MACHINE MONDAYS: I Don’t Have Friends, I Got Family


So I come from a family of educated professionals. Everyone in my immediate family is a nurse while I chose a different path.

The Schmoedown is an odd thing to explain to anyone, let alone your family who has no concept of in-depth movie knowledge or wrestling. So when I tell my mom about it, she’s incredibly supportive, but still seems to not fully get the scope of what I actually do in the Schmoedown. She sees me compete but doesn’t see how seriously people take it, the work that goes into it and how big the fan base is.

This weekend , I was able to show her. 

As the youngest, I always had people to do things for me or speak for me so it took me a long time to be independent and the thing that did that for me WAS my need to be creative. No one could do that for me or speak for me in what I was passionate about because they couldn’t do what I could. Enter art into my life and then something like the Schmoedown. When everyone in your family has gone to nursing school and has a career while I’m working just as hard at the things I love and seemingly getting nowhere, of course a mother would have concerns. 

The long drives, the time away from home, the time I’m taking away from my less than fabulous, but paying job or why I’m not going back to school to get a non-art degree as a back up. I try to breakdown my storyline and who everyone is and all the work everyone puts in. But while she has been happy for me doing different things that I enjoy, I always got the sense that she never quite got it until I took her to the studio to watch a match and meet the amazing people who continually put so much into the Schmoedown.

She watched the build up, the tension, the back and forth, the commentators analyze, the audience react. People buzzing around, working cameras, keeping score, putting it together in the booth. She looked at me and just nodded. After the match, I introduce her around to my fellow Schmoedown participants. To hear my peers say such positive things about me to my mom was a wonderful feeling. For her to hear about the human she raised making even some kind of impact was just super special and helped her to understand this unconventional path I’ve chosen. 

Thank you everyone who met mama Machine for being so kind and for helping her to see just how cool and special the Schmoedown is. Hope everyone had as lovely of a mother’s day weekend as I did.

– Machine 


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