TOM DAGNINO VS. THE WORDS: Finstock’s Top 10 Hilariously Wrong Answers!


I don’t think I’m going to shock anyone when I say that Tom Dagnino, a.k.a Finstock, is not the best at movie trivia. While he has certainly managed great players and teams, his skills on the table are… less than perfect.

However, Finstock’s overconfidence in his incorrect answers has led to some of the funniest moments in Schmoedown history, and today I’m going to go through what I believe are his greatest ones!


It’s shocking to think that Finstock was only one letter away from being in the position that Emma Fyffe is currently in: Commissioner of the Teams and Innergeekdom divisions. Last season’s manager bowl was a low-scoring game across the board, but Finstock had a very real chance to take the lead when he was asked “Who wrote and directed the 2016 film Suicide Squad?”

Finstock quickly answers “David Ayers” instead of David Ayer, and is deemed incorrect. Immediately he challenges, to which Brianne Chandler comments “there’s not two of him.” Before the question goes under review, Finstock can be heard shouting to the rest of the table “I said David Ayers!”, still not getting the difference between that and the correct answer!


The recent Ghai/McWeeny vs Bateman/Finstock match saw Finstock have yet another terrible first round, although his partner picked up a lot of the slack by having a perfect first round. But the match did give us one of the most memorable answers from Dagnino, when he was asked “What is the name of the city that Aladdin lives in in Aladdin?”

The question is not well-worded, as Kristian states, but Finstock’s answer of “Foily” is just so odd. Even if he didn’t know the actual name, Foily is so far off from Agrabah, the correct answer, that you have to wonder what was running through Finstock’s head at the time. Where, or what, is “Foily?”


Both the commissioner bowl and the manager bowl have given us a plethora of great material to mine for this article. For example, the competitors of the 2017 manager bowl – Finstock, Ricky Hayberg, Jay Washington, and Emma Fyffe – were asked “What midwestern U.S. city was the film Don’t Breathe set in?”

Ricky and Jay both answered correctly with “Detroit,” Emma guessed “Kansas City,” but Finstock took a big swing and said “Austin.” What put this up even higher on the list is Jay’s reaction to Tom’s answer, who – after another question that had been recently asked (I’ll get to that later) – was absolutely done with Finstock and his antics.


This question set the tone for the manager bowl. Finstock’s reaction to the category being “Animated” pretty much sealed that he was not going to answer this question correctly, and the question was “What character does Josh Gad voice in Frozen?”

Finstock’s guess of “The Prince” gets a huge reaction from the audience. Even if he didn’t know the answer, it’s hilarious that he didn’t even try to write a real name down, and just assumed there was a prince in the movie, and that that would be good enough.


Because the commissioner bowl had so many incredible flubs, this one went under-appreciated. And to be fair, the question may have been a relatively tricky one for anyone that didn’t see the movie: “2009’s G-Force follows what type of specially trained animals as they try to save the world?”

Harloff answers first with “monkeys,” which is incorrect. Mark hints that the competitors should take a clue from the title of the movie, but at this point whatever Finstock has written on the board is too late to be changed. He reveals that he wrote… “Incredibles.” He said “The Incredibles” were a type of animal… you cannot make this stuff up. And the funniest part about this is that there’s another, even weirder answer from this match later on the list.


Finstock (though at the time he had to play as Dagnino) vs. Matt Knost is maybe the most infamous match for the incorrect answers from Finstock, and his two funniest answers in the match both come from the first round. For example, the pair are asked “Who directed 2014’s Whiplash?”

Finstock had been complaining about his marker throughout the beginning of the match, and tried to pass of his answer of “Damien Chisl” as being the marker’s fault instead of him not knowing Damien Chazelle‘s last name. It made for a challenge and a supremely entertaining argument from Finstock, constantly insisting that it was the fault of his marker that most of the letters in the second word were wrong.


Twice in a row with the last names, but this time it’s hard to pass off it as being the marker. The question asked to Finstock, Bateman, Ghai, and McWeeny was “Who played Karen Smith in Mean Girls?”

Now, it’s clear that Finstock was thinking of Lacy Chabert, which also would have been an incorrect answer. Although, to be fair, at least she’s actually in the movie. The correct answer was Amanda Seyfried but we can clearly see Finstock’s thought process behind picking this answer. But it’s still so funny that even he can’t even answer the incorrect answer correctly… that might not have made sense, but you know what I mean.


I mean, what can I say about this that I haven’t said in the last two name flubs that I talked about? They’re all so hilarious.

Basically, Finstock either needs a new marker or he needs to check IMDb to see how these names are actually spelled.


“What 1999 film had the tagline ‘Heads Will Roll’?” A pretty straightforward question that was missed by everyone at the table except for Thadd. Emma put down “Jason X,” Kristian put “Pumpkin… something,” but Finstock… oh Finstock.

I’m laughing just writing this. I honestly don’t know what about this answer is funnier: how incredibly confident Finstock appears to be with his answer, or Mark Ellis’s immediate response of “That’s not a movie.” Because it’s not! What could he possibly have been thinking of? WHAT DOES “HOTEL KILL” EVEN MEAN?

This answer would almost definitely be #1 if it wasn’t for…


This is a choice that people may not agree with me on, but I believe that this answer is truly the perfect encapsulation of Finstock and the hilarity of his incorrect answers. At the 2017 manager bowl, the contestants were all asked “Who plays Colonel Webber in 2016’s Arrival?”

Jay and Emma both answer incorrectly, and then it came to Finstock. He starts out not by giving his answer, but by saying “well, I know it wasn’t a black dude” before revealing that he put down J.K. Simmons.

The camera cuts to Jay, who just looks stunned that Finstock would blatantly say that. When Jay calls him on it, Finstock replies with something along the lines of “well I was thinking Samuel L. Jackson because he’s in everything, but I know it wasn’t a black guy, so I just put the white guy who’s in everything.”

All this time, Kristian and Mark are up at the table trying not to break down laughing, and after Ricky submits his incorrect answer, Kristian says “Tom was wrong on so many levels because the answer was Forest Whitaker.”

The crowd loses their damn minds, dying with laughter at Finstock’s answer as Jay yells across the table “so it wasa black dude”.

That truly is, I believe, the funniest Finstock flub.

What are some the other ones you guys think are great? Comment below and please, for the love of god, someone tell me what Hotel Kill is!


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