CHAMPIONSHIP PREVIEW: Dan Murrell vs. William Bibbiani – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this huge preview to this Friday’s championship match!

The GOAT himself, Dan Murrell, is now seeking his third successful singles title defense, to build on his already mammoth legacy. His opponent, however, is riding on the highest of highs in the “Magic Season” so far after being named back-to-back Free 4 All MVP and outlasting Ethan Erwin and John Rocha in an intense #1 Contender match for his bid to be the next two-time Singles Champion.

Will William Bibbiani finally live up to the expectations that were set, very high, the moment he debuted? We will find out as “Dangerous” Dan Murrell defends his title against William “The Beast” Bibbiani!

William Bibbiani experienced an upswing in his Schmoedown career after being crowned the Free 4 All MVP in 2018. That reversal of fortune led him to his first singles championship victory, then a team championship run as part of Critically Acclaimed, and then his second Free 4 All MVP title after an unbelievable journey to the final table at this year’s event.

It was then at that #1 Contender match where Bibbiani faced a tough challenge from John Rocha and Ethan Erwin. Through that match Bibbiani kept his composure and never faltered, in one of his best singles performances of his career. One where his accuracy was at 94%. When Rocha was eliminated (forgetting that he had his challenge), it came down to Bibbiani and Erwin for the title shot against Murrell. It went to the final question in an edge-to-edge battle between the two, but a question regarding “The Man in the Iron Mask” ended up being in Bibbiani’s wheelhouse and he answered it convincingly to earn his shot for his second singles title.

Despite some debate regarding the “Kermit the Frog” question that Bibbiani answered earlier, there is no doubt that his momentum is continuing strong for “The Beast” in what could be his year to dominate.

Between him and his superfan Chris Clark salivating at the potential success to come, this next title shot will finally supplement Bibbiani’s status as one of the greatest singles competitors alongside Murrell, Rocha, Levine, and Cushing. Now he will face for the first time in his career the competitor who is arguably the GOAT of the Schmoedown, Dan Murrell. Should he be able to defeat him, then William Bibbiani will join alongside Mark Reilly, Dan Murrell, and John Rocha as the fourth 2-time Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion in league history. He is in his best form with all the momentum to ride on.

For Bibbiani to earn his second singles title, he must keep up this success and confidence through all five rounds. He will dominate in Round One and Round Two if he aces his category, but the concerns will come from Rounds Three through Five. Bibbiani needs to be very careful and not whiff on any questions in these three rounds or it could lead to another shortcoming for “The Beast.” The knowledge of movies will carry him through, but success will only come from being clutch in the final rounds.

And clutch is what he’ll need against the GOAT himself.

“Dangerous” Dan Murrell is proving he as great as he has been since the beginning of his Schmoedown dominance. Since reclaiming the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship from Ethan Erwin in an emotionally-charged epic in New York City, the debate whether he is the true GOAT was recharged with new vigor. He’s the first ever three-time Singles Champion in the history of this league, and what he will do with his third title defense could set his legacy even more into the stone.

Although last season wasn’t his best, with his ups and downs from losing to Andrew Ghai to winning his #1 Contender match at Spectacular, Dan Murrell seeks to add a stellar year with this “Magic Season” to put behind those low points he learned for good. However, he will be facing William Bibbiani for the first time in league play, after their Sudden Death faceoff at this year’s Free 4 All. If there is one thing that he knows about his opponent after the live event, it’s that he knows his movies from nearly all genres and eras.

To successfully defend his title, Dan Murrell needs to not fall behind in the start of the match. With Bibbiani’s stellar record in the first rounds, Murrell has to match what he has in points, or stay very close. Also, Murrell needs to keep focusing on himself. He shouldn’t let the theatricality of Bibbani intimidate him. By focusing on his strengths and categories he is confident in on match day, Murrell should be able to start his third title defense well.

However, this match that will play out on Friday will be very interesting, because it brings to mind one of Murrell’s previous matches. It was in 2017, when Murrell was beginning his second title defense and it was against then-Commissioner Kristian Harloff who was on a momentous stride similar to Bibbiani’s right now. It was in that match that somehow, Murrell could not keep up with the momentum that Harloff had. Whether it was luck or fate, it led to him losing the singles title to Kristian and his temporary retirement before Rocha called him back up as part of The Horseman.

Could that scenario also play out the same for Murrell against Bibbiani? His opponent is on a momentous wave, and it could be possible that Murrell could lose his title belt once again. If he can ride out that storm, it will be possible.

Nevertheless, this matchup will go down to the wire. Between the two, Murrell is the favorite but by the slightest of margins.

Will Dan Murrell defend the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship before the team match in Houston, or will William Bibbiani go two for two in singles title matches and be the next two-time champ? It all comes down to this Friday, as Murrell’s wall comes face-to-face with “The Beast’s” wave!


  1. I got the Beast winning this one.

    He’s on such a great roll that I think he wins a close match to take the title.

  2. I want the belt to be defended. It has been quite a while that the championship has not been defended.



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