TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MEGA-PREVIEW: The Shirewolves vs. Critically Acclaimed + Emily Rose Jacobson vs. Winston Marshall – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this mega-sized preview for the matches to come this week! (Special thanks to my boss William Bibbiani for covering the preview of the last match as I had a lot to cover for these two epic bouts.)

First, it’s the undercard match between two Innergeekdom competitors with one following his ex-teammate and another entering the Schmoedown hoping stand out from the rest! Then, it’s the Team Championship match between a top superteam defending their titles against one of the fan-favorite teams in this division. It’s Emily Rose Jacobson vs. Winston Marshall, and the championship match between The Shirewolves and Critically Acclaimed!

Let’s start with the Innergeekdom undercard match. Winston Marshall makes his Innergeekdom debut after the Black Movies Schmoedown last month, and it’s his first match since the heartbreaking divorce of World’s Finest. It appears that his goal now is to chase his ex-teammate Eric Zipper, and that will include chasing him in the Innergeekdom Division.

Whether or not he will find someone to rebuild World’s Finest, this is his chance to increase his presence as a solo competitor in the Schmoedown. He is certainly a comic book geek, so one of his strengths is comic book movies. If he can prove he’s strong in other categories we could see an outstanding debut. Yes, with World’s Finest no more, Winston is on his own journey to success.

As for his opponent, this debuting competitor is an amazing geek that could surprise everyone. Emily Rose Jacobson is a huge geeky contributor as an actor, writer, and video gamer for both Geek Girl Authority and Geek and Sundry’s Game Engine. She is also a tabletop roleplaying player from Hyper RPG as well as an improvisor at Impro Studio.

This match up should be a good measure of how well Emily knows her geeky movie knowledge from Marvel and DC, Star Wars and Star Trek plus Middle Earth (yes including The Hobbit somehow). The keys to victory for her debut will be to not get too flustered with being on-stage, be true to herself, and let the questions come naturally to her. For a rookie like Emily, the best thing to do is not to overthink.

Between the two, Winston’s the de facto favorite. However, this match could go either way. It will be an exciting one to see two new additions to the Innergeekdom Division, and very intriguing with how Winston will do on his own as he tries to chase down Eric Zipper!

Now, we arrive at this championship match. A match between the best superteam to date, defending their titles against a fan-favorite and a top-tier team. William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold have finally reached where they wanted to be since the inception of this team-up two whole years ago. Despite a rocky start, they kept grinding through several matches throughout the following two seasons to finally become the #1 Contenders.

As for their opponents, Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe are standing at the top of the mountain, having done what needs to be done in the eyes of their peers. Now they will be challenged without their manager. Let’s take a look at these two teams who will battle it out for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Team Championship!

After splitting up from the Horsemen due to lack of success, William Bibbiani teamed up with Witney Seibold as part of a new team in his renewed effort to become a champion. After a dominant debut against Only Stupid Answers, they hit a significant bump on their road by a surprising loss to Late to the Party in the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament. That would put them out of the game until the 2018 season where they began their road back into contention with solid victories over Team Superhero News and MODOK. That would lead to yet another hold as they were split up for the Anarchy Tournament.

After that detour they reunited this season and in a #1 Contender match given to them for their patience, they cleanly defeated The Harris Brothers via TKO to finally earn their first ever title shot since teaming up two years ago.

While they deserve their championship appearance, the champions they will face are the people Bibbiani have called their most difficult opponents in their Schmoedown careers. Although Critically Acclaimed is a strong team that is adored by many, their stats are just not up to par with The Shirewolves. Numbers-wise, they are at a disadvantage with how the game is played. For Bibbiani and Seibold to win this difficult match they will need to bring their best game to the ring. Neither of them can slip up in the opening round, and they need to stay consistent round after round to keep pace with the champions. Any mental mistake from either one of them will make them fall behind The Shirewolves.

Although it may be difficult and a bit overwhelming for William Bibbiani (as he puts it), this is his chance to be “The Beast” that many saw since his debut, and his chance to join John Rocha and Samm Levine as competitors that held both the singles title and a team title in their careers. It would be very special for Critically Acclaimed to pull off a victory here, but then again, their opponent is the greatest superteam we are seeing to date.

Since their thrilling title defense versus Who’s The Boss in a Schmoedown Spectacular match that went the distance, Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe are aiming to continue building their legacy as team champions this season. While they are some distance away from The Patriots’ epic streak, The Shirewolves have the potential to defend all the way. They have most of the best stats among all the current teams, they have defied all the challenges that were brought to them, and they are on their way to becoming an indisputably hall-of-fame team.

However, there is one challenge brought to them for this season: their season will open without their manager Emma Fyffe. As a consequence from both KOrruption and Kristian Harloff’s plan to regain control of the Schmoedown, Emma Fyffe, who won the Commissioner Bowl, was forced to leave the faction she made in order to be the Teams and Innergeekdom Commissioner. With that, Rachel and Clarke will defend their titles without the assistance and training of Emma Fyffe. This could affect their synergy and teamwork from this match onwards. As long as they remember their teachings from Fyffe and keep practicing the way she taught them on their own, then The Shirewolves will keep their titles.

Also, there is another challenge. Since winning the Innergeekdom Championship, Rachel Cushing is going from one 5-round championship match to another 5-round champtionship match. This could take a toll on her with only a few weeks of prep. With that in mind, her teammate Clake Wolfe must help her for every round of the five rounds. If Clarke does well in this match, then Rachel will be able to keep up and put out a strong team performance.

There will be some challenges this season, but The Shirewolves are confident that they will have a successful season despite going on their own without Emma. No matter if they can break more records or not, they want to be a shining light for all to witness.

This will be an interesting matchup between two movie-industry experts and two of the best in this game. The Shirewolves will be the favorites to continue their title defense, barring any unexpected surprises. While the result may seem obvious, this matchup will still be exciting to watch. If Rachel and Clarke win their second title defense, they will be one step closer to topping The Patriots and possibly closer to one of the most mythological accomplishments.

Whose will shine in this championship match a week before the Free 4 All? We shall see this week!



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