FACTION WARS: Has The Schmoedown Entered a Golden Age of Factions?


Factions have played a part in the Schmoedown for a while now, but only one or two were ever really a huge presence at the same time. There have been dominant factions before like the Lions Den and the Fyffe Club, but they rarely existed simultaneously.

I think that’s about to change. I think we’re about to enter the Golden Age of Factions. It’s as if there’s an arms race going on right before our eyes with all the recent additions taking place across the league. Something is brewing.

At the Houston live event The Five Horseman enlisted Ben Bateman, which is a huge addition. Dan Murrell, John Rocha, Mark Reilly, and Ben Bateman. That’s a scary alliance. And who knows who will occupy that fifth spot. It’s probably not Dagnino as many have suggested. Rocha shut that down. But he is still a part of the team and his winning pedigree as a manager shouldn’t go overlooked. Armed with an automatic title shot that can be used at a moment’s notice, thanks to Dan Murrell, they are a threat to everything and everyone.

A few weeks ago Korruption also got stronger, adding Tim Franco to team up with Stacy Howard. Mike Kalinowski, Chance Ellison, Stacy Howard and now Tim Franco are a formidable force. And having Grace Hancock and Ken Napzok by their side means they will do whatever it takes to ensure their people have the edge in a match. Even giving wrong directions to other managers if the need calls for it.

Now it seems The Dungeon, led by Kaiser, the current manager of IG rookie phenom Kevin Smets, is getting in the faction game by swooping up Eric Zipper and promising rookie Paul Oyama. If they can add a fourth to keep pace with The Five Horsemen and Korruption then they could challenge as the top threatening faction. And as it stands Korruption and The Dungeon will clash at Schmoedown Collision when Mike Kalinowski and Kevin Smets face off in a #1 contenders Innergeekdom match on June 22nd. This could be the first battle of a larger looming war across the entire Schmoedown league.

And let us not forget about The Family. Andrew Ghai and Drew McWeeny with manager Robert Meyer Burnett in their corner are poised for revenge in many facets. If recent events are telling us anything, then perhaps Roxy and the Odd Couple will join them. That’s a dangerous foursome. It’s all a big “if” but Roxy does seem firmly in Ghai’s corner, especially after the Houston event. And given the way Marc Andreyko and Jeff Sneider acted immediately after their win at the Chicago event – shunning Ben Bateman – it would make sense for them to follow Roxy instead of going their separate ways.

Potentially, that’s four incredibly solid factions in the Schmoedown at the same time… which would be unprecedented. Samm Levine and Emma Fyffe would have their hands full as commissioners trying to keep the peace.

There’s also some potential fringe action going on that could throw the league into more of a frenzy.

Manager Jay Washington and his team of Ethan Erwin and Jeannine are still reeling from the defection of Stacy Howard. If they add a couple new people to their side they could also see themselves in the mix.

Now, let’s be real for a minute. Even with Ethan Erwin a former singles champion, Jay and his crew have been largely overlooked for quite some time. However, there’s a couple scenarios in which Jay and company could make a splash and make the league take notice.

The first scenario is Jay gets The Beast and The Kid to join them. I know it sounds kind of crazy but if we’re to take anything away from these moments we’ve been seeing between William Bibbiani and Brendan Meyer – and many fans are speculating already – these two can turn an awkward friendship into a formidable team up. Now, just imagine a lineup of Ethan Erwin, Jeannine, Brendan Meyer, and William Bibbiani. Would YOU want to deal with that?

The second scenario will be no easy feat either. Jay with the help of Jeannine and Ethan might be able to actually get the Shirewolves to join their side. Another unlikely scenario, but it does call back to when Jay was courting them many months ago to join him. I like this scenario because of the built-in history that could be in play and because it gives the league a nearly all female faction which we haven’t seen since the days of the Fyffe Club.

But perhaps the larger, more important question is why would either the Shirewolves or the team of Bibbiani/Meyer want to join a faction? Well, the answer to that would be for Chairman Kristian Harloff to award a prize so grand that it can only be won by a faction. A prize so enticing it would make sense for anyone to want to join up with a faction.

For awhile now fans have been clamoring for a Survivor Series type of event in the Schmoedown. Could we possibly get a version of wrestling’s famed event in the Schmoedown?

Now, of course this is all just theory but maybe the winning faction of this event gets a treasure trove of prizes. Maybe the winning faction gets two #1 contender matches and two guaranteed entries to use in any combination for any tournament they want. The winning faction could decide however they want to use their prizes. It could provide huge implications for the following season. Whatever the prize might be it certainly should be substantial.

How would this survivor type series go? I envision a series of matches, one for each league (except Star Wars, sorry Star Wars). Every match would be 5 rounds. No TKO’s or KO’s. Each faction puts their best players forward for Singles, Teams, and Innergeekdom. And the faction with the highest point total at the end of all three matches is crowned the winner.

Of course I’m just spitballing here but I hope whatever the format is we get to see some legendary table pairings, reminiscent of Free 4 All.

In Innergeekdom, imagine:

Smets(The Dungeon)
Cushing(Jay’s faction?)
Murrell (The Five Horseman)
RMB (The Family)
All at one table duking it out for 5 rounds? Yes, please!

In teams, imagine:

The Founding Fathers
The smack talk would be through the roof!

And perhaps the main event of Singles:

Dan Murrell
Chance Ellison
Ethan Erwin
Paul Oyama
Drew McWeeny

While it is fun to theorize about what might happen in the future I think one thing is becoming quite clear. No matter what, we are about to enter the greatest era of Schmoedown factions.

Get your popcorn ready.


  1. I’d love to see an event that mixes multiple divisions together. I’m not sure how well it would work for factions, as the factions tend to be relatively fluid in their existence and membership. Maybe the rewards could accrue to the individual members of the winning faction in such an event.

  2. I don’t see Clarke and Rachel joining a faction at this point. I thought maybe they would join the horsemen at the beginning of the season, but that ship has sailed. I do think it’s possible they start their own faction. I just don’t know who they would need/want to recruit.


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