WHEN MAULS THE DARTH: How Will Sam Witwer Make His Schmoedown Return?


The Star Wars Division took in a breath of fresh air during Celebration. Despite Joseph Scrimshaw winning the Fatal Five-Way, everyone was cheering on Mollie Damon, Andy Blanchard, Andrew Dimalanta, and Laura Kelly. They proved themselves to be Jedi Masters in the Schmoedown.

But as the light side of the Force rises … darkness will eventually come to meet it.

Several Schmoedown fans went to “former” Star Wars Champion Sam Witwer, hoping he will return and reclaim his belt. Some even speculated Sam would make an appearance at the Chicago Live Event. His only presence was when Jenn Sterger asked Alex Damon if he would face him. With the fans cheering for a Damon vs. Witwer match, it’s only a matter of time that we will see his return to the Schmoedown. But how will it happen?

Perhaps growing the Star Wars Division is not Kristian Harloff’s plan? It is the way of the Sith to eliminate their rivals. Sam could be influencing Darth Harloff to find an opponent who is a worthy challenge. Alex Damon has showed how powerful he was when he projected himself to KOrruption (like Luke Skywalker did on Ahch-To) and defended the belt twice.

However, Sam never lost the belt, it was stripped from him at Mike Kalinowski’s request. Until the fans see a Damon vs Witwer match, Sam will continually be a menace who’s lurking in the shadows, making a mockery of Alex’s legacy.

Maybe Sam could return like Dan Murrell, and join a new faction. But with the Fyffe Club disbanded which faction would he choose? There might be bad blood between Sam and KOrruption, what with Mike stripping him of his belt and Ken being a rival. The Horsemen and The Viper Squad have open spots, but The Family is the only other heel faction in this league. And the problem with repeating a “Dan Murrell Return” entrance is that it could never be quite so grand the second time.

Instead, Sam could bring his own Celebrity Star Wars faction to the Schmoedown. He has worked with Freddie Prinze Jr., Dave Filoni, and Jon Favreau. He could bring them all into the Schmoedown to balance out the light. The circle would be complete if they came to promote The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars on Disney+. Who wouldn’t want to see a Celebrities vs. Fans Match in the Star Wars Division?

For argument’s sake, let’s assume Sam Witwer never returns to the Schmoedown.

It might actually do more good than harm. More Star Wars competitors can enter the division without being intimidated by Sam. Which is more exciting: having the same competitors repeatedly fight for the title or having new competitors to rise from the darkness? And who’s to say the next challenger won’t be someone darker and more powerful than Sam Witwer.

Who’s to say…?


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