INNERGEEKDOM PREVIEW: Hector Navarro vs. Kevin Smets – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this much-anticipated Innergeekdom matchup!

Since his powerful debut, the most popular rookie of this season is finally getting what he asked for: a Top 5 matchup to propel his case for his first ever Innergeekdom title shot. As for the former Innergeekdom champ, he makes his return to stop getting pestered and to humble his challenger’s bones after staying back for a while.

For everyone that loves the Schmoedown, this is one of the two matches before the Houston live event that is full of anticipation. It’s the return of Hector “Nightmare” Navarro versus Kevin “The Smasher” Smets!

Since making his mark several months ago, Kevin Smets has stolen the spotlight from Paul Oyama as the must-see rookie of this season with his dedication to the game and a stone-cold persona that intimidates many a player. With manager Kaiser in his corner, Kevin blazed his way through his first two matches: a TKO win over David Moore and an annihilating KO win over Jay Washington after weeks of taunting each other.

At this point, many Schmoedown fans have been calling him the first challenger to Rachel Cushing’s Innergeekdom Championship reign. It’s easy to see a case, given his mental fortitude, bashing his way through every question, and his dedicated training in his “Trivia Dungeon” thanks to Kaiser’s methods to even know trivia from the most obscure, geekiest movies. As much as it would be exciting to see him get his title shot, he still hasn’t been tested yet against one of the top contenders until this match against Navarro.

Of all the top contenders he could’ve selected, choosing Hector Navarro is an interesting one since he’s mostly doing time away from the Schmoedown with his other works. After weeks of tweeting taunts at Navarro to come back (mostly coming from his manager), “Nightmare” himself finally responded and accepted the callout.

For “The Smasher” to take down the former champ, he has to know that he’s challenging a former Innergeekdom champion. He cannot underestimate his opponent and focus on his strengths that were developed from the “dungeon.” His mental mindset will be strong enough to face a contender, but should he get in over himself then Smets is at risk of falling over himself against Navarro. He asked to face the former champion for months, now he will get him face-to-face.

As for the former Innergeekdom champion, Hector Navarro is returning to competition since his Innergeekdom loss to his friend Adam Hlavac last season. It was over a year until he accepted another challenger and now he seeks to finally stop what he sees as “bullying” and humble this rookie. It appears that since his loss to Hlavac, Navarro wanted to kick back and relax from competing in the Innergeekdom Division for a bit and concentrate on his other works in DC Daily and Hyper RPG.

Now, he has no choice but to go back into competition and zip up the lips of Smets and Kaiser. The biggest concern about Hector is without a doubt ring rust. Navarro should have time to train and get back into the swing of Schmoedown competition, particularly if he caught up with what happened in this division for the past year and a half.

What the former champion needs to do is to not get too roused up by whatever Kevin or his manager Kaiser do onstage. The strengths that he has in Comic Book Movies and Star Trek can give him the advantage over Smets, particularly with Smets not fully tested in that Star Trek category. He also needs to brush up on the other categories and question types that were added into this division in his temporary absence. Navarro cannot go in without knowing what questions were asked already this season. That should help him break as much ring rust as possible.

Finally, just as Erwin does in his matches, Smets consistently performs well so Navarro will need to keep pace with him through all three rounds. Should he succeed, it will be amazing that he can still perform despite being away from the game for so long.

Make no mistake, this is a crucial Innergeekdom match to determine the next competitors in-line for Rachel’s Innergeekdom title. Whoever wins, he will definitely be looking at a #1 Contender match in the Innergeekdom Division against Mike Kalinowski or Adam Hlavac; most likely at “The Midsummer Showcase” itself: Schmoedown Collision. Then, that winner will be Rachel Cushing’s first challenger for her belt in the Innergeekdom Championship match at San Diego during Comic Con!

Between Navarro and Smets, Smets is looking to be the favorite to upset the former champ and continue his undefeated run to the San Diego title match against “The Crusher.” All the hard work that Kevin Smets and his manager Kaiser have put in that “Trivia Dungeon” will be put to the test for the first time against the former champ himself Hector Navarro.

In the days before the anticipated Houston live event, it’s the Top 5 battle to be closer than ever to a title shot for the Innergeekdom Championship!



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