TO MOM, WITH LOVE: My Night at Schmoedown Live in Chicago!


When I heard a Schmoedown Live Event was coming to Chicago, there was only one person I wanted to experience it with me: my mother. She has seen several matches but she usually skips the interviews, promos, and plotlines and watches the trivia. My mom continues to be my biggest supporter and I wanted to give her a VIP experience into the Schmoedown. My hope was to turn her into a fan rather than a curious viewer.

Who’s the Boss would be taking on The Odd Couple with Alex Damon defending his Star Wars Belt against Joseph Scrimshaw. Because my mom is not a Star Wars fan, I knew she would enjoy the Team’s Match. I recommended several matches to her so she would be familiar with both teams. If she asked me any questions, I made sure to answer them to prepare her for the live event.

My mom and I were one of the first people to enter into the theater. When Josh Macuga walked in wearing a R2D2 suit, everyone exploded with excitement. He noticed I was wearing my red Wildberries shirt and pointed at me with a smile. I explained to my mom who Josh was and offered several key facts about The Wildman.

We started to move into the main hallway where The Schmoes were preparing to take pictures with the VIP ticket holders. Kristian remembered me from the Fatal-Five Way at Star Wars Celebration, so I introduced them to my mom. She was glad to meet them as we posed for a picture. Mark informed me to watch the video for the Team’s Match promo. “Is my article going to appear in it?” I joked. He laughed and responded with a maybe.

After Josh Macuga and Frank Janish warmed up the audience, Commissioner Emma Fyffe came on stage and was impressed with Chicago’s presence. She introduced Mark Ellis and Kristian Harloff to begin the Star Wars Title Match. They showed a preview of Joseph Scrimshaw winning the Fatal-Five Way from the previous day. I was glad they started with the Star Wars match because it meant my mom would have more fun at the end.

It is no surprise at live events that there are always several key surprises to hype up fans. I suspected Sam Witwer was going to appear on stage and challenge the champion to a match at Collision. When Alex Damon won the match, Jenn Sterger asked in the post-match interview if he would like to fight Sam Witwer. My eyes widened thinking I was right, but sadly Jenn turned to Kristian to say he had some work to do.

With the first match done, it was time for Who’s the Boss vs The Odd Couple. My mom started to get into the spirit of the Schmoedown as she stood up and cheered on both teams. She was laughing, clapping, and having a great time. I whispered to my mom that I expected Who’s the Boss to win. However, I was taken back when they lost and The Odd Couple won. Jeff Sneider celebrated by dumping water over his head, which made my mom and I laugh hard.

Who’s the Boss faced their opponents to shake their hands, but Marc and Jeff walked off stage. Roxy Striar stared at her former boyfriend, and I expected them to shake hands. SSSMMMAAACCCKKK!!! Roxy slapped Ben across the face and I screeched with both my hands covering my mouth. I envisioned Roxy becoming violent like Ronda Rousey was with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. My mom kept asking, “Why did she do that? Why did she do that?” I explained this was Roxy and The Odd Couple turning heel.

We stayed until the very end where Kristian and Mark answered a few questions from fans. I was able to get a picture with Josh Macuga before taking a group picture with the Schmoes, Alex and Mollie Damon, Roxy Strair, and The Odd Couple. While my mom left to use the restroom, I was able to meet was Emma Fyffe in the main hallway. I was so spellbound by her, I only remembered to mention I was a TriviaSD writer and wrote a few articles about The Shirewolves. I did remember to get a picture with her, which was the perfect end to the live event.

I managed to meet and get pictures with everyone who was present at the live event. My mom had so much fun that I suspect the next match she watches, she’ll watch the whole match and not just the trivia portion. I literally cannot wait until they come back to Chicago for another live event. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to attend another live event or even the next Schmoedown Awards where I can meet everyone.



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