THE SHADY-TWITTERS CLUB: The Machine, The Smasher and The Killer Duke It Out Online!


If you don’t follow your favorite Schmoedown players on Twitter you’re missing out, because these rivalries don’t stay in the ring. At any time, on any day, a feud can explode online.

This week it happened again, when Kevin “The Smasher” Smets joked that his niece thinks he should smile more, which prompted Jeannine the Machine to respond, “Don’t waste your smile on him [Mike Kalinowski]. Save it for the fans after you win.”

Kevin Smets and Jeannine the Machine may be from separate factions – Jeannine is a member of Jay Washington’s Viper Squad, and Smets is part of Kaiser’s mysterious “dungeon” – but they have that one thing in common. They both have beef with Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski, and they’re both scheduled to play the former Innergeekdom Champion next.

As if his “KO” sense was tingling, a wild Kalinowski suddenly appeared and the spat grew and grew from there, eventually pulling others into the fray, like Schmoedown regular Brandon Hanna!

Check out some highlights from the battleground, and stick around, because there’s only one way to settle a Schmoedown dispute… and that’s in the ring!


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