MACHINE MONDAYS: Freaks and Geeks – Division Crossover Team-Ups!


With Kevin Smets and myself set to take on Mike Kalinowski In our respective divisions, we’ve found ourselves on the same side in these recent twitter/Facebook battles with KO. So it’s come up… how would the Smasher and the Machine fair as a team? How would any two competitors who excel in different divisions work as a pair? 

Anarchy was actually kind of a fun spin on the team tourney, so what if there was a team tournament that had competitors from different leagues team up? Specifically Innergeekdom and Singles. Smets brought up the thought of having round one be comprised of half IG questions and half broad movie trivia questions. Same with Round 2, split up the categories on the wheel. It would also make for an interesting gamble in Round 3, if they made it so you chose who answers before knowing the category and whether the question is better suited for the singles player or the IG player. 

There are some players in the league who excel in both divisions like Rachel Cushing. But there are other competitors who I’d love to see dabble more in IG like Ben Bateman, William Bibbiani or Dan Murrell, and vice-versa with Jay Washington or Adam Hlavac. I myself feel confident with some IG categories, but not all, so I would love to challenge myself and see how I fare, especially with someone like Smets to back me up, and how he’d do with singles questions, after some time in the Trivia Dungeon.

I just think the mix up could breed some really incredible team-ups and dynamics and force competitors to stretch their skills. Would these pairings make for a stronger team? Or would the divide of knowledge be a recipe for disaster? I am absolutely stoked to compete with Ethan Erwin, But as a one-off run, I think this “Division Collision” could make for a fresh shake up and just be really fun!

Is this something you’d wanna see in the future? I mean team “Machine Smash” does have a nice ring to it.

– Machine


  1. I would LOVE an Arnold Palmer (Team – Half Singles and Half IG) Division. And maybe get another pair of belts!

  2. Super interesting concept! I know this would never happen but I think It would be cool to apply this to the fan leagues maybe? Like say for example John Rocha and Cody Newberry (Current Movie Battleground Champion and prominent figure in the league) against myself (main rival to Cody, prominent figure in the league) and Marc Andreyko. It would be interesting to see how Schmoedown competitors respond to the atmosphere of Multiplex and Full Metal.


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