A METHOD TO THE MADNESS: An Interview with Roxy Striar, Manager of The Odd Couple!


The manager has become one of the most important parts of the success of Schmoedown players. While there may be some competitors who prefer to do it alone, it typically turns out better for those who have someone in their corner, helping to coach them through each match, and study with them. And undoubtedly, the manager who has had the biggest impact on Season 6 of the Schmoedown has been Roxy Striar, manager of the current team champions, The Odd Couple.

I sat down with Roxy to talk to her about everything going on with her team, her involvement in the Action Civil War, and her thoughts on the upcoming Manager Bowl.

TriviaSD: What’s up, Movie Trivia Schmoedown fans! I am here with the one and only Roxy Striar, thank you so much for doing this interview with me today.

Roxy Striar: Absolutely!

So you are currently managing the team champions, The Odd Couple, who became the first team to dethrone the Shirewolves. How did it feel when your boys Sneider and Andreyko got those belts?

I felt really good for them. Honestly, I don’t know who I felt better for, because for Andreyko, it was just so exciting that he had been working for so long to win his first belt, and he had finally done it. But for Sneider, he was breaking a record also, being the first person to hold two different belts with two different teammates. It was just a pretty unbelievable victory on both their parts, and they worked really hard for it, so I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that I’m managing the team champs, because they really really deserve this and they’re just the best players that a manager could ask for.

Definitely, but they’re going to have to put them right back on the line against the Shirewolves at Schmoedown Collision. How are you feeling about their chances?

Really strong. I think that the Shirewolves are shaken, and rightfully so. They have been on top for a very long time, and [they] seemed to be the team that nobody could beat. And now that we have, I think that we have only gained confidence from the situation, and I think they are absolutely incredible players, but right now my money’s on us.

Do you think there’s any pressure because this is a big match that’s being live-streamed. Do you think that the pressure will get to them?

I know it won’t get to my guys, because Andreyko’s a performer by trade, by his history. And Sneider does not get shaken by pretty much anything, I mean, he is the strangest and I mean that in the best way, so he rolls with all the punches. And we’ve seen before with the Shirewolves; Clarke is a theatre major, yes, and she is pretty comfortable under the lights, but Rachel doesn’t come from this world, and I think that the more attention a match has, the more people are watching, the more worried she gets, and understandably so. It’s a lot of pressure for somebody who never asked to be put in that position, she just happened to be unbelievable at movie trivia. So I’m even more confident because my guys are familiar with this, and thrive in this kind of an environment.

So let’s talk about the season that you’ve been having. You’re currently the frontrunner for manager of the year, and you’ve been to two live events. How has it been being more involved in the Schmoedown this season?

I love it, you know, I’ve been waiting for this. I was involved in the Schmoedown when it was filming at the Afterbuzz house 5 years ago, when we were just asking questions to people on a couch, and so I’ve been involved for longer than I can even explain to people, because it was a completely different league back then. But because I’m not a competitor, because I’m not somebody who has this kind of knowledge, my brain doesn’t operate in this way, I didn’t have the right place in the Schmoedown for so long. And as managers became a bigger thing, Kristian was trying to involve me, and I worked with The League before, but then that kind of blew up, and finally I feel like I’ve found my home with The Odd Couple, not to mention the fact that I am a pretty odd manager, I’m very hands-on, I’m a strange, odd duck, and I finally found the people that I work best with, so that’s pretty cool.

Speaking of people that you work best with, you’ve become a key player in the Action Army Civil War that’s been going on, and you’ve clearly allied yourself with Andrew Ghai. Tell me about what draws you to him as a competitor?

Well, outside of the Schmoedown, Ghai and I are really good friends, and so I’m always rooting for him, because he’s an underdog, and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love an underdog story, so how you could root against Ghai is kind of beyond me. And then on top of being an underdog, he’s also a wild card, because we’ve seen what he was able to do with Mark Reilly and with Dan Murrell, and how you never know what he’s going to pull out of his hat. I love players like that because that’s what makes this game great, the fact that any given person can win on any given day is why it’s as exciting as it is. If it was just the people with the most movie knowledge that always won, why would we watch? So I think it’s people like him that really push [the game] forward. And then I also think of him as the greatest heel of all time. I mean, I don’t know if I believe he’s as “traditional” of a heel, because honestly in this situation, I think he’s the good guy, and I think he’s the one who has the right to be ticked off, and I believe that he has just made this whole thing next level. He’s an excellent performer, and I really don’t understand how somebody couldn’t back his horse.

