THERE WILL BE CARNAGE: Tim “The Tank” Franco Talks Turning Heel!


Speculation was running wild over the last several weeks as Late to the Party was all set to go head to head with Stacy Howard – – Korruption’s newest addition – – and her mystery partner. For a while it looked like Eric Zipper was potentially going to be taking up the role after his heartbreaking split with his former teammate, and friend, Winston Marshall.

But as the match began, tension began to rise, and out of nowhere, a bomb was dropped on the audience. Stacy’s new parter walked out, shrouded in a cloak and mask, only reveal that he was none other than Late to the Party’s friend and confidant, Tim “the Tank” Franco!

The audience was taken aback, as were Vanessa and Robert, as friend turned against friend in what I’m sure will turn out to be one of the year’s biggest shocks.

It’s not hard to imagine what would draw someone to Korruption, but to see someone like Tim Franco take that turn is certainly a shock. I had a chance to sit down with the newest member of the Schmoedown’s biggest heel faction to figure out exactly what was going through his head when he made his turn, how he felt turning his back on his friends, as well as what’s next for him in the league.

TRIVIA SD: Hello everyone this is PJ Campbell of TriviaSD, and I’m here today with Tim “The Tank” Franco. How are you doing today?

TIM FRANCO: I’m good, man, you know can’t really complain when you’re coming off a great victory.

Yeah, I’m sure! I’ve got to say it’s been almost two years that you’ve been out of the Schmoedown since your win against Matt Achity. Now you suddenly show back up in not only in the teams divsion, but you’ve came back as part of Korruption.

You know, I’ve been trying to get back in to the league for a long time and scheduling didn’t work out. As soon as the schedule had cleared up and I was able to make it work, you know, I started expressing interest and you know, Grace and Ken reached out to me and they said, “We got a good thing going here and we’d like you to be a part of it. We have our sights on winning making an impact in this league and we think you can help us get there and we want you to be part of the team”

So, you know, I feel like I’m a winner and I want to win. So it was an easy decision. So here I am. It helps that Grace and I have an Arizona connection. I have a connection with Arizona with Chance. So we’re coming together and we’re going to take this league by storm.

Okay, so you’re planning on all of Arizona taking over to Schmoedown. Now that we have that understanding, I have to ask, you talk about winning, was there ever any pause about joining Korruption? Because you know Mike is there and he just had a pretty big loss for the belt, and that has to be in the back of your mind, telling you maybe this isn’t going to work as well as you’re hoping it will.

Well, losses come and go. There’s a long game here. And I think the long game is to get to the to get to the point where all of our faction is holding a belt of some kind and I think we are putting the pieces in place that can I can get that. We can get there. I can get there, losses will come down but you know those things affect you and you just got to keep pushing forward and winning.

All right. All right, so that all makes sense to me, but I got to ask you now. You’ve been out of this for a little while you waited it out. Why does it feel like now was the right time to come out? I mean you came out against your friend Robert and Vanessa of Late to the Party. Was that always planned?

Initially I joined Korruption and agreed to become a part of the faction because their goals aligned with mine for the skills. I like Stacy a lot. I feel like my skills complement her’s well, but early on Late to the Party was revealed as our opponent and honestly, I loved that prospect because it creates a lot of drama and intrigue and that’s that’s what we’re looking for. I think they’re better than what their record suggests. But they’re friends of mine who I’ve now turn my back on for better friends now.

So you’re saying Korruption are your new, better friends and you’re safe hurting your back on Vanessa and Robert. You’re totally comfortable with this?

I think the match speaks for itself and I’m comfortable with that.

Well, I’m glad you can so comfortably stab your friends in the back like that. What was it like keeping a secret from them, that this was coming?

That was one of the more challenging parts because Robert obviously has interactions with me as well as his interactions with my wife because they work together. So my wife obviously knew about this whole thing and she was so supportive of it as well. It’s just difficult skirting around those of conversations when they would happen when they were talking about how they’re going back into the league and that they were going to be going up against, you know, Stacy and her partner and I think they might be asking our opinions on who it was. It got difficult when I got to the studio. We had to keep away from each other to kind of keep it on the down low and we actually had strategize for our match literally like right before and during another match while it was shooting so we could keep it a secret.

Yeah, and I you know, you brought it up earlier that you and Stacy complemented each other very well. I think that it clearly shows during the match. You guys really kept up with each other, and when you landed on Spinner’s Choice, you guys went straight for Bond. There was no hesitation in that moment for you guys to pick it. How did that feel having someone on your side like that?

