BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Every Critically Acclaimed Entrance, Ranked!


In the early days of the Schmoedown, entrances were always fun, and they’d set the tone of a match. We always loved seeing the competitors come out, playing to the camera, and getting the audience hyped up for what was to come. But when William Bibbiani and Brianne Chandler entered, they knew how to take the show to the next level. Instead of just playing for the camera, these two led the league in making entrances their own important part of the show, making bigger and better entrances at every turn.

But it’s been William Bibbiani, and his Critically Acclaimed cohort Witney Seibold, who would really take these entrances to the extreme, and pushing us into new territory of just want entrances could be. Over the years, their entrances have become more elaborate, more fun, and more creative than you could possibly imagine. So in order to give some love to what these two have been doing over the years, I sat down with their biggest fan, Chris Clark, to go over their entrances, as well as ranking them altogether. Lets take a walk down memory lane!

14. That Lovin’ Feeling Singalong – William Bibbiani vs. John Rocha

Chris Clark: I have a problem with this one. I honestly feel Rocha getting tipped off ruined the flow of this entrance. And objectively, by no fault of Bibbs, this is his only one truly bad entrance. Brianne and Bibbs being the only one in key probably didn’t help things lol. Chance though felt that song, with every off note he sung he felt that shit. Props to him.

PJ Campbell: I would have had this one a little higher, if I’m honest. Even though it’s clear Rocha knew what was coming, it’s hard not to have a smile on my face seeing so many of my favorite Schmoedown personalities singing Top Gun together with Bibbs leading. What’s not to like?!

13. 3D – Critically Acclaimed vs. Superhero News

Chris Clark: Look I saw where Bibbs and Witney were going with it, but the effect just didn’t work sadly. The music was cool though! And it still was leaps and bounds more creative then a majority of entrances.

PJ Campbell: A very creative entrance that I don’t necessarily know if it fully comes together. But it still goes to show just how far Bibbs and Witney are willing to take their entrances, and really adds to the show. Even at their worst, they’re producing some of the best entrances for the show.

12. Any Unspecified Entrance With No VFX

Chris Clark: Before Entrances kinda became what they were, Bibbs himself had some early matches where his entrances were standard fare with no visual effects or such. Some notable ones include Bibbs’ first entrance ever where he came out chained up and snarling. Very tame to the epicness that followed it. Or when he came out in a black cloak with his fellow Horsemen against JTE, a great outdated ode to the OG four Horsemen.

Even early Critically Acclaimed Matches are hard to rank among some of the more creative stuff the past two seasons. Mars Attacks and Saw were cool! But how do I put that over others?

And Cinemaniacs sadly never had that zany entrance I was looking for. It was part of the joke, with Knost and all, but still.

Bibbs has evolved but it’s not to say these early entrances are bad. No. Nothing on this list is bad (except one). But I do prefer these not so involved entrances to the final two on the list.

11. Predator – William Bibbiani vs. Samm Levine

Chris Clark: Look this entrance was nominated. I get it. At the time it was terrific to see Bibbs just blast into existence with a cool transition effect. But looking back at everything, that’s all it was really and a buildup. It was cool, but at the end of the day Bibbs went on to do bigger and better things.

PJ Campbell: Just a fun entrance in the early days of the show, but it would end up showing Bibbs’ potential doing bigger entrances down the line.

10. The Purge – William Bibbiani vs. Lon Harris

Chris Clark: This was a very creative idea, executed great but not up to potential it could have been. And not of any fault to anyone involved. Had this been shot on a day more notable people were in attendance, you could’ve had a lot more fun. But it’s still super entertaining, Raul lowkey steals the show.

PJ Campbell: Early contender for one of the entrances of the year for me, because Bibbs wants again harnesses his love for horror franchises, and brings The Purge to life… inside the Schmoedown! Lots of chaos, lots of fun, and it captures the absurdity and terror of the series, but with a tongue in cheek approach. It’s damn good.

9. Bibbs Chases PJ, Alex & Co. With a Chainsaw – William Bibbiani vs. Kristian Harloff

Chris Clark: Bibbs chases beardless PJ and Alex thru the studio with a chainsaw. It’s beautiful and so majestic. Oh and Chris Heartwell’s arm is severed. The most memorable of the early entrances just in general. Before Entrances became such a theatrical endeavor.

