The Missfits originally had three members: Brianne Chandler, Stacy Howard, and Jay Washington as their manager. While not the most dominant faction in the Schmoedown, they would be best known for their attitude and exciting match entrances. At Spectacular II, Brianne decided she was going to leave the faction and invited Stacy to come with her. Showing her amazing loyalty to Jay, Stacy refused to abandon him so abruptly after his loss in the Manager’s Bowl.

The faction was renamed as The Viper Squad and added three new competitors to their ranks: Ethan Erwin, Jeannine the Machine, and Markeia McCarty. The Viper Squad grew in popularity as fans fell in love with Jeannine’s personality and Ethan’s knowledge. Although she has only competed in one match – and managed the Anarchy team Take the Cannoli for two – Markeia’s personality is so endearing that fans could cheer her on and hope for more exposure.

Jay finally lost his grim face and replaced it with a big, glorious smile when his two big competitors competed in New York at the Season Six premiere. Apparently, the only person who was not happy was Stacy Howard. She took offense, after being devoted for so many years that she didn’t have a belt, or even a new partner, or even a trip to New York. Stacy left The Viper Squad to join KOrruption with Grace Hancock managing her.

Despite losing their longest member, The Viper Squad has recently been enjoying a surge of visibility, but how can they continue their momentum for the rest of the season? Jay Washington recently has been on social media hyping up his fight with Kevin Smets. He recently appeared on Inside Schmoedown and got in a war of words with Ken Napzok over his handling of the faction. However, there are a few more things he could do to grow The Viper Squad’s exposure to fans.

The most immediate change Jay should make is have Markeia in more matches. We haven’t seen what she’s really able to do since her loss in the Innergeekdom Tournament. It is possible that Jay has been working with Markeia to improve her game, but she needs to create a visible presence in the Schmoedown. Her first match could be with Stacy Howard as revenge for leaving The Viper Squad, and what a match that would be!

Another thing Jay could do is to build a rivalry with another faction. Last year, The Viper Squad fought The Fyffe Club in four separate matches. With Emma being forced to break up the faction due to being Commissioner, another one has to take its place. KOrruption would be a suitable faction for The Viper Squad to oppose with all the drama that is already established this season, and it appears the groundwork has been laid after this week’s Inside Schmoedown.

What really reinvigorated The Viper Squad was adding new talent to their ranks. So, Jay might want to include a rookie now that there’s another spot open in their faction. If KOrruption has been chosen as their new rival faction, Paul Oyama is definitely a good choice because he already expressed interest in taking on Chance Ellison after winning his match against Brendan Meyer. But then again, we haven’t seen all the 2019 rookies yet.

According to “Meet the Schmoedown Rookies of Season 6,” Liz Shannon Miller is a prime prospect. She has yet to debut in the Schmoedown, but Ethan Erwin’s wife was the person to notify Kristian about her. It is hard to judge someone who has not played in a match, and yet if she was championed by a champion’s spouse, then it’s possible Liz might have great potential. Since there is already a connection to Ethan, Jay could have another great addition to their faction.

There is no doubt The Viper Squad will bounce back from losing Stacy Howard to KOrruption. Rather than crying over an “underrated competitor,” they should focus on the popular competitors they have, who they could add, and future matches that will help them gain more visibility with fans. They have had a great start, and let’s hope they can continue it for the rest of the season.


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