TEAM PREVIEW: Evil Geniuses vs. Superhero News – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with a team match preview, where both teams are making their first appearance in this season!

One team reunites after being split apart by Anarchy, and a superteam makes their long-awaited return since the accident. Both are seeking to earn their first victory this season and make their mark in the division, but who will come out on top?

We’ll find out as JTE and Lon Harris of Evil Geniuses face Sabina Graves and Sean Gerber of Superhero News!

Back in Season 5 last year, these Sabina Graves and Sean Gerber replaced Adam Hlavac and Hector Navarro as a whole new team. Both Sabina and Sean were part of a new wave of teams to enter the division then, and they did well in their debut match against Frank Moran and Amy Martinez of Box Office Breakdown.

Their next matchup was a tough one against Critically Acclaimed, where the duo held well through both Rounds One and Two, keeping the score close, but they could not avoid the TKO loss. Long before their next wave of matches, in comes KOrruption and their Anarchy Tournament that caused the splitting of Superhero News. Now, they reunite as a team, with new hopes of making noise in this division among the very best teams.

For these Superhero News to do well, particularly against this potential superteam, the chemistry they had last season needs to be rediscovered. It has been more than a year since their last match together, and any teamwork that is lost in this match could be detrimental to their upcoming appearance. Both Sabina and Sean need to be ready for any opportunity to take the lead and keep it close against JTE and Lon, especially for every superhero question they receive. If they can build on last year’s success, then hopefully we should see them in more matches to come.

It all depends on how they will do against a long-awaited, reunited team.

When JTE returned to competition in this year’s Free 4 All, many were hoping to see him reunite with Lon Harris and bring back the superteam that many thought could have won the Anarchy Tournament easily. After their dominating win over The Wildberries last year, their rise was halted due to JTE’s crash. Now, after a narrow win over Jonathan Harris, despite some textbook JTE-esque mistakes, the Evil Geniuses are back to make their triumphant return this season.

When this team-up was announced for Anarchy, many fans who followed the Schmoedown very closely pegged them as a superteam to not sleep on. JTE’s expertise in modern-day films and action films combined with Lon’s expertise in historical classics, making this duo a potentially dangerous threat for the team titles.

With their record reset at 1-0 with that TKO victory, the Evil Geniuses are determined to make a run for the team titles this season and hold onto them for a long time. If there’s a hitch to this, it’s that their manager will be Jonathan Harris. As agreed, if JTE wins then he will get Lon back as his teammate but Jonathan as their manager. From what we have seen, JTE is not on the same beat with Jonathan as he is with Lon. For them to do well in their returning match, Jonathan needs to make the right choices with his team in his first managing stint. He and his brother Lon will need to accommodate the potential slip-ups JTE could have, and get this team to work again.

The matchup on Friday will be nothing less than a homecoming match for the Evil Geniuses. They will be the favorites here, and are expected to earn their first victory of this season. For Superhero News, they need to bring their best against JTE and also his partner Lon Harris. Otherwise, a great impression will have to do.

This Friday, prepare for the return of two dynamic duos, who each have the potential to shake the Schmoedown Teams Division!



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