FREE FOR ALL 3 LIVE PREVIEW: 40 Players Enter, One Player Leaves!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview to the first of three upcoming, major pay-per-view events in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. It is the third running of the Free 4 All!

A favorite among many, this is the battle royal of the league and the rough equivalent of WWE’s “Royal Rumble.” Forty competitors enter, only one will leave because the winner is what matters most. All of that live in the Globe Theatre of Los Angeles, California and broadcast to the world for the first time!

For those who haven’t seen this spectacle before, forty competitors are given a random number to enter. The first five enter the ring and answer nonstop movie trivia questions. The competitors with the least points at the end of every five questions are eliminated, with the next ones filling their spots, until there are five players at the table. This continues until the 40th competitor enters, where – in a new ruling – the final group will be withered down every 5 questions until only one remains as our winner.

The winner of the Free 4 All will get not just the Free 4 All belt with their initials inscribed on it, but also a free title shot of their choosing for the remainder of this season. Also, an MVP of the Free 4 All will be chosen, and not for solely for lasting the longest number of rounds. It will come down to having the best overall performance (along, presumably, with lasting a lot of rounds). That MVP will get a #1 Contender match for any title they want. This is the reward that was responsible for William Bibbiani’s comeback last season.

Each competitor in the Free 4 All needs a big knowledge of movies, mental endurance, and a mighty blessing from lady luck. Depending on when they enter, he or she must be ready to go for more than twenty questions and maybe more. Maybe a lot more. This will test their mental stamina on the purest form of movie trivia.

Luck is also a huge factor because, as we have seen, the last two winners entered within the last five range of entrants. Given the number of competitors in this year’s Free 4 All, the 31-40 range will be the sweet spot for competitors hoping for an edge to win this event. Coming in at 25-30 will be a challenge, but it’s possible if any of the elite competitors get placed in that range to enter. Players who come in at 1-24 will have to bring a lunch and hold on because they will get ruthlessly hit with nonstop movie trivia, and victory is highly difficult.

Because this event will be done live for the first time in front of a nearly sold-out crowd, with hundreds more watching the livestream around the world, another factor will be the live environment. On top of dealing with mental endurance and knowing a lot of movies, players must contend with a roaring crowd and a lot of eyes watching them, and they cannot cave in to pressure. This makes Free 4 All III an epic event worthy of being called a major pay-per-view. If any players can shut out the live crowd from their mindset, then they will be doing well.

As of the writing of this preview, I can confirm that the following competitors will enter this year’s Free 4 All: John Rocha, Dan Murrell, William Bibbiani, Haleigh Foutch, and Stacy Howard. Rocha and Murrell both had fine showings in the last two Free 4 All matches, and you can be sure that one or both of them are pushing for the team titles. For Bibbiani, it would be amazing if he wins this event after earning the MVP award last year; he’d most likely go for the singles title as he and his partner just recently had a team title match. Haleigh Foutch will be looking to make Free 4 All III the prime opportunity to shine the brightest in her young Schmoedown career. And for Stacy Howard, you can be sure she wants a title shot. I can also confirm that Liz Shannon Miller will not make an appearance, as well as Josh Macuga unfortunately. However, don’t count out a Wildberry appearance: Eliot Dewberry could be a wildcard, as always.

As for the others who could make their appearance at Free 4 All III, you can practically guarantee certain people will try to be there. JTE is one of those people. Having recovered from his auto accident last year, an appearance in this year’s Free 4 All by him would be marked with a standing ovation. Clarke Wolfe is also a good possibility to jumpstart her singles run this season with a title shot or a #1 contender match in the Schmoedown Singles Division. She might not make it due to her commitments elsewhere, but if she appears here then you can be sure she wants the Singles Championship.

Two other key players could include The Odd Couple’s Jeff Sneider and Marc Andreyko. If one them enters, it’s also certain that they want a chance at the Singles Championship particularly Andreyko who is long remembered for “XX5XX” at the first Free 4 All. There will be returning vets of the Schmoedown for one more shot, such as possibly MODOK’s Matt Atchity and Grae Drake, Alonso Duralde, and maybe Bonnie Somerville.

Another possibility are the new rookies of this season like Paul Oyama, David Moore, David Del Rio, and Brendan Meyer. If there’s one rookie that will most likely make a Free 4 All appearance, it has to be Kevin “The Smasher” Smets. Since his debut Innergeekdom match with a colossal performance, you can be confident that his manager John Kaiser wants his prospect to dominate in the Free 4 All. Smets plans to dominate in the Innergeekdom Division, so what would be greater than earning a title shot against Rachel Cushing or a #1 contender match right away, through the Free 4 All? (And don’t forget, there could be a celebrity or two making a cameo among the forty.)

If there are going to be major storylines in the Free 4 All, then it’s probably going to be the Action Civil War and/or KOrruption. For the gang-in-black of Mike Kalinowski, Chance Ellison, Ken Napzok, and Stacy Howard, this event is too good to pass up. For Kalinowski and Ellison, winning this event will be beneficial in ther quest for the team titles. Individually, Kallinowski would want another Innergeekdom title shot, and Ellison could be aiming for the singles title in just his second year of the Schmoedown. As for Ken Napzok, a win here could forge his path towards another shot at the Star Wars Championship. Stacy, as I said before, wants either a team title shot or a singles title shot. KOrruption definitely wants to take advantage of this Free 4 All.

Another team that wants to take advantage is Who’s the Boss: Ben Bateman, Tom Dagnino, and Mark Reilly of the Horsemen. Would they want a rematch with The Shirewolves, or a singles title shot? What’s for certain is that they want to win this over their archrivals The Family, comprised of Andrew Ghai, Drew McWeeny, and Robert Meyer Burnett. Since winning their opening bout in this rivalry and making Chairman Kristian Harloff question not suspending Ghai longer, Andrew Ghai and his guys are seeking to spread their dominance all over this league. By having one of their three win Free 4 All III, The Family will be in prime position to instantly claim a championship belt. Whether it will be the team or singles title for Andrew Ghai and a very title-hungry Drew McWeeny, or the Innergeekdom title for the vengence-seeking Robert Meyer Burnett, a title belt over Ben Batemen and his people will be a huge victory if they win this year’s Free 4 All.

There’s one person who would make major headlines if she enters the Free 4 All: our Innergeekdom Champion and Team Champion Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing. We have no confirmation on whether she will compete or not, but it’s a definite possibility that she will compete, probably mostly to have fun. That being said, if she makes her appearance in the Free 4 All, particularly in the 25-40 range, then it would be obvious to the many in attendance and those watching on the livestream: she’d have the chance to play for a #1 Contender match in the Singles Division, or a shot at the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship to become the first ever “Triple Crown Champion” of the league. This is another mythological accomplishment that stands alongside “10-0,” one where it’s difficult to achieve because of the title defenses she would have to do to keep her two title belts while aiming for the singles belt.

There hasn’t been any confirmation that Rachel even wants the singles title yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she does not compete in the Free 4 All at all. But if she does compete, it would mean a solid “yes” from Rachel that she wants to aim for the singles title. After all, there aren’t many other titles for her to win! A bold, and nearly impossible, bid to get through Free 4 All III. Yet, a noble attempt from arguably the newest GOAT of the Schmoedown alongside Dan Murrell.

This Saturday night will be a night long remembered, as we present this major pay-per-view event live for the first time. This is a step forward for the league in terms of growth, and a milestone that Chairman Harloff hopes to include in what he calls “The Magic Season” of the Schmoedown.

To the hundreds in attendance at the Globe Theater, and many more watching around the world, this Saturday get ready to Schmoedown in Free 4 All III!


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