PJ Campbell: I’m biased, but this definitely belongs in the top ten of this list. This is when the entrances really started to take off as a full functioning entertainment endeavor, and there’s just something fun about the fully unleashed Beast chasing people around the studio with a chainsaw. I’m just happy I got away alive with Alex. I heard Hartwell grew his arm back as well, so that’s probably a good thing…

8. Eraserhead – Witney Seibold vs. David Del Rio

PJ Campbell: Personally, I’d probably have this one a little bit higher, but that’s because I’m a big fan of Eraserhead. It’s hard not to love what Witney pulled off here, and it really captures the spirit of the David Lynch film. For me, this is just a great entrance that makes me smile.

Chris Clark: Witney made due with his promise of sticking to the cutscenes. This one is filmed exceptionally. It feels like the film. Props. Super Solid.

7. Clue – William Bibbiani vs. Jeff Sneider

Chris Clark: This was fun, there’s one thing that could’ve made this entrance the best: I think a third scene would’ve made it feel complete. So much potential. Could’ve had it go thru the rules of round number 1. Then had Sneider just straight up forfeit as Round 1 started. Faking out the entire audience.

PJ Campbell: I remember Bibbs pitching this scene, and I was so curious to see how it played out. Boy, did it not disappoint. A lot of fun watching a bunch of different possible scenarios play out before the match begins, and it ended up being one of the stand outs of season five for sure.

6. Hellraiser – The Self-Righteous Brothers vs. Take the Cannoli

PJ Campbell: How can you not want more Hellraiser? This might be the best Hellraiser film since the third, and it’s creepy, fun, and just puts a smile on my face.

Chris Clark: I wish we got more of Marc Edward Heuck, his presence is so chilling and foreboding. The visual effects and lighting were great, and Witney never looked more evil.

5. Monsters, Inc. – Critically Acclaimed vs. The Harris Brothers

PJ Campbell: The amount of work that went into making this one makes this one of the best. So full of talented people from this space, bringing Monsters, Inc. to live action, but with Bibbs and Witney front and center, it brings a good chuckle, and really sets the ton for the match overall.

Chris Clark: Genius. They go from places such as Late to the Party to Screen Junkies in some of the best green screen, yet again, of the show. There’s even a Scooby Doo nod.

4. Bill & Ted – Critically Acclaimed vs. MODOK

PJ Campbell: For me, this is a perfect example of two teams that get the showmanship of the Schmoedown, and it’s a ton of fun seeing both MODOK and Critically Acclaimed having fun with the Bill and Ted franchise. Everyone is having so much fun, and you can feel it coming off the screen. Hard not to fall in love with this one.

Chris Clark: Never had two teams done the EXACT same entrance. Beat for beat. And oh my god does this deliver. The friendship between all four is so palpable. The chemistry was so real. More MODOK vs CA matches please. Thank you.

3. Alien – William Bibbiani vs. Drew McWeeny

Chris Clark: Bibbs kills Mark Reilly, in some of the BEST green screen effects of the show. So does this make the current Mark Reilly a clone? That’s never been addressed.

PJ Campbell: This is great entrance, but it also makes me a little bit sad, because seeing one of my favorite people killed by a Xenomorph is a bit of a bummer…Unlike space where no one can hear you scream, everyone will hear you scream on the internet. But Bibbs once again brings his specific brand of comedy and creativity to the Schmoedown, and this time, the Alien franchise as well.

2. Gremlins – Critically Acclaimed vs. The Shirewolves

PJ Campbell: This is far and away not only one of Critically Acclaimed’s best entrances, but this might be an all timer for the schmoedown. The simple fact that it plays off Gremlins 2 in such a brilliant way – – a MASSIVELY underrated sequel to the original, in my opinion – – with having none other than Leonard Maltin himself playing off his cameo in the film just makes the film feel in me incredibly giddy. To me, this is the crown jewel of both genuine passion for film and the game itself, and really created something special. It doesn’t get much better than this. 

Chris Clark: Leonard Maltin is bae. Absolute perfection.

1. MST3K – William Bibbiani vs. Marc Andreyko II

PJ Campbell: This was easily my number one pick. If anything, it shows Bibbs’ creativity and full love for the MST3K. It just pops off the screen, earns some great laughs, and is incredibly memorable on top of it. This may be in my top ten entrances of all time.

Chris Clark: What is better than the Bohemian Rhapsody of Schmoedown entrances? At almost 4 minutes long, this extended joke works to perfection. The silhouettes are very nicely done and the riff commentary is exceptional.


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