TEAM PREVIEW: Shirewolves vs. The Odd Couple – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this huge preview to Friday’s Team Championship match!

The greatest superteam ever assembled continues their title defense, facing their most interesting challengers. A former Team Champion ready to earn his second team belt, and a former stablemate of the Shirewolves from the days of The Fyffe Club, who knows them well. “The Road to Collision” marches onward with this matchup for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Team Championship. A championship matchup that has the potential to surprise everyone.

It’s Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe of The Shirewolves versus Marc Andreyko and Jeff Sneider of The Odd Couple!

The latest team to challenge the superteam for their titles is a very unique one that assembled in last year’s Anarchy Tournament. After a good showing from that tourney, they reunited this season after Andreyko left the dissolving Fyffe Club. For Andreyko, Jeff Sneider, and returning manager Roxy Striar, this season is theirs to claim.

It all started with their live matchup against The Scream Queens in Schmoedown Throwdown in February. Despite not having their manager (due to the suspected shenanigans of KOrruption Co-Manager Grace Hancock), Andreyko and Sneider played well against a solid team in Haleigh Foutch and Kaylyn Corrigan. Eventually they won via TKO, earning a spot in the #1 Contender match against Who’s The Boss in Chicago.

In that matchup against Ben Bateman, Mark Reilly, and their manager Tom Dagnino, where grudges ran deep among all the competitors and managers, both teams went deep through all three rounds. The lead between them was very short. However, with Who’s The Boss’s plan to rely on repeats backfiring on them in Round Three, The Odd Couple leapfrogged to become the next challengers to The Shirewolves.

The interesting thing that happened after that match was both Sneider and Andreyko refused to shake Ben’s hand, then Roxy slapped him in the face. An act that she felt no remorse for, but which led to consequences in the ensuing singles matchup. When Sneider faced Reilly, he did not have Roxy to manage him because she was banned from attending the match. Without her, Sneider had to give his best against the formidable Reilly. If he won, then Roxy would be able to manager the team in their title match, otherwise it would be just Sneider and Andreyko themselves. It was an epic battle between two of the best contenders, giving two spectacular performances. And in the end it was Sneider with his question context strategies that edged him ahead of Reilly in the final round, bringing Roxy into the team title match.

This Friday, The Odd Couple is ready and at full power to take on The Shirewolves. One important factor they have coming is Marc Andreyko. He was with Clarke and Rachel as part of Fyffe Club last season. He spent some time practicing with the two champions at that time, and he has knowledge that he could give to both Sneider and Roxy when formulating strategies to somehow take down the superteam. If they can utilize that knowledge The Odd Couple might have even chance, thanks to Roxy’s great managerial efforts and Sneider’s uncanny ability to key into contextual clues in questions to get the right answers. If all of them work together with strong teamwork, we could see Andreyko winning his first ever title and Sneider win his second team title.

It all depends on how they can compete with the mighty champions.

Clarke Wolfe and Rachel Cushing of The Shirewolves have stayed dominant as the Team Champions despite the loss of Emma Fyffe as their manager. They looked like the greatest superteam ever assembled from their first match onwards. With a successful title defense against Critically Acclaimed, The Shirewolves are anticipating an even tougher road ahead as champions. To put this into context, Clarke and Rachel have one of the top team accuracies at 83%, with a record of six wins and no defeats, with two knockouts. They are three victories away from The Patriots undefeated record of 9-0, and given how well they are playing as a team they could be the first to go 10-0. It’s a mythical accomplishment no one has succeeded at… yet. But that’s all I will say about that possibility; we’re still some time away from it.

This Friday, the Team Champions will be facing The Odd Couple, who are perhaps their most unique challengers so far. They’re a former Team Champion in Jeff Sneider, who is really good, and their former stablemate Marc Andreyko, who knows the Shirewolves very well and could have an advantage. The Odd Couple has the potential to take the team titles and The Shirewolves cannot underestimate them. They must be on their guard in Rounds Two and Three when it comes to categories, because Andreyko will no doubt give his teammate and manager their weaknesses. As for the rest of the rounds, it will come down to familiar skills: relying on teamwork with a solid knowledge base of movies to stay dominant. As long as Clarke and Rachel stay on the same page every time they confer, they will remain Team Champions.

However, there is a dark storm hanging over their heads that is could strike at any moment. Free 4 All winner Dan Murrell of Founding Fathers has a title shot in his pocket, to use whenever he wants. And he already has the Singles belt. From this Friday onwards, if they defeat The Odd Couple, the Shirewolves have to stay in top shape every day in order to anticipate the moment when Founding Fathers come out to challenge them for the team titles. That adds another, complicated layer for this superteam to face in their title defense run.

This match will deliver on the excitement and anticipation. Between these two teams, even though The Odd Couple with manager Roxy at their side are dangerous, The Shirewolves are still the favorites to defend their titles.

It’s an epic and potentially surprising championship match between these two teams as we continue the journey towards “The Midsummer Showcase” of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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