories in the Singles Division this season, Chance Ellison is heading towards the title, but first he’ll have to face his familiar foe. When Ellison left the fan leagues for the Schmoedown he gave little thought to Oyama and his continuous taunting. But this season. he has to face the music. Paul Oyama is in Chance’s way, and could prevent him from getting his first opportunity at a title shot.

For Chance to make it to Collision, he needs to keep doing whatever he does that contributed to his two victories, but also shore up his weaknesses. Oyama will be coming in with a much broader range of movie knowedge than Fyffe did, so Chance has to prep much more for this match. He has been seeking his opportunity to shine, and this Friday he has that opportunity. With KOrruption behind him, Chance is confident that he can take down Paul and make him regret from calling him out for a long time since his move-up.

However, Paul is not backing down.

With two victories from this season in the Singles Division, just like Chance, Paul Oyama is more than determined to take down his opponent. He wants to prove that Chance chickened out with his move-up from the fan leagues. Now that he has moved up into the Schmoedown, Paul has Chance locked in his sights. Paul Oyama wants to settle the score to prove he’s the better prospect from the fan leagues before looking at his championship opportunities.

Personality concerns aside, what Paul needs to win is concentration and awareness. Paul has to concentrate on his strengths, yes, but also pay attention to the wording of the questions. As long as he can capitalize on his prime categories and keep practicing before the match, he should be ferocious. With Kaiser as his manager, Paul Oyama is absolutely sure that he is a better prospect than Chance Ellision because he was chosen for his greatness in the ring, compared to being chosen randomly at the Anarchy Tournament.

There is no question about it, both Paul and Chance are the top two competitors to come from the fan leagues, each winning their share of fan tournaments and championships already. Here, they are both playing for bragging rights and the opportunity to earn their singles title shot at the Schmoedown Collision. Chance is no slouch but Paul will be favored thanks to his more consistent knowledge of movies.

If they put up impressive performances on Friday, just like their performances in the fan leagues, we will be in for a historic match. It’s a great day to be a fan from the beginning, and to be a minor league competitor as well, because two of the best fan league prospects will compete head-to-head in the ring in a match that showcases a promising future for the next wave of competitors to come in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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