YOU’RE WELCOME: An Interview with “Dastardly” Andrew Ghai!


Andrew Ghai, formally one half of the beloved Team Action, has been on a meteoric over the last season of the Schmoedown. After TKO’ing Dan Murrell during the Collider Collision II, Ghai quickly became a must watch contender in the ring. But it may be his actions outside of the ring that have made him infamous to the fans.

First, he tackled John Rocha after Team Action’s loss to Team Top Ten during the Spectacular II, followed by the most talked about moment out of Spectacular III: tackling his former teammate Ben Bateman through William Bibbiani’s table. It was an incredibly shocking moment that left the Action Army divided, and what seemed to be the beginnings of a civil war in the Schmoedown. Bateman vs. Ghai, a match that fans would be excited for, even though it would tear their fanbase in two.

In the interest of getting to the bottom of just what’s been happening in the wake of December’s shocking events, I had a chance to sit down with Andrew Ghai to see exactly where his mind’s at, and what the rest of the season holds for him. How does he feel about Ben and Reilly, and where does he see himself going from here? Lets find out!

TriviaSD: Hello, Movie Trivia Schmoedown fans! I’m lucky to be here with Andrew Guy today. Andrew thank you so much for sitting down and to talk with me for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown website today.

Andrew Ghai: Of course, PJ! Hey look, man, I absolutely adore you and what you do, and I got a lot to say man. There’s been a lot going on lately.

I mean the first of all, I have to compliment you. I’m a big fan obviously and I always enjoy talking you but congratulations on your multiple wins at the award show. I mean, you swept the show, taking almost all the awards you were nominated for.

Oh yeah, that was uh… Hey, man. When champions get nominated to win awards, they gotta win them. I think I won every award I was nominated in. I got to say: you are welcome PJ. You’re welcome to the fans. You’re welcome movie trivia schmoedown. I mean you guys are welcome.

I felt like you said that at the award show, ya know, the whole “you’re welcome” thing.

I did that, and I did say a couple other things… they were mainly on paper, you guys can go back and watch the award show if you want to see the note that I left for my former teammate.

You know, we should probably talk about that real quick I mean since December obviously a little incident happened between you and Ben…Ummm… You kinda threw him through a table.

Kind of? Kind of?! I COMPLETELY put him through a table! He had it coming! He deserved it, you don’t ever turn your back on your family. He’s my brother – – he was my brother – – he just abandoned me.

You know, I understand that absolutely and I can completely see where you’re coming from. I mean, how have you been feeling since it happened? I mean, at the awards show, as you mentioned earlier, you had some not so nice words for your former teammate on paper.

You know man… At first it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was heartbreaking. You guys might not know this about me but the Dastardly One has a heart, and what Ben and I did the last two seasons of the show, we made a name for ourselves. We became Legends. We became stars and the Action Army was behind us – – they were supporting us – – and he turned his back on us. So you know what? First I was heartbroken, and then I was angry. But you now you know? I’m determined! I am determined to destroy him and his legacy and destroy and dismantle Who’s the Boss.

Those are incredibly strong words. However, at one point, it appeared Kristian was going to try to stand in the way of that because at the award show he was actually going to ban you from the league.

Yeah, you know if that’s what the “Chairman” wants to do, then you know he can try to do that. Ben knew that I couldn’t be suspended, you know why? He knows the only exciting thing about him is me. He knows if I’m gone for a whole entire season everyone will forget about Ben. Ben is just riding the coattails of entertainment. He’s got to be with Reilly because Reilly’s a champion, he’s a legend, he’s on the Mount Rushmore the Schmoedown. He abandoned me like [chuckles] this is…this is just it’s just too much. It’s too much.

For some reason he thought that grabbing onto a legend meant that he could skyrocket without you. I mean just that betrayal must be so hard for you.

It was devestating. And again this is no slight on Mark Reilly but I TKO’d Mark Reilly. I TKO’d him! I’ve only been in three singles matches and he was one of them and the three-time champ was another one and a two – – actually another three time champ! – – was the other one! That’s who I lost to. Talk to me what he’s done, what I do, and who’s legends… nah. It’s all bull. He abandoned me. You saw what I could do to Reilly. I just don’t get it, man!

It’s very interesting because after all of this happened, the one thing Ben did ended up being that he actually stopped Kristian from banning you in New York. He came out and called you out at the live event. It appears he’s coming after you now. What did you make of all this?

It’s a mistake. It is 100% a mistake. I don’t know what he’s thinking. I don’t know what he is thinking… We balance each other out. Yeah, maybe it went to his head all those stupid comments about Ben carrying Drew and blah, blah, blah, blah… I’m not the one… I’m not the one who said Tony Curtis! I am not the one that blew our Live Match. We were in this 100% on both sides and he turned his back on me. I’m ready… I’m ready! I’m glad he called me out in Brooklyn because I’m ready to bring it to him.

Yeah and I mean obviously now, with you moving forward, I have to ask – – I don’t know if you can say anything yet – – but it sounded like you might have thought you had a new teammate lined up. What’s going on with that?

There’s no thinking, PJ. I have a faction. I have a teammate. I got a new family now.

Well, that’s awesome. Are you looking forward to what you can do with this family? Do you guys think you’re going to be able to break up the Schmoedown this year?

All I know is I want the belts. I wanted them since day one, and I was going to do it with my brother. I was going to do it with Mr. Ben Bateman. But he decided to leave so now I’ve got to adapt. I’ve got to adjust and I’ve got to evolve. I’m going to win the belt in 2019. I want the team belt. I want them and I’m going to get ‘em and I hope I just hope and pray that Who’s the Boss is on the way to Victory. I want to destroy them!

Well, it was really nice sitting down with you Andrew. Thank you so much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to talk with us. You are a very class act and I was it was an honor to interview you.

PJ, from one fan to another, I love what you do brother, and I will do any of these interviews you’d like. Just don’t bring Ben on here though. That’s my only, only stipulation. Have a great day, brother!



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