Hello Schmoedown fans! Tim here, with the first of a four-part preview for our second major pay-per-view event at the Movie Trivia Schmoedow…: the third edition of Schmoedown Collision!

This year’s “Midsummer Showcase” gives us four exciting matchups: a manager bowl with a twist, two #1 Contender matches, and a team championship rematch for our main event. All of that streamed live around the world!

First up, we’ve got a preview to the #1 Contender match in the Schmoedown Singles Division. The top rookie of this season himself, “Primetime” Paul Oyama, gets his first crack at earning a title shot.

However, who will his opponent be? “Little Evil” JTE, or “Lightning” Liz Shannon Miller?

I will talk about that anticipated matchup between JTE and Miller later this week, but for now let’s focus on the paths that led them to this match against Oyama and how they each can pose a challenge to him.

When Liz Shannon Miller made her debut this season, she was backed by a major contender and friend Ethan Erwin. He said that her knowledge of movies outweighs his considerably. That put a lot of pressure and hype for Miller to reach. So far, she has given us a strong debut against Demi Adejuyigbe. In her second match against David Del Rio, however, her dominance was somewhat stinted with a considerable amount of mistakes, despite the ultimate win over her opponent.

Against JTE, that could be a concern. But if she is the one to face Oyama this Saturday then I would not underestimate her. Against the top rookie of this season, she will give him a run for his money. That would be an exciting matchup to see… but what if it’s the other one?

Back at Free 4 All III, JTE made his triumphant return to a standing ovation since his scooter accident last year. In that event, he did very well and went all the way to Sudden Death along with MVP William Bibbiani and Free 4 All winner Dan Murrell. A few weeks later, he returned to singles competition with the intention to reunite with Lon Harris in that stipulation match. While not perfect, his determination earned him a win and a teammate, as they once again became Evil Geniuses.

Against Oyama, JTE’s experience with the Schmoedown outweighs his opponent’s considerably. The only concern for JTE is that he still makes those famous and comedic mistakes. They already happened in his two appearances this season. If JTE makes it to the match in Collision he needs to limit those errors as much as possible, because Paul Oyama will be ready to exploit those mistakes.

For the top rookie this season, Paul Oyama has come a long way from the fan leagues to the Collision in only half a year. All those claims and testimonies, from those who faced him or worked with him, about how he keeps his confidence through every question are all true. Oyama has never sweated it out in his matches against Brendan Meyer, Josh Macuga, or Chance Ellison. The uncanny ability to dominate is unbelievable. It’s a landmark confirmation that the very best can come from being developed in those lower leagues.

This Saturday, Paul Oyama has a grand opportunity to earn his first ever title shot. By running the same game plan with Kaiser helping him as manager, Oyama could earn it. It depends on the opponent he faces. If it’s Liz Shannon Miller, it will be competitive as long as he doesn’t get too cocky. If it’s JTE, he has to be careful because he has not faced as seasoned a top competitor as the former Team Champion.

Who will be the one to face the Singles Champion Dan Murrell? Find out when Schmoedown Collision III broadcasts this Saturday!



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