SINGLES PREVIEW: Liz Shannon Miller vs. Demi Adejuyigbe – Who Ya Got?!


Greetings, Schmoedown fans! It’s your mild-mannered editor here, and I’m sitting in for Tim Sim for the latest Schmoedown Preview!

This week, we’ve got the Singles division debuts of not one but TWO hot new prospects in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. It’s a battle between a TV writer and a TV critic, a podcaster and another podcaster, two brilliant minds that seem destined to clash… Liz Shannon Miller vs. Demi Adejuyigbe!

Ordinarily this is where we would give you the inside scoop on each player’s histories, their rivalries, their ups and their downs, but both Miller and Adejuyigbe are new to the Schmoedown, and have no backstories… yet.

That’s the fun of these rookie matches, actually… to meet new personalities and see where they’ll fit into the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Will they be epic heels or noble faces? Will they join a faction or fly solo? WHO, in other words,. ARE THEY?

Liz Shannon Miller comes from the world of film and television criticism, and is currently the TV Editor for IndieWire, so she’s not a casual enthusiast. Knowing the entertainment industry inside and out is her day job. Anyone who comes to the Schmoedown with as much cred as Liz Shannon Miller is someone the players keep their eye on, and the fans should too.

And if that’s not enough to intrigue Schmoedown fans, let us not forget how Liz Shannon Miller found her way into the Hallowed Halls of Harloff. As a friend of Ethan Erwin, it was Ethan’s own spouse who recommended Miller to the show, and who argued – allegedly – that Miller was as good, if not better, than the former Schmoedown champ!

Making his debut opposite Liz Shannon Miller will be none other than Demi Adejuyigbe, a prolific comedian and podcaster, who has also written for the hit comedies shows like The Good Place and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

It’s quite a resumé, and as his fans already know, Adejuyigbe has a great personality. So if nothing else, fans should expect him to feel comfortable on-stage, under the lights, in a position that sometimes gets under the skin of rookie competitors. The question is, does he have the knowledge to compete with Miller, and make his mark in the Schmoedown overall?

It’s difficult to predict where a match like this will go, since even if we assume both Miller and Adejuyigbe are movie trivia wunderkinds, we don’t know their strengths or weaknesses, and we have no stats by which to predict their performance.

Instead, I offer the same advice to these rookies that I would offer any new player: learn the game. It’s one thing to know the trivia, it’s another thing to put on a great show, and it’s another thing altogether to strategize on the fly, and have the situational awareness necessary to maximize the rules to your advantage.

Before they spin, Liz Shannon Miller and Demi Adejuyigbe will need to study the wheel they’ve been given, and decide which slices are worth keeping, or spinning away from. They should consider what percentage of “safe” vs. “dangerous” slices are on the wheel for them, individually, so they can tell the difference when it’s wise to spin again on an iffy category, or when it’s worth taking the chance on finding a better one. And they should definitely decide as quickly as possible which slice they would want if they get Spinner’s Choice (and which slice they’d want to lob at their opponent, if their opponent lands on Opponent’s Choice).

They should also remember to use their JTE Rules, since not every rookie has them burned into their brain as an option yet. For every time a player uses a JTE Rule to actually repeat the question, because they heard it wrong, there are a dozen players using it just to stall for time when the answer is on the tip of their tongue. JTE Rules can be everything in a match. (Trust me, I’ve probably lost at least one match because I didn’t realize I still had them at my disposal.)

And then of course, there’s the tough call of whether to go to multiple choice in the second round. Heck, some rookies get wrapped up in the moment and forget that multiple choice is an option! And it’s a simple little mistake like that which can cost you a close game.

Liz Shannon Miller and Demi Adejuyigbe are both promising prospects in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, who seem likely to bring new knowledge and personality to the league. But only one of them can win, and based on what little we know ahead of their debut match, it seems like Liz Shannon Miller has a slight edge going in. She’s got a film expert’s resumé and a letter of recommendation from someone who knows film expertise.

Who do YOU think has the edge going into tomorrow’s match? Let us know, and let’s get ready to Schmoedown!



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