A CHAIR TO REMEMBER: Ten WTF Moments from the Ben Bateman vs. Andrew Ghai Match!!!


After Andrew tackled his former teammate into a table, Kristian Harloff planned to suspend him for an entire year. Ben Batemen had something else in mind: a one-on-one match where he would humiliate Andrew in front of a live audience. Everyone cheered at the idea and the Houston Live Event became the most anticipated match of the season.

Here are the ten moments that I argue why Ben Bateman vs. Andrew Ghai is a contender for “Match of the Year!”

The Captain Gains Access

One stipulation of the main event was Ben and Andrew faced off without their fellow team members. It appeared Andrew honored Booker T’s rules as they came out together. Ben did not, as he came out with his manager, so Booker T promptly kicked Tom Dagnino out. But before the match could start, Robert Meyer Burnett entered the arena and was allowed to stay in Andrew’s corner.

No Repeat for Drew

Early in Round One, Andrew Ghai used one of his JTEs to give himself more time and employed Ben’s infamous tactic: The Stall. Unfortunately, he got to experience why it is a dangerous move. When Kristian counted down to one, Andrew attempted to use a second JTE but was unsuccessful due to not being able to hear it with a live crowd. Even if he was able to get the repeat, Ben would have still have taken the lead in Round One.

The Mystery Revealed

It was teased at the end of Fyffe vs Ellison match that Andrew Ghai was talking to someone. While there were several speculations on the identity of this mysterious woman, clever Schmoedown fans immediately deduced it was Roxy Striar. Before Round Two could start, she walked out from behind the curtain, flipped Ben off, and joined Robert in Andrew’s corner.

Where’s Scott Mantz When You Need Him?

Since Ben was in the lead, he allowed his former team mate to spin the wheel first in Round Two. Andrew landed on Movie Release Dates and decided to spin again. It ended up on Opponent’s Choice where Ben gave it to the audience, knowing they were going to choose Movie Release Dates. Andrew failed to answer any questions while Ben managed to add six points to his score.

The New Five Horsemen

In the past months, Mark Reilly and Dan Murrell tried to convince Rocha to allow Ben in their faction. While fans thought this was an inevitability, they were unsure about what would happen to Tom Dagnino. Would he still manage Who’s The Boss? Would John Rocha allow his oldest rival into his faction? Everyone got their answer when Tom, Rocha, Reilly, and Dan came out from behind the curtain, raising their hands in the air.

Ben’s Bold Choice

After stealing six points from Andrew Ghai, Ben spun the wheel where it landed on Spinner’s Choice. The audience erupted with excitement anticipating a knock out, just like The Founding Fathers did in their match with Double Toasted. To everyone’s shock, Ben decided to spin the wheel again. It once again landed on Spinner’s Choice and he was “forced” to choose Oscar Movies as his category. Realizing his defeat, Andrew sulked around the ring to take a selfie and drink from his flask. Ben correctly answered three questions, which gave him enough points to knock out his former teammate.

Take a Seat, Andrew

As Jenn Sterger was about to get the interviews from both competitors, Robert Meyer Burnett handed Andrew a chair inside the ring to attack Ben. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on whom you root for), Booker T saw what was about to happen and stopped it before any damage could be done. Andrew tried to run away, but John Rocha prevented him from leaving the ring while Booker T handed the chair to The Boss. Ben first hit Andrew in the stomach and then his back, leaving him literally knocked out.

Rocha Explains It All

When Jenn Sterger commented on Tom Dagnino leading The Horsemen, John Rocha gave the impression this was not the case. Although he had many rivals in the past, most have become friends over time and a few went on to join the faction. Rocha wasn’t sure if Ben was sincere about his change until he saw it in Houston. “When he spun again on Spinner’s Choice, that’s a Horsemen move. That’s when I knew he deserves to be in The Five [Horsemen].” The jury is still out on Tom, but Rocha allowed a trial basis, assumingly to manage Who’s The Boss and not the Founding Fathers.

Conspiracy or Warped Reality?

Jenn managed to catch up Andrew, who was recovering from his injury. The conversation was peculiar as everyone started to contradict themselves. Robert Meyer Burnett stated he didn’t expect any real injuries even though he was the person who handed Andrew the chair. Roxy asked who the “real” heel is: the guy holding the ice pack or the one who injured him. Andrew screamed that he was assaulted but must have forgotten he tackled Ben and Rocha in the past.

A Rocky Ending

Two years ago, John Rocha managed to end Dan Murrell’s undefeated reign as the Singles Champion by a single point. Since then they have set aside their rivalry and become The Founding Fathers. Seeing the ring was empty, Dan suggested to resolve this two-year old sting in a match between friends. No fans, no titles, just them. Presumably, they went three rounds answering questions, not disclosing who won it.


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