Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the latest installment of our Schmoedown Collision preview!

This covers a very exciting Innergeekdom bout coming at us this Saturday. The most popular rookie of this season, Kevin Smets, gets his first ever attempt at a title shot against one of the elite competitors of this division: Mike Kalinowski. Both are absolutely determined to face the champion Rachel Cushing for her Innergeekdom belt at San Diego next month during the most popular entertainment and comic convention: San Diego Comic-Con! But which of these two elites will make it there?

It’s the Innergeekdom #1 Contender Match between Mike “Killer” Kalinowski and Kevin “The Smasher” Smets, in a battle of the elites!

In just five months, Kevin “The Smasher” Smets has gone from a relative unknown to an absolute force of nature in the Innergeekdom Division; enough to make him the most popular rookie this season, over the top player Paul Oyama. Since debuting in February, Smets has rammed his way through his matches with almost near-perfection.

To put this in perspective, here are the opponents Kevin annihilated: David Moore, Jay Washington, and former Innergeekdom Champion Hector Navarro. All of them via 2nd Round knockouts, which is absurd to comprehend. It is obvious that his dedication to making himself better through the fan leagues, after his initial failed audition for the Schmoedown, is paying huge dividends in his rapid ascent to the upper echelons of the division.

Not only that, the dedication of his manager Kaiser to train Smets as his first prospect has helped him become even more prepared to go over the top in his KO-centric performances. It’s amazing to think that Kaiser was the only manager to try to pick him up after believing in Smets’s potential. Should Smets be successful along with Oyama in their respective matches, then heads will be turned towards Kaiser as the game-changer among managers.

This Saturday, Kevin Smets will face his toughest foe in Mike Kalinowski for the title shot. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think it would be terrifying to face an elite contender like Kalinowski in just his fourth match. But for Smets, not at all. The mental toughness to stare down both Kalinowski and his manager Ken Napzok is amazing. To win, Smets knows that he needs to play the same game plan that no one has matched in power yet. He also cannot ignore that Kalinowski can score high as well, so he’ll need heightened awareness.

This will be a huge moment not just for Oyama, but for Smets to show that the fan leagues are no joke. That is, if he can topple one of the incumbent elites.

Since announcing the Innergeekdom Division as his home in the Schmoedown, Mike Kalinowski never let up on the accelerator and delivered mighty performances in his matches within the division. Win or lose, he never wavered since 2017. For this match on Saturday, Kalinowski will be coming from losing the title to Rachel Cushing ,in a future nominee for “Match of The Year.” It was a tight and intensive match through all five rounds that led to his narrow defeat in Sudden Death due to a misspelled letter. Just like in his matches before, Kalinowski showed no remorse and looked forward for his next match to come. That match has come in “The Midsummer Showcase.” With the aid of manager Ken Napzok and his faction KOrruption, Mike Kalinowski is unafraid to face Kevin Smets.

If there is one thing that Mike Kalinowski has to know, it’s that Kevin Smets rarely misses an answer. He needs to study up and see how Smets performed this season. His key to victory, and a rematch against Rachel Cushing for the title, is to force Smets to Round Three. As of now, “The Smasher” has not faced any questions from that final round. If Kalinowski can keep it close and go the distance, he has a chance to send Smets into the harder questions he’ll have ever faced in the Schmoedown, and potentially his first ever loss in the division.

This is a match that everyone around the world must see if they are passionate about geeky, sci-fi and fantasy movies. Mike Kalinowski is unlike the last three opponents Kevin Smets destroyed. Kalinowski should give Smets a true fight to the end, and force it all the way to the last question. However, Kevin Smets will be the slight favorite just because of how shockingly-consistent he has been in this division so far.

With the #1 Contendership and the title shot against Rachel Cushing at San Diego Comic-Con on the line, get ready for the “Battle of The Elites” in this year’s “Midsummer Showcase!”



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