THE FUTURE IS NOT SET: Ten Ways That Free For All 3 Could Change the Schmoedown Forever!


The third Free For All is nearly upon us. On the line will be a title shot and a #1 contender shot for the winner and the MVP of the event. It’s the chance for competitors to run amok, to change the storyline, to draw a high number or go on a run that changes their Schmoedown fortunes.

Last year, Bibbiani’s MVP run saw him go on to win the Singles belt, which changed his Schmoedown fortunes for the better, and the year before, Levine’s Free For All win was the spark that lit the fire that saw him become the Schmoedown’s first double-belted Champion.

What might this year’s winners do to change the future of the Schmoedown? Let’s run down the ten players who could affect the greatest change!

Rachel Cushing

While the current Team and Innergeekdom Champ hasn’t had much luck in the Free For All in the past (averaging just 1.5 rounds), Cushing is undoubtably one of the best players in the game, and should be considered one of this year’s favourites. Should she win a title shot or a #1 contender shot, Cushing will put herself in a position to contend for the Singles belt, and become the Schmoedown’s first triple-belted Champion and – inarguably – the GOAT.

Ben Bateman

A lot of storylines are currently swirling around Ben Bateman, and he could probably use a title shot to go for the singles belt, since Who’s the Boss are already in the title picture. That would bring the Boss into direct competition with the current Champion and member of the Horsemen, Dan Murrell. Bateman’s storyline is currently focused with whether or not Bateman will join his team partner, Mark Reilly, in the Horsemen, and this clash could go a long way to either convincing Rocha that Bateman deserves a place in the faction, or to draw further division between the two groups.

Mark Ellis

Long since retired, the former Team Champ usually makes an exception for the Free For All and, were he to win the whole thing, Baby Carrots would have no choice but to re-enter the fray of the Schmoedown. Of the players that Murrell beat during his first title run and reign, Ellis ran him the closest, and he could fancy having another crack at the dangerous one, should he pull off an unlikely Free For All win.

Thadd Williams

Last seen handing over his Commish title at last year’s Spectacular, the Free For All is exactly the setting in which we could see Thadd return. After turning into a figure of ridicule last season the former Commissioner has a lot of scores to settle, notably with Harloff and Kalinowksi. Last year’s Commissioner Bowl made it clear that Levine and Fyffe’s positions are not fixed, and can be competed for. Thadd would surely use a title shot to compete for a Commissioner title.

Andrew Ghai

Currently embroiled in a war with Ben Bateman, a Free For All win would give Ghai a chance to beat his former partner to a first belt win. The Family is currently 1-0, but would likely leapfrog to the front of the queue and try to capture the belts that Who’s the Boss obviously covet. This one is actually quite probable, since it is not just Ghai that could win his team this shot, but also McWeeny. As one of the best round 1 players in the game, McWeeny should be considered one of the favourites to win either the title shot or #1 contender shot at the Free For All.


After his season-ending injury at the start of last year’s Anarchy tournament, JTE has appeared just once, in the Patriots vs Schmoes exhibition match. There is a lot of excitement surrounding his return: who will be JTE’s new partner? Will he return a heel or a face? Will he join a faction? If JTE could add to his return an instant title shot, excitement will only grow, and could lead to the league’s most exciting free agent being courted by parties across the Schmoedown.

Mike Kalinowski

Should Kalinowski, or any of the KOrruption faction win a shot at a title, there are a number of ways that things could go. None of them are particularly close to the singles title yet, so this could be the direction that the faction could take. That being said, after running the Schmoedown from behind the scenes for much of last season, KOrruption have lost the power for which their faction was conceived. Given the opportunity, might they try and install Napzok as the Teams/Innergeekdom Commissioner, replacing Emma Fyffe? A faction that thrives on Anarchy, any Free For All success would surely be turned into Schmoedown chaos.

Ethan Erwin

Since losing the Singles belt, Erwin has found himself part of a much-depleted faction. Having lost Howard to KOrruption, Jay Washington now only manages Erwin and Jeannine, and Erwin has lost the singles belt that was the faction’s crown jewel. A Free For All win would probably see Erwin and Jeannine go for the Team belt, but more importantly, would put the faction back on the Schmoedown map as a major power. Washington needs to recruit to expand his ranks, and a win in the Free For All would certainly make his faction seem more attractive.

Samm Levine

While the current Singles Commissioner is retired, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the former singles and team champion might make an appearance in the Free For All, since the competition allows all but the winner and MVP to remain away from both storylines and regular competition. Levine might therefore decide to have a bit of fun and play in the Free For All, but what if he should actually win it? His former partner has turned heel, and giving away a title shot would look like favouritism on the part of a Commissioner. At the same time, Levine cannot run the singles division while he competes. Should Levine play, a victory would make for an interesting Schmoedown conundrum.

Tom Dagnino

Forget last season’s Anarchy tournament, should Dagnino win the Free For All, the Schmoedown would descend into absolute madness. Two years ago, he came unbelievably close, having drawn the highest number, and entering with only one opponent left in the ring. But could not get past Samm Levine. Last year, Dagnino appeared as both Finstock and himself, arguably doubling his chances. If this year produces a Free For All win for the game’s worst player, you can expect Dagnino to try and use a title shot to cause total chaos.

Of course, some of these players are a long shot to win the Free For All. That said, more than any other event, luck plays a part here. Draw a high number, and who knows what could happen? It’s anyone’s game!

Let us know who you are looking forward to seeing in the Free For All this year, and what changes they might affect if they win!


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