SHAKE IT UP: 10 Players Who Should Try New Divisions!


First Samm Levine, then Rachel Cushing: the double belted champ has well and truly arrived in the Schmoedown. And after Cushing captured the Innergeekdom belt, it wasn’t long before fans started to think bigger. How long might it be before we saw a triple-belted champion?

Yet despite this excitement, only four players (Rocha, Harloff, Levine, Cushing) have held belts in multiple divisions. Which players might be next? This article looks at the players who should look to diversify their Schmoedown resumé by competing in multiple divisions!

Ben Bateman: Innergeekdom

The Boss has made it clear that he expects to play the Innergeekdom one day, and even went as far as working out exactly how many films the division covers. One of the games hardest-studying players, The Boss clearly thinks he will be able to apply the skills that have led him to dominate categories like Oscar Movies to the Innergeekdom. A player that seems to improve with each match, he would likely do the same when he decides the time is right to try Innergeekdom. And as arguably the best Schmoedown player yet to win a belt, could this be his surprise route to Schmoedown gold?

Mike Carlson: Teams

After suffering his second Innergeekdom loss last season, the Answer Man made clear his feelings when he requested that the Schmoedown powers “put him in the main one.” One of the game’s funniest players, Carlson should probably find a teammate to play off of. With someone like a Scott Mantz, the antithesis of Carlson’s low-energy style, he could form a team that would provide even more Schmoedown hilarity.

John Rocha: Star Wars

Of all the players on this list, Rocha has made his intentions the clearest: he will play in the Star Wars division this year, if the Chairman will let him. Originally, the Outlaw had hoped to compete in the Star Wars division at the end of last season, but his focus was pulled by a successful Singles belt run. Despite the fact that Rocha is once again in the hunt for the Singles belt, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he may compete in the upcoming Star Wars five-way #1 contender match. There are currently no former or current teams or singles champions that have played in the Star Wars division, and doing so successfully could be another way in which the Outlaw cements his Schmoedown legacy.

Alex Damon: Innergeekdom

Speaking of the Star Wars division, its champion absolutely has the credentials to play in the Innergeekdom division. Alex Damon has said before that it is a division in which he feels he has a decent shot, with strengths beyond just Star Wars that are also covered by the Innergeekdom. And as one of the most intense studiers in the Schmoedown, I’d go as far as to tip Damon as someone that would eventually play for the Innergeekdom belt. Keep an eye on this one.

Marc Edward Heuck: Singles

Having played in and lost an incredibly close team debut match, Marc Edward Heuck has yet to return to the Schmoedown. On his debut, he displayed not only great trivia prowess, but also an understanding of the theatrical nature of the show. The start of a season is the time when newer players make their debut, and it seems to me that it would be a missed opportunity not to involve Heuck in Singles play this season, preferably as soon as possible. He seems ideally suited to storyline, and could even make a perfect fourth member of Ghai, Burnett and McWeeny’s mysterious Family….

Kevin Smets: Star Wars

Another player with only one match under his belt, Kevin Smets impressed with his Innergeekdom debut, pitching a near-perfect game. While the Smasher seems destined to challenge for the Innergeekdom belt one day, he has revealed that his greatest strength is Star Wars, and that this is a division that he hopes to compete in one day too. Should he do so, Damon may get the first genuine challenge to his belt since he won it.

William Bibbiani: Innergeekdom

An ambassador for the league, former champion, sometime commentator and one of the most involved Schmoedown players around, could Bibbiani be any more involved in the league? The answer is yes, should the Beast give the Innergeekdom a crack. A division that Bibbs has previously said he wants to try, it clearly plays to his strengths, and, as one of the best players in terms of pure trivia, Bibbs should have no problem racking up the wins.

Mark Donica: Teams

After a successful debut in Innergeekdom last season, Donica quickly found himself competing for the belt. Since then, however, the Enforcer’s star has fallen somewhat. A player with obvious potential, and one of the few to debut with obvious storyline possibilities, the time is right to get Donica back into the Schmoedown. And what better than a team match? The Enforcer is such a clear character: he’s the muscle, the backup to the heel, and so it is surely time to pair Donica with that heel. And hey, JTE is without a partner at the moment….

Mike Kalinowski: Star Wars

One of the few players that can genuinely be called a triple threat, could Kalinowski make history and become the first player to compete in all four divisions? His Star Wars knowledge is above average for an Innergeekdom player, but probably not at the level it would need to be to go for the Star Wars belt. That being said, in his run to the Innergeekdom title, Kalinowski showed levels of improvement that may make him the Schmoedown’s most effective studying player and, should he apply the same skills that have seen him emerge as a genuine threat in Singles, Teams and Innergeekdom, there is no reason we couldn’t start calling Kalinowski the Schmoedown’s first quadruple threat.

Dan Murrell: Innergeekdom

The Schmoedown’s first three-time singles champion has, amazingly, never really got close to any other belt. While the Founding Fathers will look to change this in the Teams division, Murrell could take a shot at the Innergeekdom at some point this season? Murrell’s strengths have always included categories like Star Trek and Comic Book Movies, so there is no reason that he could not succeed in a division that could only be improved with more crossover with the big names from the Singles division. And, as the debate around the GOAT continues to heat up, success in multiple leagues is starting to look more like a requirement than the cherry on top.

What do you make of this list? Drop the names of some of the players that you’d like to see try new divisions or old, and let me know whether you think that the future Schmoedown greats will be judged on not just their success in Singles, but in multiple divisions.


  1. I think Murrell would thrive in Innergeekdom because he’s already familiar in Comic Book movies and star trek. Plus he has a great studying partner in Mara Knopic, so I guess he’d do well in that division too.


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