TEAMS PREVIEW: KOrruption vs. World’s Finest – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview for this week’s team matchup!

It’s a battle between the fifth and sixth ranked teams of this division, looking to begin their team campaigns with a solid victory. Will it be one of the exciting team-ups from the Anarchy Tournament, or one of the new teams from last season who worked their way to the top?

We will find out as Kalinowski and Ellison of KOrruption faces Marshall and Zipper of World’s Finest!

In their first season of the Schmoedown last year, Winston Marshall and Eric Zipper of The World’s Finest made not much noise but had much success, with victory after victory against various teams. From their opening victory over the now defunct Kingsmen and defeating Team Trek in a convincing win that led to Trek’s split, World’s Finest was flying under many people’s radars. They were close to a title shot, only to be overwhelmed by the eventual team champions The Shirewolves.

For their latest match, Winston and Eric will want a victory here, over a very good team in KOrruption, to further build their shot for the team titles. Although it has been awhile, any time where they improve their game is critical for this season. If World’s Finest can prove that they still have what it takes, there will be a chance. It won’t be easy however, as their opponents are obsessed with a certain destiny to reach.

Although the expanded KOrruption faction is without its corruptive powers thanks to Chairman Kristian Harloff, these group of competitors are still dangerous to face. KOrruption rolls on after losing the Innergeekdom Championship to Rachel Cushing, and now he has another title in mind: the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Team Championship. It’s just one of several titles that former Innergeekdom champ Mike Kalinowski yearns for, and the first championship title that the hot-shot Chance Ellison has a shot at. With manager Ken Napzok in their corner, this team is ready to pounce on this division in regular teams play and prove that they are still here despite the nerf of their behind-the-scenes powers by Harloff.

For Kalinowski and Ellison to win, trust and teamwork are their keys to victory. If they are able to work out their team chemistry in the First Round and hit their best categories in the Second Round, they’ll be on a fast climb for a title shot. This growing faction, with another newly added competitor in Stacy Howard, and now Co-Manager Grace Hancock, are still chasing their destiny, whatever that may be, and are determined to usher in their dynasty on this league.

KOrruption will be the favorites over World’s Finest given their wider breadth of movies they’ve seemingly covered, as well as their recency advantage. This is another battle of two Top 10 teams that you really shouldn’t miss. These two teams made names last year, and for this season they want to begin their climb back to the top with this victory.

Which one will start their next journey with a win? We’ll find out in this week’s team matchup in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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