HOUSTON, WE HAVE NO PROBLEMS: My Schmoedown Live Experience!


So now that everyone had the chance to watch the thrilling live event in my hometown of Houston, I would like to share my experience with y’all of how I finally witnessed the awesomeness of being in-person at the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!

First off before that day, I had a fan meetup created with the help of Robert and Chris Adams of Cinefanatics. In a sports bar just next to the stand-up comedy venue where Mark Ellis headlined, me and several fans of the Schmoedown convened and chatted about our love for the league and movies in general. It was a modest meetup with around twenty-five people, but it was great. It was also very interesting when Andrew Ghai came over to meet us for a few minutes before going to Ellis’s first show, and with Frankie Janisch and Chris Clark from the Schmoedown Rundown (who I finally met for the first time face-to-face).

Then, it was a hop over to see Ellis’s second show and boy it was fun. The two people who stole the show was of course Mark Ellis, and also Brett Sheridan who just put on a riot of an act that got us laughing nonstop. He was absolutely amazing! With that and getting some awesome pictures with people I followed for almost a decade, I was looking forward to the day of the event!

And that day came, dressed in a sports jacket and black denim with Concord 11s, as I pulled in front of Booker T World Gym Arena amid threatening thunderclouds above us. It was a neat place and a bit smaller than I thought.

What was surprising was that when I at the front entrance with the Reality of Wrestling sign hanging at the back wall, I saw a picture of Booker T with the original GOAT himself Muhammad Ali! That was really something.

There I was able to finally meet the Schmoes themselves: Kristian and Mark. Kristian remarked my contributions for the website and appreciated what I do. That was heartwarming to hear it from him. Also, finally meeting the 2-time, 2-time WWE Hall-of-Famer Booker T was awesome as well.

Once inside, I was amazed with the setup. The seats, the ring, the stage, it was all set up perfectly for a fun night. Also, it was the first time I saw a wrestling ring in-person. As I stood next to it, I was surprised at how smaller it looked in front of my eyes than on TV.

Before the show started, I walked around the venue asking questions to fans from all over the country and even the world including some Schmoedown notables such as Chance Ellison, Kevin Smets, and my fellow Houstonian Brad Gilmore. They all are really excited for being part of the Schmoedown and contributing to this ever-growing success. As for the fans I talked to, they’re from all over and have different reasons for why they love the Schmoedown. Some loved it for the movie trivia, others for the competitiveness, others for the stories, and some for just the craziness. Speaking of craziness, the fact that this will be inside a wrestling ring has many people expecting the insane and awesome stuff to happen whether someone will go through a table, or Booker T doing a spinerooni. Overall, everyone just loves this new trivia sport that would not be possible without the love of its fans.

The matches in that ring were amazing to see. The competition felt real, and the excitement was real. For every exciting moment, from walkout into the ring, the spin of the wheel, the answers, and the outcome, they were all met with enthusiastic cheers from everyone so loud that I could not hear what Kristian, Mark, and Brad were saying at the desk.

The best moments of the night was first the double Spinner’s Choice that Ben got where the crowd just went electric and shocked at the possibility of that happening; and “The Chair” that Robert Meyer Burnett hid under the ring before giving it to Drew to hit Ben with. When Ben got to hit the chair on Drew, everyone went nuts. It was so loud as everyone was stunned at this moment that will go down in Schmoedown history. That delivered in my opinion on making Houston a true Schmoedown city like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

It was a spectacular time, and both my parents enjoyed the event from the livestream they had. Overall, this was a great several days for me as I was able to enjoy what many I knew in the Schmoedown community were able to see earlier this year. It was that and so much more. I definitely look forward to making the next live events whether it will be San Diego, Orlando, or maybe Arizona. I am very proud to be part of this phenomenon!


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