INNERGEEKDOM PREVIEW: Jay Washington vs. Kevin Smets – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview to this exciting Innergeekdom matchup after the Free 4 All!

It’s the culmination of weeks of trash-talking and goading between these two competitors, all leading up to this face-off to see who’s the real deal in the Innergeekdom Division. Which one will bring the heat and the toughness to prevail in this week’s bout?

It’s “The Urban Gladiator” Jay Washington versus Kevin “The Smasher” Smets!

It all started weeks ago, as soon the newest Innergeekdom rookie and the most popular rookie Kevin Smets earned his first victory over David Moore. Smets’s manager Kaiser announced their challenge to former Innergeekdom Champion Hector Navarro in their plan to rapidly climb to the champ Rachel Cushing. One man heard about this, and decided to step in the way. Enter Viper Squad manager and Innergeekdom competitor Jay Washington.

Washington announced on Twitter that if Smets wants Navarro, he’ll need to beat him first. Soon, Kaiser replied back on Twitter that his competitor Smets will accept Washington’s challenge, accompanied with a wave of taunts and trash-talking. In the days to come, these two traded barbs with barrages of insults over social media, increasing the hype and excitement of this matchup. It would all come to a head when Teams and Innergeekdom Commissioner Emma Fyffe, accompanied with an army of porgs around her, agreed to have this match set in stone.

According to Jay Washington, in his videos in-between workout sessions, he cannot wait to prove that Smets is just all hype. While he himself is not what you’d call a “stellar” Innergeekdom competitor, with a 1-2 record, he is still a strong presence in this division. For him to stop Smets, he has to bring his game and excel at matching answer-for-answer with his opponent’s might. Jay cannot afford to whiff on this competitor, nor let the intimidation overwhelm his ability to answer movie trivia from geeky categories of comic book movies and sci-fi/fantasy. A win against this hot-handed rookie can help bring his Innergeekdom career up another tier. Will he live up to the challenge he brought against this sharp-focused rookie?

After months of grinding through the fan leagues after to an initial, failed audition for the Schmoedown, Kevin Smets finally found his groove with his mighty victory over Kevin Moore. What makes this competitor interesting is his intense focus to go all the way up in the Innergeekdom Division, and also his manager, Kaiser. Smets is a die-hard movie fan who knows a lot of trivia, particularly in the geeky realm. He passionately shows his love of competiting in this league as a Patron who auditioned to appear, only to find himself fighting through the fan leagues building his credibility and finally being accepted by Chairman Kristian Harloff to compete.

That is where Kaiser comes in. Entering the ever-growing managing game, Kaiser wants to set himself apart from other managers and become a household name. When Smets was announced as one of the new rookies, Kaiser saw his potential and instantly brought him along as his prospect. Now, both men want to change the Innergeekdom landscape and Kaiser wants to build on his success managing competitors in the Schmoedown.

For Kevin to dominate over Jay, he needs to keep that same intense focus from his first match. If he maintains it and avoid any possible distraction from the question or the audience, then Smets will overcome what he sees as an obstacle on his path towards the Innergeekdom champion, Rachel Cushing.

While it is noble of Jay to challenge the rookie, he comes in with very few victories in this division. Between the two, Kevin Smets will be the favorite. All this trash-talking on social media has culminated to this week’s match after a great Free 4 All. Who will rise and prove his stuff in the ring? We will see in this latest Innergeekdom matchup!



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