Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview for our main event at this year’s Schmoedown Collision!

It’s the rematch to an epic team title bout that saw the downfall of the greatest superteam ever assembled, by just one question, and the newly crowned champions are forced to defend their belts immediately against that same superteam. In the end, one of these teams will hold it all the title way into Autumn.

Will the champs hold, or will the superteam redeem? It’s the Team Championship rematch between Who’s The Boss and The Shirewolves!

First, a recap of what happened in that title match on the last day of May.

Before the match began, half the community thought that Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe of The Shirewolves will defend easily and the other half thought it would be a close one, with The Odd Couple’s Jeff Sneider and Marc Andreyko making this a true fight.

As it turned out, the second prediction was correct. Throughout all five rounds, it was a close, scrappy fight between two powerful teams where small mistakes kept either side from gaining a significant lead over the other. Both teams showed equal strength in both Rounds One and Two, and both failed to capitalize on Round Three which resulted in the champions leading by just one point. The Speed Round saw The Odd Couple losing a point due to stalling, but recovering quickly to tie the game at the end of the round.

At this point, the match was teetering on the edge of suspense and intensity. In the final round, The Odd Couple made a crucial error for their 2-pointer by answering “Apu” instead of “Abu,” but they regained their composure as much as they could to answer their 5-pointer correctly. The score was at that point 20-25. It was all on The Shirewolves to answer their 2-pointer or 3-pointer correctly, and then correctly answer the 5-pointer to defend their titles. They got the 2-pointer right but not the 3-pointer, so it all came down to that final question.

That question was in the category of Animated, a category that proved to be a fatal sea mine for even the very best competitors in the final round. Unfortunately, that fatal sea mine sank The Shirewolves’ title defense because they could not answer a deep-cut question about the lesser known animated film “The Road to El Dorado.”

Jeff Sneider won his second Team Championship, Marc Andreyko finally won his first championship belt since his debut in 2016, and manager Roxy Striar became very exuberant with an achievement that she could use to gloat over her ex-flame Ben Bateman.

While exuberant jubilation showered the The Odd Couple, The Shirewolves’ chase for two major accomplishments were now over: the chance to be the first competitors to go 10-0, and the chance for Rachel Cushing to be the first ever Triple Belt Champion. Whether those things could still happen, it looks pretty unlikely with this league’s current level of talent.

However, they have another chance to retake their titles. Because they have defended it twice, over Who’s The Boss and Critically Acclaimed, they have an immediate rematch clause which Rachel and Clarke immediately took advantage of, giving us the main event for this year’s “Midsummer Showcase.” It’s the same arrangement that was given to Dan Murrell (although it took a while due to his commitments at Screen Junkies) and to The Patriots, so any talk of the rematch being favoritism is unfounded.

While this superteam may no longer be undefeated, Rachel and Clarke are still determined to retake the belts and defend them many more times than The Patriots. If there’s a great challenge for Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe, it’s how to regain the edge after getting hit with their very first defeat as a team. It does leave a bitter taste and feel for a team that has been undefeated for so long, only to lose for the first time. We have seen it before when The Patriots lost the team titles to Above The Line, and they immediately called for a rematch at Collision. They gave everything they could to retake those titles under the new champions’ Iron Man rules, but they were never the same team and they lost, and they broke up.

Could that happen to The Shirewolves? This is a tricky challenge because these two competitors have to make a decision: do they want to run the same game plan, or change things up? Wolfe and Cushing have their own pros and cons, and combining them in a new way could be difficult. I don’t envy them for being in this position, but it is a character-building moment for Rachel and Clarke.

If there’s one constant they need to work on, it’s the Speed Round. They did not get to answer those questions in their first title match against The Odd Couple, so they need to improve on that round because their opponents will have their number on the buzzers.

This could be the last ride for the greatest superteam ever seen unless they regain the team titles, but the new team champions have something else to say.

For Jeff Sneider, Marc Andreyko, and manager Roxy Striar, they need a strategy to defeat The Shirewolves again. Sure they’re the first team that finally beat the former champs, but can they defeat them twice? They have to know that their opponents will not give up without another dangerous fight. The teamwork and the skills from these two competitors was the best we have seen so far. Now they are champions and defending their titles is an entirely different game.

For Jeff, Marc, and Roxy, they need to prepare for whatever Shirewolves unleash to get their titles back. If they run the same game plan that might be fine, but what they cannot afford to be overconfident. They have defeated them, but barely, and that doesn’t mean it will be easy to do it again. Marc will have to keep Jeff from being overconfident so they can work together and defend their newly-acquired championship belts.

Can they do it? It will be possible, but need to be ready for this rematch to go all the way.

The main event at Collision is expected to be another scrappy fight that will probably go through all five rounds. Between the two teams, the Shirewolves will be the slightest favorites due to their strong teamwork and impressive record. However, if they lose I would not be surprised if they part ways or step aside from the Teams Division. For Clarke, this could be the end of her season due to other commitments; and for Rachel it will be up to her to defend the Innergeekdom title to the very end. It would be heartbreaking to see two of the best Schmoedown competitors, from the beginning of the league, enter a new phase of their careers, but it would also be exciting to see the next wave of competitors go for the titles.

One more thing, there is another superteam waiting in the shadows with a title match of their choice, after a Free 4 All victory: Dan Murrell and John Rocha, aka The Founding Fathers. You can expect this team from The Five Horsemen to observe this main event, and it’s entirely possible that they’ll use their title shot on the champions to take the belts after what will probably be exhausting bout.

For The Shirewolves and The Odd Couple, whoever are the champions at the end of the night, they should also have a plan to take on Founding Fathers if they drop from the rafters and present another challenge for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Team Championship.

Who will emerge as team champions? We shall see this Saturday in Schmoedown Collision!



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