HOUSTON LIVE PREVIEW: The Founding Fathers vs. Double Toasted – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here as we continue The Road to Collision with the live event in Houston, Texas! The phrase “everything is bigger in Texas” definitely applies, with the stakes, the excitement, and the scale of these two matches, which will take place live inside a professional wrestling ring surrounded by hundreds of fans and many more watching around the world. All of that in Booker T’s World Gym Arena!

Now let’s take a look at the undercard match that could be extremely surprising. A Texas-based duo gets their chance to continue their Schmoedown careers after their only appearance two years ago. Their opponents are one of the best superteams ever assembled, determined to win big in the Lone Star State and achieve their goal: a highly-anticipated rematch at Schmoedown Collision.

It’s John Rocha and Dan Murrell of Founding Fathers taking on Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas of Double Toasted!

The last time we saw this Texas-based duo they were face-to-face against Greg and John of Reel Rejects back in 2017. They entered the ring with attitude and brashness, hoping to make a huge impact in the Schmoedown. While they did fine in Rounds One and Two, staying close behind their opponents, Double Toasted came in with a solid clutch on their 3- and 5-point questions to force Reel Rejects to step up. That’s where Greg and John stalled, on their 5-point question, giving Double Toasted the win.

Since then, Double Toasted have not appeared due to logistical reasons. But this season Korey and Martin are back to extend their established presence in this league. After hearing that the Movie Trivia Schmoedown was coming to Houston this Saturday, they were immediately calling on Chairman Harloff to bring them back for another match. They were unhappy that they were not called back after their victory over Reel Rejects, and they were demanding to be in an undercard match against Rocha and Murrell of Founding Fathers.

That’s right, they wanted the Founding Fathers. Korey saw on the sidelines what he thought was too much complaining from Rocha about how badly things are going against their team. Korey believes that he and his partner are more than ready to humble Rocha and Murrell as they return to the Teams Division.

The challenge could be more than what they bargained for, so for Double Toasted to pull off this brilliant upset and celebrate their return with a bang, they need to keep their movie knowledge fresh and know the game very well. Since this match will be in their backyard of Houston the fan support should help keep them focused, but it’s been more than two years, so any ring rust at all will be dangerous, especially in front of the superteam they are facing.

Given their work on movie insights, reviews, and news, the knowledge base should be no problem, but they are not going against another Reel Rejects. They are facing a top superteam in Founding Fathers, where Rocha and Murrell are prepping for a fight inside the “squared circle” to earn their opportunity in the “Midsummer Showcase.”

John Rocha and Dan Murrell are focused on Houston after taking down the Wildberries by TKO, and after Murrell’s successful TKO title defense against William Bibbiani. After an interesting season last year, they are ready to make the most out of “The Magic Season” and give The Five Horsemen its best year, with the single and team belts in their grasp.

After a controversial end to their run in the Anarchy Tournament against KOrruption, both went their separate ways in the Singles Division with Rocha becoming a two-time Singles Champion, and then Murrell becoming the first three-time Singles Champion. With Team Top 10 now in the history books, they reunited with a purpose: they now have a Free 4 All victory in Murrell’s back pocket for this year’s campaign.

In their first match of the season against the Wildberries, both Rocha and Murrell were getting their synergy back up to full power. They kept it strong in Round One, and went all-ahead with a near-perfect Round Two. That was more than enough to TKO The Wildberries, who were struggling to answer any of their Round Three questions; and that of course led to Josh Macuga defiling the championship belt that Dan Murrell had been holding, before receiving the fancy new version.

With that out of the way, Rocha and Murrell are now determined to get to the Team Champions no matter what the path lays in front of them. With the news that they will be playing in Houston against the home-state darlings of Double Toasted, they are more than ready and excited to tango with their opponents inside Booker T’s wrestling ring.

For Rocha, this is definitely his natural place, as “The Outlaw” will be in a land where cowboys just like him are adored (not to mention it’s in a wrestling ring). The Founding Fathers will be going in with the mindset that this is a road game and they are the visiting team. But that, in my mind, is an excellent mindset to be in because anything can happen when the match begins. They are no longer in the familiar confines of the studio in Burbank, but in the wrestling ring of Houston.

Double Toasted have not played that many matches, but even so, Rocha and Murrell will need to take advantage of their heightened awareness of the surroundings for any surprises that could throw them off course. For Murrell, he will definitely need to be a support for Rocha’s headspace throughout the match. They want to win, and if they do, then the Founding Fathers are en route to a rematch against KOrruption at Schmoedown Collision, to put that “O. Russell” annoyance behind them for good.

Double Toasted will be ready for a superteam on their home field with all their experience in movies secured. However, Founding Fathers will still be the favorite for having been in the game much longer, and for the “away game” mentality they are locked into. It should be an entertaining and thrilling match to kick off the Houston live event. It’s the battle of big shots in the great state of Texas!


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