SCHMOEDOWN WEEKLY: Belts Polished, Expectations Demolished!


What’s going on, Schmoedown fans! Welcome back to another edition of Schmoedown Weekly, where I take a look at everything that’s been happening in the week of Schmoedown, whether it be the matches, the cutscenes, or the latest Facebook controversy. Let’s dive in.


Before we get into this week, I wanted to cover something that I forgot to put into last week’s edition of Schmoedown Weekly. Before the Founding Fathers vs Wildberries match, we saw a scene of Grace Hancock, co-manager of the faction KOrruption, having a meeting with Eric Zipper who, if you remember, turned his back on his World’s Finest partner in their match against team Korruption.

Initially, the stage was set up to make us believe that Zipper was going to be Stacy’s new partner, but if you know Grace and Kalinowski, you know that they’re more sinister than that. See, Grace told Zipper that if he left Winston and joined them, he would become the new leader of KOrruption. He was told that Mike would be out, and that he would be in.

But midway through their meeting, Kalinowski walked in, singing “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah”, the nickname he calls Zipper, and giving him the classic evil KO smile we’ve all come to love and hate. They told Zipper that there was no chance he would join KOrruption, and after he left even more hurt and confused, Grace received a call from Stacy’s realpartner, whom we’ve yet to see.

The Suspense(ion) is Killing Me

If you remember last week, “The Wildman” Josh Macuga got himself into a little bit of trouble when he disrespected the singles belt in a team match against the Founding Fathers. Because of this action, he was suspended from the league for two months, but then the singles commissioner, Samm Levine, stepped in with a proposition.

Macuga would have to play a singles match against rookie sensation “Primetime” Paul Oyama (or “The Shark”, depending on your preference of nickname). If Macuga won the match, his suspension would be over, but if he lost, the suspension would continue for an extra month. Macuga accepted the match, and away we went.

Unfortunately for the Wildman, the “Macuga magic” was not in full force during his match against Oyama, as he lost via TKO, meaning his suspension would now extend. It should be noted, however, that his suspension will be up right around the time of the Schmoedown Collsion. Could there be a possible storyline set up there, where he returns and we maybe see an insane heel turn from Macuga, where retirement turned him bitter? It could be a fun way to play the story.

Samm and the Belt

In two cutscenes this week, we saw the singles commissioner and former double champion acting…very oddly towards the belts. The first time we saw him talking to it as though the belt were his child. The second time he was presenting the new belt to the current singles champion, Dan Murrell, taking the old belt away from him.

At the end of the second clip, Murrell said “I thought he wanted to play me” to himself as Levine walked away. Now, I don’t think that they’re trying to tease a Levine-return, but I think that it could be a potentially funny sub-story where the old singles belt is missing, like it was supposed to go to the Chairman, but instead Levine held onto it, reliving the glory days.

Vipers vs. KOrruption

Circling back to the first belt cutscene, Levine’s chat with the belt wasn’t the only thing that happened in those few minutes. Jay Washington came up to Levine and asked for a match for Jeannine, who’s been having a killer season this year. She’s played two members of KOrruption so far, including her former stablemate Stacy Howard, and now she and Jay want to take on the next player in the faction: The Killer himself, Mike Kalinowski.

Samm was eager to give Jay the match between The Machine and Kalinowski, maybe to get back to admiring his old belt, but I think that having this big rivalry is a great way to give KOrruption an active storyline in this season. Last season was pretty much all about KOrruption and what Kalinowski was doing, so where do you take them after a season like that? Give them a worthy rival in The Viper Squad.

The Mystery Continues

Speaking of KOrruption, we got another little tease about Stacy Howard and her mystery partner in the first cutscene of Thursday’s match. Grace Hancock came in to talk to the team’s commissioner, Emma Fyffe, about setting up a match for Stacy and her mystery partner, though she has yet to reveal who that partner is. Emma gave Grace a list of teams who Stacy and her partner could take on, and Grace chose…Late to the Party.

The match is scheduled to drop this week on Thursday (or depending on your Patronage, Monday or Tuesday), so the fans will not have to wait long for both the reveal or the return of fan-favorite reactors Late to the Party, so the speculation will thankfully last only a few more days.

And Your Winner…!

Obviously the big event that happened this week was that current singles champion and Free-For-All III winner Dan Murrell put his brand new belt on the line against #1 contender and Free-For-All MVP William Bibbiani. People have been anticipating this matchup since the two faced off at the table live, but the stakes were also interesting: if Murrell lost the match, he could turn right around and challenge for the belt again. If Bibbiani lost the match, he could turn around and only have to win one match to play for the championship again.

Throughout the first two rounds, the game was incredibly even. Murrell and Bibbiani managed to stay within a point of each other. However, the match took a big swing in the betting round, and Murrell went into and came out of the speed round with a 5-point advantage over The Beast, eventually defending the belt via TKO and bringing his record to a staggering 12-4 with 8 KOs.

So now he still has the free title shot in his back pocket that has to be used by the end of the year, while Bibbs has still not chosen to cash in his #1 contenders match.

Old Friends

Undoubtedly my favorite moment of the week was the second cutscene from Friday’s title match, when Emma Fyffe presented the Innergeekdom and Teams belts to Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing. And this moment kind of encapsulated everything I love about the Schmoedown.

It’s a cutscene that has just as much to do with the storyline aspect as it does the trivia aspect (if you didn’t see this scene you’d be wondering where Cushing got that new belt from), and even though there was probably a loose script for the two of them, the moment felt incredibly genuine and real. Both teared up as the former manager of the Shirewovles handed over two belts to her old player, and it was really sweet. I could watch that moment over and over and always want to watch it again. It’s moments like those that make the Schmoedown the show we love.

What were your guys’s favorite moments of the Schmoedown week? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll be back next weekend with another edition of Schmoedown Weekly!


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