SCHMOEDOWN WEEKLY: The Boss Gets Belted, Spoiler Controversies and The Future of Star Wars!


What’s going on, Schmoedown fans! Welcome to the Weekly Wrap-Up, a new column that I’m writing for TriviaSD. Every Saturday, I’m going to take you through the week in Schmoedown, whether it be recapping the week’s matches, breaking down the post-credits scenes, or discussing the latest Facebook group feud.

This week has been a big one, because the matches from the Chicago live event have been airing, but first we’re going to start off with a controversy I noticed popping up in the Facebook group: spoilers.

Spoilers: A Facebook Odyssey

This tends to happen whenever there’s a big event in the Schmoedown, whether it be a live event, a pay-per-view event, or a title match. But I noticed it particularly this week. Spoilers were a big topic of controversy.

Now, even though I wasn’t at the live event, I did catch the livestream, so I saw everything go down in real time. However, there were many people who didn’t, and even though a good portion of the fanbase watched it live, there were many more who were waiting for the matches to drop on YouTube.

I personally didn’t see any posts that directly spoiled the matches, but A. There’s a strong possibility that a post could have been made and then taken down, and B. This could have been in response to Scrimshaw being announced as the winner of the Fatal Five-Way before that match aired (which even the livestream viewers had spoiled, since the five-way didn’t air until later that week).

Whatever the reason may have been, the discussion had prompted a question that I’ve seen be raised over and over in the group: should the spoiler ban – currently set at 24 hours after shows officially go live on YouTube – be extended?

To Spoil or Not to Spoil…?

Now, I personally think that 24 hours with no spoilers outside of the master post is a pretty fair rule, but I can see an argument being made for extending it out to 48 hours. Saturdays can be busy for people, some fans have families, and they might not be able to catch the match until Sunday.

However, I think that there is an easier answer: mute the group. I get it, having stuff spoiled is the worst, and I also get that maybe you don’t have the time to mute then unmute the group, or that maybe it occurs to you too late. But it is a group full of people that want to talk about all things Schmoedown, and that includes the most recent matches. So you may want to take your individual spoiler considerations into your own hands!

Speaking of which, this week we were treated to two epic matches: a #1 contender’s match between Who’s the Boss and The Odd Couple, and a Star Wars championship match between Alex Damon and Joseph Scrimshaw. Even though it was released second, I’m going to start with the match that was played first: the match between Scrimshaw and Damon.

The Star Wars Championship

This was a title match of epic proportions. The Star Wars division has always been the deepest of divisions, with the questions being incredibly deep cuts. However, both these titans of the galaxy far far away came to play, each scoring a perfect round one, including the bonus question. However, as the match continued, Damon began to pull ahead, dominating the speed round and getting his second title defense. He remains the only person to have ever defended the Star Wars belt, although he has stated many times that he still wants to face off against Sam Witwer, who was stripped of his title thanks to a certain Mr. Kalinowski.

The deep-cut nature of the questions left many fans wondering what the fate of the Star Wars league would be, and finally the Chairman Kristian Harloff said that the Star Wars belt may soon be something that is defended only at cons. However, I would also think that it would be defended at the Schmoedown Spectacular, the league’s year-end event, and because we saw the debut of four new Star Wars players in the league at the Fatal 5-way, the door is not completely shut on the Star Wars division.

Slappy and the Stinker

But undoubtedly, the most controversial moment of the night came after The Odd Couple took the victory over Who’s the Boss. Ben Bateman, who has a history with each member of The Odd Couple, extended his hand as a sign of respect, but the two players blew him off. When it came to Roxy, however, she got a bit more aggressive, slapping him in the face. The move was… divisive to say the least. Jenn tried to get an answer out of Roxy as to why she did it, but Roxy dodged around it, wanting to focus on the performance of her team.

Both the Movie Trivia Schmoedown group and the Collider Live group have been exploding with their thoughts on this move. I’ve seen some people who are 100% #TeamRoxy and don’t buy that Bateman has suddenly turned into a face. On the flip side, I’ve seen some people who think she should get suspended, and think that the act was inexcusable and petty. On Collider Live, Kristian announced that he will be making his decision on what Roxy’s fate will be on Monday’s show, so anyone who wants to see what will happen should tune in.

Absolutely Kayfabe-ulous

Roxy’s slap, however, led to another conversation that I saw pop up a lot in the group: the question of kayfabe. By this point, it should be no secret to anyone that the Movie Trivia Schmoedown is a trivia competition combined with elements of the WWE. Some people only watch for the trivia aspect, some people only watch for the WWE aspect, some people watch for both, and all are fine. Like what you will, but unless you’re in that third camp, it’s worth remembering that aspects from one are going to bleed over into the other.

This “bleeding over” with the slap was definitely prominent, but I think another piece to it is blending real life into the fiction of the game. Roxy and Ben have personal history, and Kristian stated how happy he was that Roxy was facing off against Ben because of the storyline potential. But there are some people who didn’t take the action as kayfabe, thinking that it was unscripted.

The argument I saw thrown around most as to why people thought that it was unscripted was because the slap didn’t look rehearsed, and… yeah, it’s not supposed to look rehearsed. It’s supposed to look like it was a spur of the moment decision by Roxy, but – if you’re worried about this – obviously she and Kristian cleared it with Ben before it happened. I think that a lot of the time, we get so invested in these people that we forget they’re playing characters. The trivia is real, but the storylines are scripted.

Think about it: how was Ghai able to livestream himself into the theater when he was just in the chat? He wasn’t, it was a pre-recorded message. So how did he know that Roxy slapped Ben? Because that was how the storyline was written to be if The Odd Couple won the match.

It’s “real” because it’s in the Schmoedown, but there’s “real” and then there’s real. Don’t worry.

What was your favorite moment of the Schmoedown week? Let me know, and I’ll see you guys next Saturday for another Schmoedown Weekly!


  1. You would think the kayfabe part wouldn’t need to be explained at this point. I can’t believe there’s fans that think it wasn’t setup

  2. If you felt uncomfortable from what happened after the Who’s The Boss/Odd Couple match, then you had the exact reaction that Kristian wanted. It was a worked shoot. It was meant to blur the lines between reality and fiction, because the script said for them to do that, and everyone involved had to approve of that angle for it to become reality.

  3. I am surprised people thinking this was unscripted. Of course it was all part of the story. I think it was always part of the ending regardless of the outcome. The only variable would have been Ghai’s response. I loved the incident, but I can understand people’s objection to it. You do not want contestants swearing if possible, but physical abuse is tolerated? The fact it was a woman abusing a man makes it okay? What I found strange was that the events of MTS are bleeding over to real life. Obviously this is what the disagreement between Roxy and Reilly was about on Colider Live earlier in the week was about. Starting to blur the lines. When does Kayfabe start and when does it begin? I would not want them to go any further than this, nor would I expect them to go any further.

  4. I like this schmoedown weekly article, and I hope it continues! Some great content in here. But yeah, really surprised that people still don’t understand the kayfabe concept even up till now.


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