WE’LL DO IT LIVE: This is How You Can Bring Schmoedown Live to YOUR City!


Everyone loves The Movie Trivia Schmoedown, but if you haven’t seen it live… you haven’t really seen it at all.

We want to bring Schmoedown Live to YOUR neck of the woods, with all the fanfare, all the trash talk, all the competition and all the unbelievable glory. But in order to do that, we have to know where you are!

Head on over to our official Schmoedown LIVE form, where you can tell us who you are, what state you live in, and which performers you love most so we can try to send them to you for a no-holds-barred trivia competition!

We want YOU to be in our live audience! So tell us where you are so we can bring Schmoedown LIVE to you!


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