SINGLES PREVIEW: JTE vs. Jonathan Harris Stipulation Match – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this very special singles match that takes place a week before the exciting live event in Chicago!

One of the biggest names in the Schmoedown finally makes his return to league play after his epic return in the Free 4 All. It’s the man where accidental mistakes are all too common, yet the man with one of the most insightful minds in movie trivia.


Now, he’s on a quest to reclaim his team and start this season off with a bang. If he defeats Jonathan Harris of The Harris Brothers in this stipulation match, JTE will get his teammate Lon Harris back, and show him – once again – a path to victory.

It’s a special matchup between “Little Evil” JTE and Jonathan Harris!

To understand why JTE demanded this match we have to go back to the start of the Anarchy Tournament. After the heartbreaking end of The Patriots, by far one of the greatest teams to grace the league, JTE teamed up with Lon Harris as the Evil Geniuses for the tourney.

With JTE’s knowledge of action, sports, and modern films and Lon’s vault of historical classics, it was a team-up that I’d call a true superteam in the making. After an absolute wrecking of the Ricky Hayberg-led Wildberries they looked like a force to be reckoned with. That is, until the unfortunate auto accident that befell JTE. He was forced to end his season early and that forced Lon Harris to bring in his brother Jonathan Harris to complete the tournament.

While the brothers did well and got all the way to the Finals, they wound up on the receiving end of a 3rd Round KO by Who’s The Boss. This season, the Harris Brothers returned in a #1 Contender match against Critically Acclaimed to get a jump start and finally face The Shirewolves, but their similar weaknesses held them back and Critically Acclaimed scored a TKO win for the title shot.

With JTE finally returning to league play since his injury, he wants to take his partner Lon back from his brother. He is clearly unhappy with how this team is doing and he wants to bring back the glory of the superteam that was tragically put on hold last year. Jonathan clearly refuses and almost got into a kerfuffle with JTE, only for Teams and Innergeekdom Commissioner Emma Fyffe to intervene. They all agreed to settle this with this special stipulation match: if JTE wins, Evil Geniuses are reformed with Jonathan as their manager, and if Jonathan wins then JTE will be given a partner of Harris’s choice for the rest of the season. The commissioners have co-signed on the stipulation. It’s official.

He may have been absent for a while, and he may have suffered a great setback last year, but don’t let that fool you: JTE can be a great competitor in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. He’s one of the original competitors, and he’s repeatedly demonstrated greatness since the show’s inception. Now in his fifth season, JTE is looking to reemerge as a legitimate contender after spending nearly half of the season out due to his injury. His movie knowledge is what you might call a perfect mix of classics, Oscars, action/adventure, and Arnie and Sly films. If he can find his groove after being a way from league play for a while, particularly with how he played in the Free 4 All, then he should have little trouble in this week’s match.

That is of course, assuming that he can avoid making those famous mistakes. Whether it’s misspelling like “Japeto” or the recently infamous word-salad answer “The Jew Bear.” Although these flubs haven’t always cost him a victory, they could invalidate otherwise correct answers. As far as the Schmoedown goes, JTE’s greatest nemesis… sometimes… is JTE.

JTE may be determined to bring back this superteam and take another path to glory with Lon Harris, but that other Harris brother is determined to stop him.

Jonathan Harris is in an interesting spot now that JTE is demanding that he step down. Jonathan believes that he and Lon are still great as a team, it’s just that the league has failed them by not including more questions in their arthouse wheelhouse. It’s seems foolish to go up against JTE, but with the recency bias in his favor Jonathan thinks that he can overwhelm “Little Evil.”

For this matchup, he will probably be outmatched in categories other than classics. For Jonathan to keep his position as Lon’s teammate, he needs to land on that Classics category and ace it. It’s a slim chance, capitalizing on every Classics question in the game would give him the edge he needs to defeat JTE.

Jonathan truly believes that he is not done yet with the Teams Division, but can he stand against the oncoming wave that his opponent will bring? It’s an intriguing stipulation match for sure. For JTE, this match isn’t just about reclaiming a superteam, but also about jumping back into Singles contention. He will be the clear favorite if his ring rust is gone, but that’s assuming that he won’t make too many of his infamous mistakes in the match.

Will he sweep Jonathan aside, forcing him to become JTE’s manager, or will Jonathan stand his ground to keep The Harris Brothers together?

It will all come down to an epic movie trivia battle as we witness the return of JTE to league play… in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!


  1. @Leo

    I’m sorry, are we in two alternate schmoedown realities? Lon was carrying the Harris Bros to victory, while with the Patriots JTE was of equal strength if not better than Sneider, since he beat him in their Ultimate Schmoedown match. Underestimate Little Evil at your peril.


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