UNUSUAL SUSPECTS: Who is Andrew Ghai’s Mystery Co-Conspirator?!


“You are so, so right. I don’t know what I didn’t think of this. It’s genius. You are a beautiful genius.”

Those were the words of Andrew Ghai to a mysterious co-conspirator at the end of the Schmoedown match between Emma Fyffe and Chance Ellison, and the reveal of this all-new alliance has sent shockwaves down the spine of everyone in the league. Especially Ben Bateman, who is primed to take on Andrew Ghai live in Houston later today!

What does Ghai have in store? We’ll find out soon enough, but right now we’re even more interested in who this mystery co-conspirator is. We won’t have much to go on, other than a shot of their arms, so based on who matches that physical description (or part of it, at least) and who has the most to gain, let’s take a look at the most likely suspects in the Schmoedown!

Grace Hancock

Odds: 2-1

The Lioness has been sprinkling chaos behind the scenes of the Schmoedown for week, manipulating players into betraying each other and having a big laugh every single time. Could an alliance with Andrew Ghai be her latest power play?

It’s possible, but it might not be in her best interests. As one of the leaders of KOrruption there’s no reason for her to support Ghai’s rival faction, The Family.

On the other hand, if she does ally with Ghai, there’s a very good chance she’s only looking out for herself, and is manipulating a rival heel to get the upper hand on The Family before they can officially challenge KOrruption for the most powerful villain team in the league!

Roxy Striar

Odds: 3-1

Is the enemy of Ghai’s enemy his friend? Roxy Striar and Andrew Ghai have both physically assaulted Ben Bateman, so they have something in common. Ghai’s weirdly flirtatious video appearance in the Chicago Live event seems to imply an alliance, but it’s possible that’s all a red herring, to make us think Roxy is going full heel.

Then again, The Odd Couple are on a journey of their own, and might not be down to go full heel. Or at least, Marc Andreyko might. After a brief dalliance with the dark side early on in his career, Andreyko has been a heroic presence in the Schmoedown ever since he joined The Fyffe Club. Would he really be comfortable going back to the side of the devils, or would Roxy and Jeff Sneider – one of the all time heeliest heels in the league – have malevolent affect on him…?

Jenn Sterger

Odds: 4-1

Jenn Sterger, the Schmoedown’s interviewer extraordinaire, has been sitting out the storylines on the show… but how long can that possibly last? She’s in a prime position to help Ghai by manipulating players into making post-match decisions and challenges that might not be in their best interests. Could she be making a power play? Would anybody suspect her if she did?

Emma Fyffe

Odds: 8-1

Earlier this season, Andrew Ghai and Ben Bateman took part in a teams match where – let’s be honest – Ghai manipulated the events, forcing Ben to play with Tom Dagnino while Ghai allied himself with a surprise partner, the higher ranked Drew McWeeny. That switcheroo could not have happened without the assistance of Emma Fyffe, the Teams and Innergeekdom commissioner. And although she may have been adhering to the rules of the game, regardless of who those rules benefitted, it’s possible she was intentionally looking the other way to help Ghai.

After all, Fyffe has ditched her face team, The Fyffe Club, and we’ve seen that her role as commissioner has been a frustrating one, with rivalries forming with Samm Levine and now, after Friday’s match, KOrruption. Could the power and pressure be going to Emma’s head?

Jessica Sterger

Odds: 16-1

Remember how Andrew Ghai always used to call Jenn Sterger “Jessica?” What if that wasn’t just a joke, or an insult, but a clue? What if Andrew Ghai has been secretly working with Jenn Sterger’s evil twin, Jessica Sterger, this whole time, and he’s been accidentally slipping up in interviews? And what if that’s the reason Jenn has was so annoyed by the slips? What if she knows how evil Jessica Sterger is, and resents being associated with her… even though they look exactly alike?!

Haleigh Foutch

Odds: 20-1

Haleigh Foutch is one of the wild cards in the Schmoedown. She’s clearly talented, but also underrated and underutilized, only appearing twice so far this season, in a teams match and Free For All 3. Everyone knows she’s an excellent trivia player but we don’t know much else about her. Could she be frustrated at her lack of screen time? Could she be a dangerous behind the scenes trickster? We don’t know for certain but we shouldn’t count her out.

Brianne Chandler

Odds: 30-1

Brianne Chandler has a long history of twists and manipulations, turning heel and betraying her colleagues, and even rallying the troops against former Commissioner Thadd Williams last season. Last season we’d say she was one of the prime suspects, but this season she’s mostly sitting the Schmoedown out. She made a brief appearance at Free For All 3 and she left the door open for exhibition matches, but it seems unlikely she’ll play such a significant role in one of the biggest storylines of the season.

Then again, if she WERE to return, a secret alliance and a big theatrical reveal would probably be how she did it…

Stacy Howard

Odds: 40-1

Stacy Howard turned heel in spectacular fashion this year, betraying The Viper Squad and then allying herself with Tim Franco, as he publicly betrayed his best friends. We wouldn’t put it past her to team up with Ghai, but after the huge buildup to her new team partner it seems unlikely that she’d be part of yet another big conspiracy reveal so soon. She’s a long shot.

Ben Bateman’s Mom

Odds: 50-1

If Ghai really wants the psychological edge over Bateman, teaming up with his mom is the way to do it. Both their mothers made an earlier appearance in the Schmoedown, so technically they’re already part of the cast and storylines, and it sure has been a while since we’ve seen her. But would she really turn against her own son?

Maybe. Just about everyone else has turned against him too!

Clarke Wolfe

Odds: 75-1

If Andrew Ghai teamed up with Clarke Wolfe it would break the internet. YouTube would stop working, all your bank accounts would get erased, and Facebook would change everybody’s relationship status to “It’s Complicated.” She’s one of the most inspiring figures is in the Schmoedown. She’s not gonna turn heel.

But if she DID, it would be the biggest thing ever. There’s only one person less likely to go bad, and that’s…

Rachel Cushing

Odds: 100-1

Rachel Cushing and Andrew Ghai almost teamed up last year, during the Anarchy Teams Tournament, but she was spared that unlikely alliance when her team, The Shirewolves, won the championship outright before the tournament began. She’d be an invaluable co-conspirator to Ghai but, like Clarke, she’s an inspirational figure. If Cushing turned heel, children across the country would weep inconsolably, and have no faith left in the future of humanity. We need Rachel Cushing to stay Rachel Cushing. (Unless, of course, they add James Bond back to Innergeekdom. Then all bets are off.)



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