SINGLES PREVIEW: Emma Fyffe vs. Chance Ellison – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this interesting singles match as we continue the Road to Collision, the leadup of matches and storylines to the “Midsummer Showcase” since Navarro vs. Smets!

It’s a special setup by Singles Commissioner Samm Levine, where one will be given an opportunity to progress even higher in the Singles rankings and the other will be… ”The Golden Mic” Emma Fyffe? All on the eve of the much-anticipated Houston live event?!

It’s “The Golden Mic” Emma Fyfffe versus “The Cobra” Chance Ellison!

With an even record of 1-1 after his much needed victory over Jeannine in New York, Chance Ellison seeks to continue his climb in the Singles Division. While his knowledge of both movies and the game has taken some time to refine, through assistance of his manager Ken Napzok, Ellison has appeared clutch when it came to crucial questions.

In an interesting turn of events, Chance seems to have been given by Commissioner Levine what could be called a “free victory” to climb even higher. As long as he keeps practicing and improving on his strategies to get through the final round questions, Chance is in good hands to move up the rankings. But that also includes not getting too overconfident. This match may look easy on the surface for him, but we have seen too many times where seemingly predictable matches can go differently than expected.

In any case, this will be the chance for Chance to capitalize on – and showcase the might of – KOrruption.

As for his opponent, this is a very odd choice by Commissioner Levine. Since taking the mantle of Commissioner for Innergeekdom and Teams, Emma Fyffe had no thought of competing again. However, she is now forced by her co-commissioner to compete against a very good competitor. While she herself is a good competitor, most of her successes are from Innergeekdom, not Singles. The last victory she had was the Commissioner Bowl at last year’s Schmoedown Spectacular.

This is a weird situation for Emma to be in. To get out of this predicament with a victory she’ll need lots of knowledge and luck. Emma will be facing a competitor who seems be much more skilled in details from a broader range of movies, so she’ll need to be very skillful herself to keep pace with Chance. As for luck, she’ll need to hit her best categories in all the rounds. If these two keys to victory are met, it will be possible for her to beat him. However, it will not be easy.

What makes this matchup intriguing is Samm Levine. This looks like a power move to further his intentions. There have been notable tensions between Emma Fyffe and Samm Levine, with Emma saying that Samm is somehow not doing his work to the fullest like she is. It appears that this matchup is a response to Emma, an attempt to prove that Samm knows how to commission a division. This could be is a moment for Samm to humiliate Emma with a hotshot competitor, and show that he is the better commissioner.

Will this lead to a battle between the two commissioners for the sole control of this league? Who knows, especially with what could play out this Friday.

As much as Emma will do her best, Chance will be the favorite to move up even higher in the Singles rankings. Will Emma survive Samm’s assertion, or will Chance make the most of his big chance?

We will find out on the eve of the Houston live event in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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