MACHINE MONDAYS: Team Bateman, Team Ghai, Where Do YOUR Allegiances Lie?


 The Civil War between Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai has begun. As an Action fan from day one, this turn of events has been intense and heartbreaking. You’ve heard me say it before, these guys inspired me as a rookie on the right way to be a heel, and now it’s just over. When they settle the score at the Booker T’s gym in Houston on May 18th who will I ultimately be rooting for? “Dastardly” Drew Ghai asked where the Machine’s allegiances lie, so I’m here to tell you.

The swag, the attitude and the gameplay. I was impressed with Team Action from the moment they arrived on the Schmoedown scene. Ben brought the focus and the “better than you” attitude. Ghai brought the intensity and the unexpected. Together they made for an entertaining duo not just at the table but in interviews and story. Over time they mastered it all and I was here for it. I remember making videos singing “Danger Zone” and cheering for them before a match; coming to Spectacular II as a fan in my self-made Team Action shirt and telling Emma Fyffe in an interview when asked why I loved Team Action, “Who doesn’t love a bad boy?”

People always saw it as Ben carrying the team. So when Ghai broke out on his own, it seemed like no one But the Action Army had faith in Andrew’s solo abilities. Boy did he prove the haters wrong after defeating 2 former champs in Murrell and Reilly. His cockiness grew but he earned it and he was so fun to watch. Ben also proved as an impressive competitor in singles and then when Anarchy teamed him with Reilly, they became a powerhouse team as Who’s The Boss.

I still held out for the day when my boys would dominate together again. But alas, Ben was happy where he was at and Ghai had plans of his own, starting with another heated tackle of his former brother. Every Action Army heart broke like Bibbiani’s coffee table and it was time to pick a side. The Intern To Mr. Bateman, Brandon Hanna, called for a #TeamBateman design and I obliged… but it just didn’t feel right to make just one design. So I took it upon myself make a #TeamGhai design as well. I think you know where I’m going with this. 

Call it sour grapes for a close defeat at the hands of Ben Bateman( damn straight I got sour grapes), but I gotta go #TeamGhai. Not only has he made an indelible stamp on the game, become probably the best heel that ever heeled, but he knows his stuff and he’s so fun to watch. You’re always in for some surprises with Ghai or a damn fine display of dastardly-ness. Bateman is a great competitor, knowledgeable, cunning and stylish as hell. But he’s gone soft and my original statement still stands… who doesn’t love a bad boy? 

– The Machine


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