THE LAW OF THE WHEEL: When Spinner’s Choice and Opponent’s Choice Collide!


The second round has become infamous for being a huge deciding factor in who wins and who loses a Schmoedown match. Will the wheel favor you or will it punish you?

That wheel has been called many things by many players. Few of them kind. In some instances the wheel will do something completely unpredictable. And one of those unpredictable moments happened recently in the Reilly/Sneider match.

In that match Jeff Sneider spun Opponent’s Choice and Mark Reilly spun Spinners Choice.

So, what’s the big deal? Those slices are spun quite often.

While true, what doesn’t happen often is both slices being spun in the same match. In fact the last time that both Opponent’s and Spinners Choice were spun in the same match happened over TWO YEARS AGO! Previous to that occurrence both slices had been spun in the same match just four months earlier.

In the entire history of the singles division (160+ matches) the combination of Opponent’s and Spinners Choice spun in the same match has happened only three times.

May 2019
April 2017
December 2016

What’s interesting in the first two occurences is that the combination occurred in title matches. It happened in the Murrell/Ellis title match in which it favored Murrell, who won the match.

The second time it happened was in the Rocha/Reilly title match in which the spins favored Rocha… who wound up losing the match.

As if the slice combination wasn’t rare enough it’s pretty amazing that Reilly was involved in two of these three occurrences.

What about the other divisions?

Teams Division (3 occurrences)

September 2017 – Top 10 (O) vs Team Action* (S) [Ultimate Schmoedown]
June 2017 – 6 Degrees* (O) vs Tuff Beats (S)
November 2016 – Double Jeopardy (O) vs Tuff Beats* (S)

Innergeekdom Division (1 occurrence)

June 2018 – Kalinowski* (S) vs Haibon (O)


Across all 3 divisions the player/team that spun Spinners Choice has a record of 4-3 in these occurrences!


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