SCHMOEDOWN WEEKLY: Sneider Prevailed, Schemes Detailed and Secrets Unveiled!


What’s up Schmoedown fans! Welcome to another thrilling edition of SCHMOEDOWN WEEKLY, your guide to all things Schmoedown…at least within the past week. And this one was a big week for storylines, so let’s jump into it.

Roxy Returns!

Right off the bat, we saw our first repeat guest on the new iteration of Inside Schmoedown. Roxy Striar came back on the show, after appearing only a few weeks before, to talk with Ken about everything that went down in Chicago.

In case you haven’t been caught up, after her team The Odd Couple beat Mark Reilly and Ben Bateman of Who’s the Boss, Roxy slapped her ex-boyfriend Ben in front of the live audience, an event which is now being referred to as “The Slap Heard ‘Round The World”.

Roxy came on to defend her actions, although from her point of view, they didn’t need much defense. On the show, she stated that she doesn’t regret the slap in the slightest; she knew there would be repercussions, and she’s willing to pay for them. She went on to say that if she could go back and do the moment over, she’d do exactly what she did.

She also threw a bit of criticism towards Jenn Sterger, professing her dislike for the line of questioning about The Odd Couple’s victory. It was in that moment that we started to see Roxy’s heel side start to come out. Up to this point, it seemed as though The Odd Couple was primarily a face team, but now with Sneider acting a little cockier and Roxy going hard on the defense, we’re starting to see the winning-obsessed villains come out of The Odd Couple. Maybe Mike Kalinowski rubbed off on her.

Commissioners Commissioning Commissioners

Another storyline is brewing brewing about Samm and Emma’s relationship as co-commissioners. While Emma handles the teams league and the Innergeekdom league, Samm has control over singles. In a pre-match scene from Thursday’s match we saw Samm come into Emma’s office to run a match by her.

He was working on assigning a match to the #19 ranked competitor, Chance Ellison, who’s been having a pretty great season this year. He had a big win with Team Korruption against World’s Finest and he took a victory at the kickoff match of the year in New York City, so naturally he’s going to want another match soon.

Now it seems a little weird that Samm would run a singles match by Emma, but it turns out that was because Samm wanted Chance to play the #18 ranked competitor…”The Golden Mic” herself, Emma Fyffe.

Her name had never officially been taken off the roster of active players in the league, so now Samm wanted to know if she accepted the match against Chance, which she did. So now we’re going to see a commissioner playing against a competitor, which the faction could possibly see as a conflict of interest, maybe even as… corruption?

Shoe’s on the other foot now, isn’t it?

The Mystery Revealed!

Thursday’s match was a big one for a lot of reasons, but the main one was because after all this time, we¬†finally got the reveal of who Stacy Howard’s new partner is. We knew going into the match that the team would be named Crimson Fury and that they would be going up against Late to the Party, but the question was: who was her partner going to be?

Well, as Stacy was starting to introduce her partner, she said he was a real “beast,” and the theme from Saw started to play. Bibbiani’s classic music.

But it couldn’t be Bibbiani, no way, he was too beloved as a part of Critically Acclaimed. And it wasn’t.

It was revealed to be Tim “The Tank” Franco.

This sent a number of people in the Schmoedown community into a roar of “Wait, who?!” so for those who don’t know/remember, Tim Franco was an active part of the reaction show Late to the Party, and played a singles match way back in Season 4 against Matt Atchity, taking the victory. We hadn’t seen him the entirety of Season 5, but now he’s back, he’s a part of Korruption, and he’s turned on his friends at LTTP.

Crimson Fury showed that they were a new force to be reckoned with, beating Robert and Vanessa in a TKO. So it looks like for now, The Tank and Stacy will have a long stretch in the league as a new team fighting with Korruption.

A New Faction Rises?!

Something else we saw at the end of Thursday’s match was Eric Zipper, looking just about ready to give up on the Schmoedown. He had been beaten down too many times by this game, and was done with it all.

That is, until the rookie sensation “Primetime” Paul Oyama stepped up and told him to stick around for awhile, trying to convince Zipper to team up with him. Zipper seemed unconvinced, but lo and behold, someone just happened to be walking by them.

The manager of another dominant rookie in the league right now. Kevin “The Smasher” Smets’s manager, Kaiser.

Kaiser seemed interested in the pairing of Oyama and Zipper, and offered to give them a test match or two. In those matches, he would see how well they worked together as a team, and if they were good enough to meet his standards, they could join up with him and Smets. This seemed to be just the push that Zipper needed to stay in the game. Zipper wants a belt, but it’s also clear that he needs someone to believe in his abilities as a Schmoedown player.

So now we have a new team formed that could be part of a rising faction. Although if Oyama and Zipper do join Kaiser and Smets, it would be interesting to see how those two stack up against each other when vying for Rookie of the Year.

Stipulations Stipulated!

Friday’s matchup between Mark “Yodi” Reilly and “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider held huge repercussions as a part of the game going forward. Remember how I talked earlier about “The Slap Heard ‘Round The World”? Well, I conveniently and not at all for dramatic purposes forgot to mention that the Chairman’s decision on Roxy’s punishment held a stipulation.

She was told that she would not be allowed to manage Jeff Sneider at this match, but if Sneider lost the match against Reilly, she additionally would not be allowed to manage them during their title match against the Shirewolves. Roxy understood the stipulation, but felt confident in her player.

As the match played out it appeared to be incredibly even. The two were tied going into the second round, and coming out of it, Reilly only had a one-point lead over Sneider, which was impressive considering Sneider got Opponent’s Choice and Reilly Spinner’s Choice. Round 3 would be the deciding factor.

Sneider answered all three of his third round questions correctly, but Reilly couldn’t pull his difficult five-pointer, giving The Insneider the win, and giving Roxy the opportunity to come back and manager the team in their title match. Although Who’s the Boss was beaten down by the loss, Ben stated that Houston would be the start of their revenge tour, that they were going to come back even stronger and even hungrier.

We also got a reminder in a post-match cutscene that the upcoming title match would be a Fyffe Club face-off, as Marc Andreyko and Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing had a brief conversation, where it was apparent that despite Andreyko wanting the belt and Cushing wanting to retain it, the two were still on relatively good terms.

New York Date Announced!

Really quickly before we go, it should be noted that Kristian officially announced the date for the second live Schmoedown in New York for August 31st! Although no venue has been set as of now, he did announce that tickets for the event would go on sale on May 18th, pretty much right after the Houston Schmoedown. So if you’re thinking of getting tickets for them, get them sooner rather than later, because they will fill up (I know I’ll be there).

What were your guys’s favorite moments of the Schmoedown week? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you next weekend for another edition of SCHMOEDOWN WEEKLY!


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