Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the third part of this preview to the Schmoedown Collision! It’s the return of the bowl match with a reward on the line, and this time it’s five players of the managers’ choice duking it out in movie trivia, where the winning manager gets control of the league for a month!

Which one will successfully represent their faction in the new age of faction wars? It’s the return of the Manager Bowl with Rocha vs. Jeannine vs. Howard vs. McWeeny vs. Zipper!

Before the reveal, the rumors of this fabled match were already circulating amongst fans in the Schmoedown community. Many are more than excited to see its return, particularly now that the factions in the league have grown considerably. The excitement was further catalyzed when the new version of The Five Horseman revealed in Houston, and with the formation of a new faction called The Dungeon by Kaiser.

Eventually, it was revealed by the Chairman himself, Kristian Harloff, that it’s going down at “The Midsummer Showcase” with these managers and their respective factions: Ken Napzok and Grace Hancock of KOrruption, Tom Dagnino of The Five Horsemen, Jay Washington of Time Machine, Kaiser of The Dungeon, and Robert Meyer Burnett of The Family.

Surprisingly, there was one notable manager missing in this picture: Roxy Striar of The Odd Couple. Harloff explained that she has her plate already full with prepping her team to defend their team titles against The Shirewolves in their rematch at Collision’s main event. While she understood why it was done, she has let it be known that she is not happy with the decision.

Harloff also announced that they will be represented not by themselves, but by the competitor of their choice. It’s an interesting decision to make these matches more competitive and exciting in lieu of the previous two bowl matches. The competitors in this Saturday’s Manager Bowl are “The Outlaw” John Rocha, Jeannine “The Machine,” “Sassy” Stacy Howard, “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny, and Eric “Z-Man” Zipper. It’s an interesting mix of mid- and top-tier competitors that could provide an amazing match.

The three that standout in my opinion are Rocha, Jeannine, and McWeeny. They represent the best chances for The Horsemen, Time Machine, or The Family to win. KOrruption’s decision to have Stacy Howard in this match befuddles me. While she is skillful, she has not put on consistent performances. Certainly she can use the team win to inspire her here, but perhaps it would be better to have Tim Franco represent their faction. As for Eric Zipper, if Kaiser has been training him nonstop in his “trivia dungeon,” then he must confident competitor like Zipper – historically decent, but not necessarily a power player – in this match.

The manager of the winning faction will have control over the two commissioners of the league for one full month. This was a surprising decision made by Kristian Harloff, but personally I think there’s a good reason why. If you looked in my first issue of “The Insight” that can be found in the Schmoedown Patreon website, I talked about the growing dispute between Emma Fyffe and Samm Levine. It’s clear that Chairman Harloff also noticed what I see as well, and has taken steps to keep it from growing any further.

Samm has no opinion about this, but Emma does. She’s talked about how unfair it is that she puts all the hard work into her respective divisions, unlike Samm. However, his contributions to setting up the #1 Contender Triple Threat match earlier this year, the match between Ellison and Oyama, and the upcoming Kalinowski vs. Jeannine matchup are evidence that Samm can deliver as a Commissioner. Should Jay Washington win this Manager Bowl, it will be interesting how the camaraderie will be between him and Emma Fyffe plays out, since he’s been secretly vengeful about her faction taking out his previous faction.

No matter what comes from this, the Manager Bowl in this year’s “Midsummer Showcase” will be very interesting to watch, not just for the competitiveness, but also the storylines that could emerge for the rest of “The Magic Season.”

Just who will control the league for a month? We will all find out this Saturday!



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