TEAMS PREVIEW: Ben Bateman & Tom Dagnino vs. Andrew Ghai & Robert Meyer Burnett – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview to the next great matchup after the Schmoedown Throwdown!

In the history of this league, we’ve had the privilege of seeing some of the most storied rivalries ever seen: The Horsemen and The Lion’s Den in The Turf War, The Horsemen and Team Action in the War of Generations, and KOrruption versus the World. This week, we could see the start of another legendary rivalry but this time, it’s among former teammates and brothers.

Team Action are brothers no more, and this team matchup might kick off what many will call the Action Civil War. Who will win this opening battle? It is Ben Bateman and Tom Dagnino facing the returning Andrew Ghai and Robert Meyer Burnett!

Coming off of another suspension, albeit a very short one, Andrew Ghai is seeking to take over the league with all the rage he has; a rage of betrayal and hunger. Ever since his seemingly impossible upset over Dan Murrell last year Andrew has made and incredible impact to this league. For this season, he has a new faction to call his own, along with half of team action’s cult of fans, who are somewhat loyal to him, because he believes that he was “betrayed” by his longtime brother-in-arms Ben Bateman.

Along with a surprising catch in the unlucky-but-talented Drew McWeeny, Ghai also brings back a personality who was absent for a while, until revealing himself last year as the destroyer of Finstock’s mask: Robert Meyer Burnett. With Burnett as his hype person, Andrew and his faction is seeking dominance this season by taking all the belts and all the bragging rights.

This young hot shot wants the arrogant youth to take over the Schmoedown and usher in a crazy era of young dominance: the very purpose that he believed was Action’s original goal, before Ben’s “betrayal.” His new faction begins with this match against their new archrivals. But we’ve seen how good Andrew Ghai is at movie trivia, something that was insane to witness last year. The biggest question on this team is Robert Meyer Burnett.

While Burnett had mixed results in Teams with a wide variety of participation, he was not good in Season Four with his Innergeekdom play. For these two to begin their rivalry with a victory, Burnett must pull his weight and work with Andrew well. If he struggles, then there will be problems for Ghai. This faction wants their season of dominance to start here, and Ghai wants to do so over his archenemy.

After dominating the Anarchy Tournament, Ben Bateman is back with renewed purpose since joining Mark Reilly and Finstock. With newfound success in his team and in the Singles Tournament, Ben is hungrier than ever to take the title belts and leave his legacy along with the greats. However, there is one person in his way, and that is his former-brother-now-archrival: Andrew Ghai.

Andrew wants nothing more than to destroy Ben for what he sees as the ultimate betrayal, turning his back on Team Action after Bateman’s team Who’s the Boss failed to win a belt at Spectacular III. Ben said that he did not betray him, but said that their paths can no longer be reunited and that he wanted to stay friends. Regardless, Andrew sees Ben as a traitor and Ben has no choice now but to defeat him.

Ben sees that Andrew has gone too far, and in the beginnings of what could be the next big rivalry, he needs to clear Andrew out of his path to the titles. And with Finstock as his partner for this team matchup, Ben wants to take the opening battle of this rivalry with a statement. With his championship experience Ben should be able to face Andrew with his strong knowledge of movies.

The advantage he will have over his new archrival is his partner Finstock. Though he’s not considered major league singles player, between him and Burnett, Finstock has the clear advantage with movie knowledge. If Finstock can work with Ben successfully, they should be able to embarrass Andrew Ghai and his new partner Robert Meyer Burnett.

This is the beginning of the next big rivalry in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!. There is no doubt that Bateman and Finstock will be the favorites to win this opening bout, unless Andrew Ghai can carry his team to victory or pulls something suspicious from his sleeves.

Whatever it will be, this will be a thrilling start of a new war in The Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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