SINGLES PREVIEW: Josh Macuga vs. Paul Oyama – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this special stipulation match preview!

It was just a week ago, when “The Wildman” himself went too far and committed a heinous act of disrespect. It led to his 2-month suspension. But now he has an opportunity to atone for that mistake by taking on one of top rookies of the season, who’s trying to prove that he’s more than his image.

This week… it’s “The Wildman” Josh Macuga versus “Primetime” Paul Oyama!

To understand the suddenness of this matchup, we have to recap everything that happened last week.

Trailing after the Founding Fathers’ strong Round Two performance, the Mildberries decided to shed their calm persona and unleash the infamous, spiteful, and reckless personalities of the Wildberries with an infusion of Jameson Irish whiskey. In Round Three, the Wildberries struggled to get any answer correct, which led to an infuriated Josh Macuga tossing Dan Murrell’s championship belt to the floor and then committing obscene, sexually-innuendous acts with said belt. Eventually they lost, via TKO, to Founding Fathers, but the consequences ran very deep.

Soon after that match, Innergeekdom and Teams Commissioner Emma Fyffe gave Josh Macuga a two-month suspension for his mistreatment of the championship belt.

Displeased with being given a punishment that was debatably overkill, at least compared to the slap on the wrist for Roxy’s slap, Josh pleaded to the Singles Commissioner Samm Levine to lift it. Levine decided to give him one shot at redemption though a singles stipulation match against rising rookie star Paul Oyama.

It was an interesting power play by Samm, overruling the initial ruling of his co-commissioner. If Josh wins, his suspension will be lifted. If Josh loses, his suspension will extend to 3 months.

The stage is set for the veteran competitor to pull off a day of redemption with this match.

For Paul Oyama, he could not care less about the situation of Josh Macuga. All he sees in Macuga is another stepping stone for the “Primetime” on his route to the championship belts. Since his amazing, albeit shockingly close debut victory over Brendan Meyer, Oyama has shown that he is a competitor no one should underestimate, especially after his rise through Multiplex and Full Metal Trivia.

While his debut performance was praise-worthy, his persona and style has been criticized by many in the Schmoedown community for being Chance Ellison-lite. Compounding his frustration even more, the top rookie prospect is being overlooked in favor of Kevin “The Smasher” Smets, the top Innergeekdom rookie and the most popular rookie of the bunch for this season.

Whatever Paul thinks of the reactions to his Schmoedown rookie run, it’s a safe bet that what Paul wants is to keep stacking victories left-and-right in this “Magic Season.” As long as he keeps playing the same game and doesn’t get distracted, playing his strengths fully with no slip-ups, he will get closer and closer to contending for the singles belt. But also, he needs realize that Macuga’s “lucky magic” could re-appear, so resting on his laurels is not an option. That’s a factor that the veteran sometimes brings… somehow.

After just making his first appearance in the “Magic Season,” Josh Macuga is starting at an indefinite hold to his upcoming appearances cruel and disturbing that he did. A season where we don’t see much of Josh will be indeed lead to a feeling of emptiness for many longtime Schmoedown fans. Despite showing no remorse for his actions, Josh is in a predicament where this suspension could be detrimental to his longtime career in the Schmoedown.

For him to stay alive and keep many faces staying happy, he will need to face the top rookie of this season, who has all the credentials needed to make a run for the championship. It could be Macuga’s toughest match to date since facing Marc Andreyko several seasons ago. If there’s any chance for him to lift the suspension with a win, it will have to come from that “Macuga Magic,” where he pulls answers from lucky guesses and assumptions to shock many top contenders above him. If it appears, along with hitting his best categories, then there is chance for “The Wildman” to atone for that sin and entertain the fans for the foreseeable future, in Singles and in Teams with The Wildberries.

The stage is set for these two competitors, each of whom have something to prove. Macuga’s status vs. Oyama’s worthiness, who ya got? Well, unfortunately, the ammunition of movie knowledge that Paul will bring is probably too much for Josh to handle. Paul will be the favorite to defeat Josh and force him to serve that three-month suspension, one-fourth of the “Magic Season” away from the spotlight.

For many die-hard fans, they do not want to see Macuga on the sidelines for that long, but they would find Oyama’s climb intriguing if his persona changes. It all comes down to this special stipulation match this week on the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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