SINGLES PREVIEW: Brendan “The Kid” Meyer vs. Drew “Videodrew” Grant – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with a preview to the latest matchup in the Road to Collision, after a thrilling live event in Houston! The next round of matches begins here, and then we’re en route to the “The Midsummer Showcase” in June.

This is another battle of two rookies, but one of them is a new sensation among the fans after his debut earlier this season. Brendan Meyer, coming off an impressive debut and an impressive Free 4 All performance, returns to the ring to earn his first-ever victory against a new rookie who is debuting this week.

It is “The Kid” Brendan Meyer vs. Drew “Videodrew” Grant!

Making her debut this season, Drew Grant is eager to impress the crowd and the community of the Schmoedown. A senior editor from Collider as well as a journalist and critic in pop culture, she has seen a wide variety of movies during her career as a writer and editor. Before coming onto Collider, her most notable occupation was as an editor of Arts & Entertainment in The New York Observer and the founder of the publication’s tvDownload. Her specialties are in entertainment, pop culture, arts, lifestyle, and journalism.

With experience in producing content in these specialties for many outlets, Drew hopes to that to her advantage in her debut match. Although she has seen many movies of various genres, the question is can she remember every trivia detail from them and earn her first victory? The important thing for Drew in her debut is to not let the lights get to her, to understand the game very well, and figure out what her strengths are. As of this writing, we do not know what her strengths are except for possibly “New Releases.” It will be interesting to see Drew competing this week, particularly against “The Kid” in his second match.

Since debuting onto the stage, the Canadian star Brendan Meyer has made quite an impression with the Schmoedown community. In his debut Brendan stood his ground very well against the top prospect of the year, “Primetime” Paul Oyama. Meyer kept pace with Oyama in surprising fashion through all three rounds. He eventually lost to the top prospect but was given respect and applause for keeping toe-to-toe in one of the best rookie matches in the league.

Brendan Meyer’s next appearance in this year’s Free 4 All also surprised many. In that appearance, he kept pace throughout the first half of the match alongside William Bibbiani despite both being part of the first five. It was an astonishing display of mental perseverance from Meyer until his eventual elimination when Bibbiani wiped out the entire table. If there was anyone else to call an FFA MVP alongside Bibbiani, it definitely has to be “The Kid” from Canada.

Now, for this match, Brendan Meyer is determined to capture his first ever Schmoedown victory after being battle-tested for several months. Going against a seasoned pop culture expert in Drew Grant will make this a challenge, but the knowledge of movies Meyer has already flexed is very impressive. For him to earn that first victory, he needs to take what he learned from his time in this league and use the game to his advantage. There will be pressure from being one of the popular rookies of this year, so if Meyer can keep it controlled and not let the lights get to him, he can pull through with his remarkable movie knowledge. A victory here will finally propel him into the rankings of the Singles Division, and help him prove that he is not just a one-time deal.

This matchup of rookies may not look impressive on paper, other than being Meyer’s second match, but that just makes it more unpredictable. Meyer will be the favorite, but anything silly he tries to do will put him off balance. As we move on from the Houston live event, will Meyer thrill fans with his first-ever victory, or will Drew Grant keep him down as she begins her ascension….?

We shall see in the next Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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