I think it definitely showed. We talked about in it in our little strategy meeting that if we landed on Bond, we would stick with it, or if it was Spinner’s Choice we would stick with it. I had incredible confidence in how I felt about that category, in that it’s probably my strongest category and you know, she was confident in my in my knowledge in that area and let me take a lead on that. But I mean soon as I get spinner’s choice I knew what we were going to be choosing and there’s really no deciding on it. It was pretty preset. That’s what we were going to do when I got it and I wasn’t nervous at all. Ready to take on Bond.

I know you’ve said this before, but you are clearly a huge Bond fan – – going as far to push an exhibition match during your match! – – so are you hoping you’ll get that that match in the future?

Yeah, I’ve been wanting that for probably a year and a half or so and I always bring it up when with talk comes up around the exhibition matches. I think Kristian took notice now that this is something that maybe he should put on after my match, and I think more and more fans will want to see it as well. They are going to be calling for that exhibition now.

Well, you and your faction mate, Mike Kalinowski, are both huge Bond fans clearly. Maybe you could use some of what’s left of your Korruption power to make that match happen. It would be great to have you both at the table for that.

Absolutely. If that match puts us in a good spot to come out as the winners that’s just another notch on the belt for Korruption. While it isn’t exactly something that you can you can hold above your head like a real belt, it’s something that we’d still gladly be able to gloat about.

Sure, that makes sense. I have to ask, you know, Stacey has a very interesting track record as a player both in the singles and team divisions. Was there any hesitation originally on your side when you decided to partner with her or was this always the clear choice when you were coming back?

When it was offered to me, it seemed to be a pretty good fit. I have some areas where I’m not very strong or as well-rounded and, though I have several strong categories, but are some categories that I’m just not very good at on that wheel. But you know, Stacy complements that, as she rounds out some of those areas for me, and I really do think we have a really good chemistry in terms of our our weak spots and our strengths. We just complement each other. So it was it was it was just kind of a no-brainer that that would be a good match.

So what do you have planned now? Are you planning on trying to get back into the singles division, as you made a pretty big splash there in your debut two years ago? Now you come back with Korruption, you’ve already blown the doors open with the very, very good win against Late to the Party. What’s next for Tim “the Tank” Franco?

Right now, it’s the teams division. It has always been my number one goal. But I’d like to go back to singles. That’s what I obviously was in before. So that’s definitely something I’d like to get back into. The powers-that-be, commissioning the league, they know that I’m interested in being a member of both the singles and teams division, adding to my 1 and 0 record in both divisions. So we’ll just wait and see what they have in store for me, but it’s definitely something that I feel like should be on the table. As for who I want to take on, ya know now, Stacy and I hadn’t really talked about who we want to face and but there’s definitely been interesting options out there that I think would be both good matches, but also increased in the drama in terms of storyline.

I know you said you haven’t talked about it, but who is out there right now that you would like to see yourself take on, if I may ask? I mean, obviously the singles division is full of really great players, as well as the teams. Is there anyone in particular you personally would like to take on?

As far as the team division goes, that come to mind right now, I think what could be interesting would be taking on The Time Machine, you know with Jeannine the Machine and Ethan Erwin. There’s some underlying drama with Stacy there, you know, since she left those losers to join Korruption. I think that would be a good match, and gives us the opportunity to kind of prove to them that she made a better choice. The other one that I think I could be interesting would be whatever is to come of this potential team up between Zipper in Oyama. Zipper also has some history with Korruption, thinking that he was going to be brought in as a partner, only to then be duped by Korruption. I think that would be fun, to kind of knock them down a peg or two and show why Korruption made the choice they made.

That all certainly makes sense, and you guys definitely have some axes to grind with people in this league. So with that said, do you have your eyes Target on anyone in the singles division?

You know, I haven’t I’ve been focusing right now on that so much as I’ve been focusing on my team, but I haven’t really given thought of who I want to take on. Maybe Paul Oyama. Step up and face me. I’ll be more than happy in showing him what an original fan of the Schmoedown can do.

I like all that. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me. But you know Tim, I’m really happy to see you back in the league. You had a very impressive showing with your team. I just wanted to say again, congratulations on the win, it was very much deserved. And thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with us exactly what you were planning and looking forward to in the future. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

Like I said, we’re ready to make an impact here. And you know, we’re going to leave a trail of carnage. Let’s just say that.


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