The Chicago live event ended in a rather… explosive way. Ben Bateman, Mark Reilly and manager Tom Dagnino, otherwise known as Who’s the Boss, jumped back into the ring after their loss at Spectacular III to the Shirewolves, and found themselves in a #1 contender’s match. If they could defeat their opponents live at the Athenaeum theater, they would get another shot at Rachel and Clarke.

Their opponents, however, were not an easy task. They were facing the Odd Couple, the team-up of former Lion’s Den members Marc Andreyko and Jeff Sneider, managed by Roxy Striar.

I briefly mentioned this in an article I wrote last month, but Ben Bateman and Roxy Striar have a history that exists outside of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. If you don’t know it, listen to Roxy’s 1-on-1, where she talks a bit about the relationship the two of them had. So going in, we knew that there would very likely be some friction between the two.

The Odd Couple took the victory on stage and, one by one, they faced Ben Bateman, his hand outstretched. Sneider walked off without shaking it, Andreyko walked off without shaking it, and then it got to Roxy. She looked for a second as though she was going to shake his hand, and maybe the hatchet would be buried.

And she slapped him across the face.

The crowd erupted. It was mayhem onstage. Roxy was taken off by Sneider, flipping off Bateman and waving to the crowd as she left. Who’s the Boss looked stunned, and then a video of Ghai appeared, taunting Ben for getting humiliated yet again at a live event, and setting epic stakes for Houston.

During her post-game interview, Jenn was unfortunately not able to get clear answers out of Roxy as to why she did what she did. Roxy claimed that Ben wouldn’t have gotten half of those movie release dates questions had it not been for her training, but she mostly wanted to focus on the performance of the Odd Couple.

Dagnino and Reilly had a few words for her. Reilly seemed shocked because it was so out of character for Roxy, and Dagnino was pissed that it was the second time in four months that Ben Bateman had been “physically assaulted” in the Schmoedown. Bateman, however, seemed uncharacteristically calm about the whole thing. He sort of shrugged it off and let Reilly and Dagnino do the talking.

So the question now becomes: what is the fallout from the “slap heard ’round the world”? What kind of punishment will Roxy receive, if any? Could this be a trial of JTE situation, where she has to make her case to the Chairman, and the punishment will then be decided?

The official Schmoedown Twitter account has already revealed that a decision is forthcoming, and that co-commissioners Emma Fyffe and Samm Levine have convened with Kristian Harloff to determine the fate of Roxy Striar. Exactly what that fate will be, and when it will be revealed, is currently a mystery.

Could this possibly have an effect on the Odd Couple’s title shot? I don’t think that the Odd Couple will be deprived of their shot because of an action taken by their manager, but it’s entirely possible that they’d have to go up against the Shirewolves without Roxy, which could be dangerous for them. Roxy keeps them in check, and when you’re going up against the most dominant team in the game right now, you need to be on exactly the same page as your teammate. If you make one wrong move going up against the Shirewolves, Rachel and Clarke will pull ahead, and they’ll pull ahead fast.

Meanwhile, what does this mean for Bateman? He’s now been attacked twice in four months in the Schmoedown. At some point, you’d figure he’s got to get a security team. But even so, he’s now 0-2 this season. One more loss, and his season may be over before it can even begin.

What do you think will happen to Roxy? What kind of punishment will she receive? Or will she receive any? Does she deserve any? Where does Who’s the Boss go from here?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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