SCHMOEDOWN CLASSIC IS HERE: The Earth-Shattering First Season Gets Re-Released!


Whether you’re new to The Movie Trivia Schmoedown of you’ve been with us for years, there’s a very good chance that you’ve never seen every episode of the show. Until this week!

We’re proud to announce the premiere of SCHMOEDOWN CLASSIC, a new podcast channel on Spotify and Apple (and coming soon to Facebook!), where you can relive the whole show starting with Season 1, which is available now.

Every episode of SCHMOEDOWN CLASSIC has been optimized by our producer Chris Clark for the podcast format, so now you can hear every question asked and relive all the incredible drama on your daily commute!

Play along to the first-ever Schmoedown match, between JTE and Cobbster! Re-litigate the infamous Trial of JTE! And marvel at celebrity contestants like Katee Sackhoff! They’re all there, and they’re just waiting to be discovered for the first time, or re-played by fans who’ve been with us since the beginning.

So look for SCHMOEDOWN CLASSIC on the podcast service of your choice, and subscribe today!


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