SINGLES PREVIEW: John Rocha vs. Marc Andreyko – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview of Friday’s big singles match!

It’s the second of two qualifying matches for the upcoming #1 Contender Triple Threat match, where we already know that Ethan Erwin and William Bibbiani will face the winner of this matchup. All of that leads to the Triple Threat winner facing the three-time Singles Champion Dan Murrell for his title!

In this Friday’s matchup, “The Android” returns for another singles run in this season, and “The Outlaw” makes his return since losing the singles title at Spectacular last year. The most iconic face of the Schmoedown and the most improved competitor of the Schmoedown face off, but who will be the third competitor in the #1 Contender matchup?

It’s “The Outlaw” John Rocha versus Marc “The Android” Andreyko!

Entering his fourth year in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, Marc Andreyko is in a different position in the start of this season than last season. 2018 was the year that Marc Andryeko stood out into the spotlight with consistent victories in his singles run, and a strong showing with his partner Jeff Sneider as The Odd Couple during the Anarchy Tournament. Some of that success may be due to his managers Emma Fyffe and, later, Roxy Striar. However, for this season, Marc elects to leave The Fyffe Club (Emma left the faction to be one of the two new Schmoedown Commissioners) and reunite with Jeff and manager Roxy of The Odd Couple.

With an appearance in the Chicago live event already secured in teams, Marc now focuses his attention on earning another shot at the singles title. However, he faces a familiar vet in John Rocha.

Of all his recent opponents since last year, this will be his most fiercest yet. For Andreyko to succeed and get one step closer to earning his title shot, Marc needs to run the same plan that led to his resurgence last year, highlighted by that huge upset over Ethan Erwin. If he was able to defeat Erwin, then he has a legitimate shot against Rocha.

But any aid or advice to put him over the top will have to come from his new manager Roxy Striar. This will be the first time in a while that she managed a singles competitor. Any advice or strategy from her success with The Odd Couple that she can carry over for Andreyko would be useful.

Marc Andreyko is a competitor that can sneak in under the radar and take the title. With his near-defeat in his first singles title match appearance against Bibbiani, it is possible that he could be Singles Champion this season. Whether or not it will happen depends on this matchup against the face of the Schmoedown.

Now entering his fifth year in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, “The Outlaw” John Rocha is preparing to climb back to the top after the unexpected loss of his singles title to Ethan Erwin. Since seeing the stats that Erwin put out in their championship match, Rocha felt determined to train harder to reclaim the belt. With Murrell winning the title from Erwin in New York, Rocha is even more determined to train harder and face his former-rival-now-friend in a rematch.

No matter how many times it’s been said that he’s at the start of his decline, Rocha always defied every doubt and remained on top of his game since 2015. He is the first iconic competitor that put the Schmoedown on the map, and as of now he is the de facto face of the Schmoedown. With all the rough breaks that he faced last year from “respin” and “O’ Russell,” to the retirement of his partner-in-crime Matt Knost, Rocha still pushed forward to compete once again this season and claim what he has said: all the belts, all the records.

This Friday, Rocha is given yet another path to the singles title, where all it will take is winning a matchup against Andreyko and then the Triple Threat match in order to face Murrell for the title. For that to happen, he needs this victory on Friday. John Rocha cannot let any doubts or anxieties creep into his mental mindset. The best way is to keep playing the game he knows and stay on top of his movie knowledge. If he can do that, then Rocha will still stand among the best and begin his quest to claim his most elusive achievement: a championship title defense.

These two competitors will be aiming to prove themselves again, that they are here to compete with the best and brightest of the Singles Division. This will be a close battle considering how well these two have done in the past. If there’s a favorite to pick it’s Rocha with his sheer will to keep pushing forward. However, he is only the slightest favorite because Marc cannot be underestimated.

By the time this match ends, we finally have a clear picture of who the contenders will be for Dan Murrell’s Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship. With the Free 4 All getting closer, the action picks up to a higher degree this Friday with this epic showdown in the Schmoedown Singles Division!



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