SCHMOEDOWN WEEKLY: Secrets Float Around, Navarro Hits the Ground


What’s going on, Schmoedown fans! Welcome back to another edition of SCHMOEDOWN WEEKLY, the column where I take a look at what’s been happening in the week of the Schmoedown. And this week was a doozy: we had two highly anticipated matchups, four if you count the live event (which will be covered in next week’s edition), and some interesting post-credits scenes. So let’s jump in:

Tomorrow Navarro!

After he exploded onto the scene in his first match in the Innergeekdom division, Kevin “The Smasher” Smets and his manager Kaiser called out the former Innergeekdom champion, Hector Navarro. Although he had to win another match before he got what he wanted, this week… he finally got his chance.

Navarro seemed pretty relaxed as he came back into the league, but Smets seemed determined to win. After all, this matchup decided who would play Mike Kalinowski in a #1 contenders match. And unfortunately for Hector, the determination won out over the relaxation. Smets absolutely dominated the match, with the final score being 21-7 in a KO. So now Smets is 3-0 with 3 KOs, which is more than “KO” Kalinowski has in the Innergeekdom league.

Navarro seemed kind of defeated after his loss. He was particularly annoyed that he spun again, blaming it on Emma Fyffe for reminding him that he could, although he didn’t have to. Honestly, it sort of reminded me of a less angry Eric Zipper. Maybe we’ll see Navarro come back and play into more of a heel role, where he’s now determined to “right the wrong” done to him by the Innergeekdom commissioner.

Booker T Lays It Down

Before the Innergeekdom match, however, we got a little announcement from Booker T, whose World Gym Arena will be the site for the Houston live event. Although stipulations for the match are in place, Booker through a new twist into the mix: because they were playing on his turf, they were going to play by his rules. And there were two big rules that he lay down:

The first is that Bateman vs Ghai would strictly be a 1-on-1 match. No managers, no teammates, no stablemates, nothing. Just two old friends duking it out. The second is that there would be no suspensions for anything that happened inside the ring. So if Ghai tackled Bateman again, or Bateman did something to Ghai, they could not be punished for it.

This throws an interesting wrench into the mix. We know that Ghai was originally supposed to be suspended for the entire year for tackling Bateman, but now he can do it with no repercussions, which might mean we see another attempted tackle, maybe by Ghai, maybe by Bateman, probably by Ghai, who knows? Whatever it may be, it’s going to be a sight to see.

Fyffe Gives Ellison a Chance

Friday’s match between Emma Fyffe and Chance Ellison went the way most people, including both competitors, expected it to go. Chance won the match against Fyffe in a TKO. With the first round score ending at 9-2, I think most people were surprised that it didn’t end in a KO, but Emma got a wheel category that she was strong in, and managed to keep it at a TKO.

In her post-match interview, however, Emma got a little bit of revenge. She revealed that there was going to be an upcoming fatal four-way in the Innergeekdom division, and that she was going to put Chance Ellison into that match. Now, Ellison is no stranger to the geek world, having helped to run Full Metal Trivia, which has a geek division, and of course his partner being Mike Kalinowski, one of the Innergeekdom greats.

However, because Mike is so dominant in the Innergeekdom division, if Chance works his way up there, could we possibly see a rivalry form between the teammates?

Who Was Ghai Talking To?

In the Facebook group, Kristian said to make sure to watch the post-credits scene in Friday’s match to understand what would happen in Houston. Naturally, it was related to the Ghai vs Bateman match. Although it was only a few seconds long, it definitely showed us something interesting. It was Ghai, talking to someone we couldn’t see, but we did hear what he was saying:

“You are so, so right. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, it’s genius, you are a beautiful genius. I appreciate you, thank you. Genuinely, thank you”

Now, this could mean a multitude of different things, all of which will hopefully be revealed at Houston, but the question on everyone’s mind is still who was Andrew Ghai talking to? Well, you can see him lean down to give the person a hug at the end, so whoever it is must be shorter than Ghai, meaning it’s very likely not one of his stablemates of The Family.

Now, this is probably going to be the prevailing theory, but I think it was very likely Roxy Striar. You can get a very tiny glimpse of part of a face at the end of the cutscene, and it looked like it could have been Roxy. But the question now becomes, if it was Roxy, what genius advice did she give him? And could this mean we see a turn by Andrew Ghai, not a face turn, but have him now be managed by Roxy instead of Burnett, taking McWeeny with him and leaving Burnett in the dust again.

Whatever it may be, all will be revealed next week, and I’ll be here to cover it on SCHMOEDOWN WEEKLY. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you then.


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