STIPULATION PREVIEW: Mark Reilly vs. Jeff Sneider – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with a preview to Friday’s crucial stipulation match!

This singles matchup deals with the aftermath from the Chicago live event, namely “The Slap Heard ‘Round The World.” In the continuation of their team matchup, one member of Who’s The Boss and one member of The Odd Couple battle for not just contention in the Singles Division, but to settle a grudge that was laid by manager Roxy Striar. Her fate will be decided based on who wins this Friday.

It’s the special stipulation match between Mark “Yodi” Reilly and “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider!

A quick recap of their team match in Chicago a few weeks ago: It was an exciting team matchup between Who’s The Boss and The Odd Couple in front of a thousand fans, all for a shot at The Shirewolves for their Team Championship titles. And it was all going well until the third round, when Bateman’s strategy of relying on repeats backfired badly. They did not have one for their final question, to throw it back to The Odd Couple, leading to their opponents leapfrogging them and facing The Shirewolves.

What happened next is the impetus for this Friday’s match. As Ben Bateman and Mark Reilly came up to congratulate their opponents, The Odd Couple refused to shake their hands, and their manager Roxy slapped Ben in the face. What she did was both unexpected and shocking to the many viewing live around the world. In their post-game interview, Roxy said that her old flame deserved it after she was nagged to test his trivia knowledge for many nights. Also, she was unafraid to say that she is proud of that slap and would do it again if she was given a mulligan.

Bateman’s manager Tom Dagnino wasn’t happy with what Bateman suffered onstage, bringing up the previous attack on him by Andrew Ghai at Spectacular last year. He demanded the Commissioners and the Chairman reprimand Roxy. That came to a head days later at a Collider Live broadcast, when Chairman Kristian Harloff announced his decision regarding “the slap” in front of Roxy Striar: she will be suspended from managing Jeff Sneider in this Friday’s match, and that matchup will have the following stipulations. If Jeff wins then Roxy will return a month later to manage her team in the title match against The Shirewolves, but if Mark wins then Roxy’s suspension will be extended to two months, and she cannot manage The Odd Couple in the championship match.

For Jeff Sneider, this is very bad. Not just because he will not have Roxy to help him in this Friday’s match, but because he and Marc could be in trouble if Roxy cannot manage them in their title match against Shirewolves. There’s a lot at stake for not just his own contention in the Singles Division, but for his team. Jeff needs this win over Mark, and he needs to not face questions from movies that are in the 1970s and earlier other than extremely notable classics. His singles career hasn’t been smooth sailing in the recent seasons of the Schmoedown, and to take the win in this match he needs a lot to go in his favor. Without his manager, this could be his toughest match of the season already as he begins another singles campaign this Friday.

For Mark Reilly, this is his chance to retaliate against The Odd Couple for not just defeating them but for humiliating and assaulting his teammate. This is a side of Reilly we haven’t seen in a long while. The Superman himself doesn’t just want to build on his victory over McWeeny, but to get back into the singles title conversation for a shot at the title against his stablemate Dan Murrell. With Tom Dagnino truly in his corner, this is the perfect opportunity to put The Odd Couple at a disadvantage for their title match.

For Mark to get the win, he just needs to keep playing the game that he knows well. If he does his homework on his strengths in Scores & Soundtracks, Directors, and Classics as well as Sneider’s weaknesses in 70s Movies and Classics, then it should be a solid victory. What Reilly and his manager Dagnino need to look out for is overconfidence. Sure, the odds appear to be in their favor, but Sneider has been dangerous since The Patriots were Team Champions.

There’s a lot at stake for one competitor, and an opportunity to strike back for the other. Mark Reilly will be the favorite not just having a more well-rounded knowledge of the movies and the game, but for having the manager advantage in Tom Dagnino since Roxy Striar got suspended for Friday’s matchup.

This is the retaliation of the slap on stage, and whatever happens will have consequences in the immediate future of this season. Get ready for what will be a heated battle between Sneider and Reilly in Friday’s singles match of the Schmoedown!


  1. Going for Reilly tomorrow. It worked out the first time for Sneider when Roxy wasn’t able to make the Odd Couple’s match against Scream Queens, but I don’t see it helping him once again.

  2. Jeff is a dangerous player in Singles when he’s on his game. When he has a good game, he’s fantastic and a huge threat in the league. He’s easily knocked off that game though unfortunately, since he will completely turn off if he dislikes a category (like he did in his #1 contender’s against Bibbs with 70’s). This is all going to get down to the second round I think.

  3. This will be very tough to call. Both are normally very consistently upper tier players, both with poor showings. Too tough to call, but I give Sneider the slight edge.


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