MACHINE MONDAYS: Isn’t It Romantic? (Apparently Not)


So the poll for potential exhibition matches went up, and I was sad to see that rom coms was not on it. “No demand for such a match” I was told. I got so much love from fans on how I whizzed through a rom coms Round 2 and with many competitors expressing their appreciation for the genre, I was shocked that it didn’t make the cut.

If you didn’t, check out my “my favorite slice” article to get some insight on why I love this genre, but in short, rom coms, in general, showcase an exaggerated form of love. So wouldn’t that be perfect for a show that’s an exaggerated form of movie trivia? So here I am, standing outside your window, with my boom box over my head, to make a case for why a Rom Coms exhibition match would be so fun!

I mean sure, romantic comedies have been relegated to a female niche but after some time with females really shining in the league what would be so wrong with an all female match? It could be called by ladies as well. Have the likes of me Brianne Chandler, Stacy Howard, Rachel Silvestrini etc. We could do teams, fatal 4 way or five way with this; and you know the entrances would be on point. We could go all out with silly rom com characters and themes. I already have an entrance stored away just for this!

Another fun option…

In discovering Andrew Ghai’s rom com knowledge growing up with all females and Josh Macuga’s love of the genre, Rachel Silvestrini and I have actually challenged them to a rom-com team match! Rachel and I have formed a bond over our generational admiration for these movies and would love to take on the boys. The dynamic would be super silly with rising star “Inky” as my partner; and can you imagine The “Wild man” and the “dastardly one” as a team?! Two very drastically different but equally fun personalities in the league spouting knowledge on Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan?

C’mon! Tell me you don’t wanna see that! And who could we get to call it? Maybe former Schmoedown competitor and the “prom king” of millennial teen rom coms himself Freddie Prince Jr. perhaps? 

Rom coms are silly and fun. Exhibition matches are silly and fun. These films are rich with a range of well known directors, actors, themes and tropes which can make for a good range of questions. The entrances could be ridiculously amazing and the competition would be legit! We all know how much of a blast a rom-com exhibition would be.

It’s a shame we’ll have to wait another year but when that poll comes out next year, let’s make sure this tops it! I’m just a girl standing in front of some fans asking them to want a rom coms exhibition. 

– Machine


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