So we saw you allying yourself with him in Houston, and then we saw you recently in a post-match interview when The Family beat Inky and the Brain. Are we possibly seeing a merger of The Odd Couple and The Family, with you and Robert Meyer Burnett co-managing the faction?

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. I have a lot of respect for them, and I think it’s good to have friends in other factions. As The Odd Couple, a lot of people are gunning for us, a lot of people are against us, and I’ll take the allies I can get, especially when I think we have similar interests, and we can work together to try to help each other.

Are you looking to recruit anyone else in the Schmoedown, start a faction of your own? Any players you have your eyes on?

Listen, I’m always looking. For me, the qualities that I look for in somebody is that they really want this. That they keep their eye on the prize, and their number one goal is the belt. It’s not a revenge plan, it’s not just to get out there and have fun. I need competitors that want to win, and are okay with me stepping in and helping to manage. So, yeah, all these up-and-coming players that I see, that are really doing well, like Smets, who is an incredible player, and I think he could use for a stronger manager. Or I talked about Ghai a million times, every time he gets out there, you can tell how bad he wants this. So I think there are a ton of people, and if I’ll be honest, I’ve always had a soft spot for Stacy Howard. I think that she is one of the most underrated players that there is, so yes, I’m always looking.

Although she’s allied herself with Grace, and I know the tension you two have.

Yeah, I wonder how long that will last. I think that, you know, Grace has her witch-y ways, and she makes her way into people’s hearts, but you never know with her.

So speaking of which, Grace brings me to my next point: the Manager Bowl is coming up, but you don’t have a competitor in it because, according to the Chairman, you only manage Sneider and Andreyko, that’s his reasoning for not having one of your competitors in the Manager Bowl. Do you think that’s fair?

No, of course it’s not fair. I think the reason that I’m not in the Manager Bowl is because it’s very obvious that my competitors would take everybody else down. If I’m really the frontrunner for Manager of the Year, which you said and I believe, then me not having a competitor in this is ludicrous. But you know what, the truth is, I stand by what Kristian’s decisions are, because he has created this genius, and you have to trust the creator of the league, because that’s the reason we’re all here, and it’s because of him that I have my competitors, and it’s because of him that I’m allowed to be a manager that is holding a belt. So, you know what, there is madness in his method, and method in his madness, and I just have to sit there and think “okay, if this is what he wants to do”. Him and I both know that I would win the Manager Bowl, so…we’ll see down the line why he’s really doing this.

So, even though you’re not in it, who would you like to see win the Manager Bowl? Who would you like to have that control over Emma and Samm?

Oh, if I’m not playing, I really don’t care. Not that I don’t care about the game, I do, but I’m not rooting for any of the other managers. I hope they all lose. Is that an answer?

I’ll take the answer, absolutely. I have one last question for you. Recently, we saw you talking to Ben Bateman, and you basically called him out for his face turn being illegitimate. What makes you say that?

I mean, you’ve seen what I’ve seen. He’s going around hitting people with chairs, he has that face, that smug face that he does that everybody reads through, even to the point where when he knows the answers to questions, he’s asking “repeat the question, repeat the question”, or bringing it down to the last second, because it’s in his blood to be a heel. He was never meant to be a face, he is too aggressive of a player. He wants this too bad, and he’s not one of those happy-go-lucky kind of guys, and I don’t know why he’s pretending to be. I probably know him better than anybody else, and is he a great competitor? Absolutely. Is he a face? No way.

Alright, well thank you for taking the time to talk to me, I look forward to seeing you throughout the rest of the season, and best of luck to you and your boys on June 22nd at the Schmoedown Collision.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your best of luck, but we’re not going to need it, we’ve got this.

I bet you do, I’m rooting for you guys.

Thank you, I’ll take that.


  1. I’m bummed that Roxy & The Odd Couple are left out of the Manager Bowl. It’s nice to see that Roxy is taking it in stride & trusts that Kristian knows what he is doing.

  2. Great interview! Roxy really is putting in her heart and soul into the Schmoedown, whether as a Manager or for kayfabe for story purposes, she has been great this entire season!

  3. Nice interview. Roxy’s passion for the game comes across.
    She may be out of the manager bowl, however, her presence will undoubtedly be felt at Collision!


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